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Utes Gain Their 1st Permanent Presence in the SLV

Utes Gain Their 1st Permanent Presence in the SLV

From: / by Sara Burrows

Generous Colorado Landowner Returns Ancestral Land to Tribe

A Colorado landowner was inspired to return his land to Native Americans three years after purchasing it and being “haunted” by the “spirits” of its “rightful owners”/guardians.

When artist and plumber Rich Snyder purchased a few acres of land on Wild Horse Mesa in 2015, he had know idea what he’d find there.

He was just looking for inexpensive land to get off grid, build a homestead, and free himself from civilized life.

He found that and more.

On his hikes around the land, he began to find artifacts of a people that had lived there for thousands of years – strange arrangements of stones forming fireplaces and chimneys along the hillside, a stone ax, and a rock table he believes was used for slaughtering animals.

“I started wondering — who owns this land?” he said. “Whose land was this?” Snyder told the Denver Post.