Stalking the Herd is Almost Completed!

[My new book Staking the Herd is in its final stages. I’ve completed the writing and its now being edited. I am looking for a good Index software program for acrobat so I can have an index at the back. I will be posting sample excerpts from now until the publication of the book and welcome your feedback! Here is the Table of Contents —chris]

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery


INTRODUCTION:  By David Perkins

FOREWARD:  By Greg Bishop




Taming the Wild Auroch

The Earliest Depictions

Holy Cows and Sacred Bulls

McAloo for You?

Apis and Hathor

The Minoans and Greeks

The Golden Calf

“Cows are everything, they are our happiness.”

Mithraism Arrives in Rome


Running the Bulls

The Longest Eight Seconds in Sport

Professional tricksters


CHAPTER TWO:  Before The Horse Was Snipped

Charles Fort Coins the Term

Hindi Mutilator Convicted: 1903

Murder Down Under: 1902

Alexander Hamilton, Lies and a Liar’s Club: 1897

Rare Cases from the 19th and Early 20th Centuries


CHAPTER THREE:  “Oh Lord, defend us from our defenders!”

Setting the Stage

Where Did Snippy Go?

The Story Gets Out

Guilt By Association

“Flying saucers killed my Horse!”

The UFO Connection

From the Horse’s Mouth

Nellie’s Diary?

The Snippy Skeleton Auction

The Condon Report/Case 32

What Else Was Happening in the Fall of 1967?

Little-Known Cases from the Late 1960s


CHAPTER FOUR:  The Early 1970s—Setting The Stage:

Levitating Calves of Brazil

When the Meme Goes Dormant

1972: The Year the Mutilators Took a Sabbatical

Caribou, Nerve Gas and You

Rustling Pigs By Chopper in Iowa

The Meme Returns

“The Killer Cult Terrorizing Mid-America”


CHAPTER FIVE:  The Hell Years: 1975-1978

Meet the Databases

Early Cases in 1975

Newspapers Get Involved

The Cheyenne Mountain Cases

A Scourge Begins to Spread

Let’s Chase Down Them Choppers!

The “Greatest Outrage” in Ranching History

Who Are Those People In Them Hoodies?

The San Luis Valley Gets Hammered

Surgeons With The Pinking Shears

How Do You Explain It When The Cases Stop Cold?

1976: Reports Return With a Vengeance

1977: Shotguns, Bioweapons, Helos and Slashers

Cattle Mutilations: An Episode Of Collective Delusion?

1978: Scratching Their Collective Heads


CHAPTER SIX:  A Hell Year Return: 1979

Canary in a Coal Mine?

Wallabys, Cookie Cutters and Mutes

The Albuquerque/ Harrison Schmitt Conference

Fools Gold and the Other King Ranch

South of The Border

Ground Zero in Arkansas and New Mexico

Aliens Shoot’in and Mute’in

Alberta, Feedlot Demons and More Canaries

Black Hawk Cow Down


CHAPTER SEVEN:  The Hell Years Continue: The 1980s

Operation Animal Mutilation

Critique of the Rommel Report

The Mutilations Recommence

Those Damnable Devil Worshippers!

Mother Nature Coughs and Bellows

Trickster Rides a Chopper

Hoeppner’s Samples and Even More Cases

1981 Starts With a Bang

B.C. or Bust

New Mexico, Oregon, and Back to Canada

Betty Hill: Mutilation Investigator

Let’s Play Leapfrog

Dulce Gas Masks, Radar Chaff and Ultraviolence

Half-Cats, Dogs and Mutes in ‘82

These Are Some Sick Individuals

1983 and 1984: And You Thought We Were Through

1985: Keeping the Livestock Alive

1985: They Keep on Coming

1986: Are These Guys Ever Gonna Stop?

1987 through 1989: Is This An Alien Harvest?


CHAPTER EIGHT:  They’re BACK! The 1990s

The Alabama Wave

“There were no tracks, no blood, no nothin’!”

Careful What You Wish For!

“This is getting too weird,”

Adams and Perkins County

Who Are The Chopper Pilots?

Training Investigators

The Del Norte, CO Calf Case

They Stole His Pet Bear

Levitating the Chacon Cow

“‘… it was an environmental hazard.'”

They’re Both Lumberjacks and They’re OK

Who is Playing Copycat?

Pure Hemoglobin and BLT

We Were in the Same Pasture When it Happened!

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

They’ve Abducted an Elk

Ohio Joins The Fray

They’ve Gone to the Dogs


CHAPTER NINE:  The 2000s And The South American Wave

Pigs and Cows Again

The Bovine Excision Site Study: BLT Research

The Cases Continue—They Never Went Away

Montana and Canada Get Smacked Again

The South American Wave Begins With Hoof-in-Mouth

Chupacabras on Vacation

Argentina Wave Continues

Uruguay Joins The Fray

More San Luis Valley Cases

Arkansas Wave Begins With Dogs and Cats

La Pampa Is Now Ground Zero

Meanwhile, Back in Colorado and Then Kansas…

It’s Getting Fracking Ridiculous

Western Missouri Mutilations Baffle Ranchers

42 Mutilated Sheep in Honduras

The Stoke-on-Trent—Cornwall Stabber

Back in Argentina Again

More Colorado Reports

And More Missouri Reports

Bessie Had Her Head in a Hole!

What Killed 100 Elk in NM?


CHAPTER TEN:  Bizarre Mutilation Cases

The Blood Sucking Scorpion Crab Thingie

Animals Found in Trees

It Must Have Been el Chupacabra

The Varginha Case

Brazil Cow and Sheep Mystery

Human Mutilations

Ecker’s “Human Mutilation Factor”

Hitting The Brick Wall

Humans Mutes in Africa


CHAPTER ELEVEN:  Mad Cows and Angry Ranchers

A Self-Negating Mystery

Where’s The Beef?

Did You Know?

Modern Beef is What’s For Dinner

Auntie Biotic Abuse

The Politics of Modern 21st Century Beef

Meet the Meat Monster

I Know, It’s Just a Coincidence, Right?

Who Knows What Outbreak Lurks?

Mad Cow Disease: Is it Loose in the Food Chain?

NIDS and the Mad-Cow Paper

NIDS Conclusion, Hypothesis and Predictions

NIDS: Why Leave the Body?


CHAPTER TWELVE:  Mutes and the Media

The Terms We Choose: The Role of Languaging

Do Reporters Fan The Flames of Hysteria?

A Hoax About a Hoaxer?

Sensationalizing the Sensational

Careful What You Wish For: The BBC Boys

This is NOT a Funny Subject!


CHAPTER THIRTEEN:  There Are No Experts: Opinions and Theories

Debunking Common Theories About Cattle Mutilations

Some Aspects of the Investigation:  Thomas R. Adams

Animal Mutilations in North America: Findings by a Group of French Scientists

Animal Mutilations: What We Don’t Know: By George E. Onet, D.V.M., Ph. D.

Interview with Ex-Costilla County Sheriff, Ernest Sandoval

Interview with Costilla County Rancher Emilio Lobato

Interview with Former Costilla Sheriff Pete Espinoza

Interview With Ted Oliphant & Phillip Hoyle on the Paracast radio program

Interview With Greg Valdez —the son of New Mexico State Patrolman Gabe Valdez

Interview Daniel Kagan co-author of Mute Evidence

Interview With Researcher/Author Nick Redfern


CHAPTER FOURTEEN: A Final Analysis and the Future of Cattle

A Dialogue Between David Perkins and Christopher O’Brien





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