Stalking the Herd is at the Printer! e-version Now Available!

After 16 long months of writing and research, my fifth book, Stalking the Herd is about to be published. I am offering visitors to the opportunity to get an advance e-version of the book at a special price of $10. The book and e-version are 565 pages and fully illustrated. I want to thank everyone who has already bought STH before the book was available. It should be printed and off to the stores by the end of February.

Here is the copy from the back cover that describes the book:

Who or What is Behind the Cattle Mutilations?

The cattle mutilation phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has endured for almost 50 years. What have we learned, if anything, from the countless reports filed? Who or what is behind the death and disfigurement of livestock reported as mutilated around the globe?

Are these deaths simply attributable to natural predators and scavengers? Or is the military/government somehow involved; perhaps monitoring “mad cow disease”? Are the deaths the action of ritual “cultists” as police say the evidence would suggest? Is it possible that alien predators are involved, as some researchers and the media have suggested? Are mystery helicopters or UFOs related to the cattle mutilation phenomenon as many witnesses have claimed? Regardless of who or what is responsible, what are the motivations behind perpetrating what may be the greatest unsolved serial crime spree of all time?

Stalking the Herd addresses these questions in depth and also offers an objective look at the history of our venerated relationship with cattle, among the first domesticated livestock. Is there a connection between these ritualistic cattle deaths and humankind’s ancient practice of animal sacrifice? Why are there no Brahman cattle mutilations in India where cattle are revered to this day? Are aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes? What about the thousands of pounds of scientific forensic evidence? Are some hidden sections of the military conducting secret projects that—for some reason known only to them—involve the mutilation of hundreds of livestock and other warm-blooded animals. Are they monitoring the spread of “mad cow” disease?

Stalking the Herd is an in-depth examination and analysis of this complex, multi-layered mystery and this book scrutinizes the various explanations that have been proposed over the years.

Here are what several well-known researcher/authors had to say after reading the rough manuscript:

Christopher O’Brien is one of those rare researchers who leave no stone unturned
in his search of the truth. Stalking the Herdis a monumental work demonstrating that
mysterious cattle and animal mutilations are deeply embedded in human history, with
some very strange and shocking twists. O’Brien sets a new bar on the subject, lifting
it beyond the ufology arena that has confined it for too long. There are still UFO con-
nections aplenty here, but much more. This is a superb work, and O’Brien has done
an amazing job pulling together a mountain of information.
—Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author, The Djinn Connection

Finally, we have the definitive study and expose of the disturbing phenomenon of
animal mutilations. Informative, eye-opening, unbiased and terrifying in its implica-
tions, Stalking the Herdis not just recommended reading, it’s absolutely vital
reading. After digesting its pages, you may never want to eat another burger again.
—Nick Redfern, author, The Real Men in Black

I so respect and admire Christopher O’Brien for his decades of exploring the cattle
mutilation enigma in many “mysterious valleys.” His excellent Stalking the Herdis
a highly documented, totally fascinating research report. Carefully, painstakingly, he
analyzes every theory for the phenomena—E.T’s, Satanists, mad scientists, natural
predators, and scavengers with preternatural skills. The solution O’Brien offers in
conclusion may leave the readers somewhat startled as he explores a dark closet of
American culture.
Brad Steiger, co-author, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings

Christopher O’Brien has been investigating the strange mystery of unexplained
animal mutilations for a long time and Stalking the Herdis the culmination of his
years of research. While reading this fascinating book, I was amazed at how com-
prehensive it is, how meticulous its attention to detail, and yet how engaging. I could
not put it down. This is the definitive book on the subject, showing how the simple
dismissals don’t fly, how strange these mutilations really are, and how intelligent
public policy is needed to deal with this problem.”
—Richard Dolan, author, UFOs and the National Security State

Chris is one of those few individuals who refuse to let one theory dictate his research.
He expects nothing and discounts nothing, and lets the evidence lead where it may,
even if it leads nowhere. This is the hallmark of a person with a deep sense of equity,
which is rare, especially in the small community of researchers of the strange.
With no preconceptions, he leads us down paths that most of us have not even considered before.
—Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta

Stalking the Herd by Christopher O’Brien

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  1. Hi! I am excited about your new book finally coming out! I have waited for several months and preordered it on Amazon. It should be very interesting. I enjoyed your trickster book also very much. Have a good day!


  2. I too pre ordered on Amazon and can’t wait.
    Your monumental efforts to put out quality
    Work is greatly appreciated. We need more critical
    Thinkers in this world of the OTHERS ( Steiger’s term).
    Once again you have helped open just a bit
    more the subliminal doorway where the higher
    self awaits to be a woken.

    Thanks, David Mitchell

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