2008 SLV Sighting Reports

January 10, 2008 at 7:55 PM Valley View Hot Springs, Saguache County
“As for the Valley View UFO: I was staying at the Oak Lodge. As you know, the restrooms are in another building. The sky was clear and very cold (below zero). After a couple of trips to the latrines, I noticed a bright star remaining fixed in the sky, almost directly overhead, as the others moved in their nightly arc. Since I was getting up anyway to get ready for some sunrise shots of the Valley, I grabbed my D200 and using the roof of the rental car as a mount, started to take some shots. I have my camera set up to not shoot if it is out of focus. It kept zooming in and out and not locking in. I then switched to manual focus, brought the stars in sharp, leaned back against the car and fired away for 61 seconds. I started to shoot this object and the camera went nuts trying to focus on the object. I switched to manual focus, brought the stars in sharp and continued shooting at 5 frames per second. It was the object that was going in and out of focus! At times the object took on a fuzzy, comet like look. After about 30 photos and two minutes, it faded completely out of sight. The sky was getting brighter and I was wearing only a bathrobe in –20 degree weather, so I stopped to duck inside the cabin for a coat. When I got back out, it was gone.”

Feb 6, 2008 8:30pm
Blinding flash of light two miles east of Manassa, Colorado
Weather Conditions: Clear, New Moon
Investigator: Thomas Peay

A mother and her 7 year old son where driving east on Highway 142 between the Conejos River and the San Antonia River as they came around the corner they where hit by a blinding flash of light that engulfed their van. The light lasted for two seconds then went off for two seconds then flashed again for two seconds. The driver slowed down to almost to a stop and looked back and up. There was nothing behind them and they heard no sound.

The blinding light appeared to be shining down from above the van. She was somewhat exhilarated and her son was frightened by the experience. The driver has lived in the valley for most of her life and this was the first unusual thing that had happened to her. The next day a friend from the town of Sanford, Colorado (8 miles north from that point on Highway 142) told her that her daughter had seen a similar light flashing down over M mountain just south of the town of Manassa, Colorado that same night.

From that point on Highway 142 to M mountain is about 3 miles as the crow flies.

February 25, 2008 2:00am
Investigator: Thomas Peay
Large craft 1 mile south of Labatos bridge Colorado

Witness heard a very loud noise approaching from the west and a large black object flew over their heads 500+ feet. No lights. The craft was flying from west to east (lasted 1 minute). Could have been one of the C1-30s that fly over this area.

May 3, 2008 4:45am
San Acacio Area
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Looking to the north at Mount Blanca a bright white light was moving east to west. The light was to the east over Highway 160, the Sangre De Cristos and the La Vita Pass area and was heading west along the front of Mt. Blanca. The light stopped just to the west of Mt. Blanca and was stationary for 30 seconds. Then it changed direction and headed due north toward the Sand Dunes. The light was the size of her thumb at arms length. “Brightest light she had ever seen at night.” The sighting lasted 2+ minutes.

May 30, 2008 10:42-10:51
San Acacio – 11 Mile Raod – witnessed by Thomas Peay

A light appeared to the north about 70 degrees it looked like a satellite. Then a second light appeared to the east of the first light about one end of a thumb’s length apart. They where heading due south side by side. There seemed to be a solid mass line in between the two lights. It looked like a rope. The lights’ were a magnitude 1. I had time to walk to the house from the front gate about 190 feet to my front door and grabbed my 10/50 binoculars when I looked at the lights in my binoculars the were now three lights making a triangle with the point heading south. It was directly over me and my house at 90 degrees. The three lights were separate from each other and gave off an elongated white light (elongated from north to south). You could also see all the stars behind the lights. The lights where spaced in a perfect triangle one thumbs length apart. I called my my wife out from the back of the house and she came out and witnessed the triangle. She had trouble locating them at first. Then she saw them at that point. A shooting star shot through the triangle and they disappeared around the 70 degree mark to the south. The whole sighting lasted around 9 minutes. I did a search at the web site Heavens Above and there was nothing flying over my house at that time on that day.

San Luis Area

June 9, 2008 11:31am
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Heading north on Highway 159, 1 mile north of the town of San Luis, I notice a round white sphere floating to the east of Mount Blanca. It was moving toward the north as I was pulling over to take a picture when it disappeared. It was white and the size of my thumb at arms length.

June 9, 2008 4:10pm
Heading southwest about a haft mile south of the town of San Luis on Highway 149 a large inverted tear drop was to the west about 70 degrees. It was white and translucent about 1/8 the size of my thumb at arms length. It disappeared as I slow down to a stop.

Hooper, Colorado Area (Unusual Phenomenon)  

May 30, 2008 11:30pm
Went outside and there was a gargling sound by the wood pile. Then about 12 feet above me it sounded like two 2-by-4s hitting making a loud crack.

June 4, 2008
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Wtiness reported, “At sunset my dog started freaking out growling and barking. I went outside to check it out. He barks when people come by but never growls. He was growling like he was going to attack something, and there seemed to be nothing around. There was a large truck on the 11 Mile Road. I figured that maybe he didn’t like something about the sound of it and I went back inside. A minute or so later he started doing it again. This time when I went outside I still didn’t see anything and there were no vehicles on the back roads. When I turned to the west I heard something approximately 10 yards behind me dash across the lawn and around the house VERY fast. When I turned around I didn’t see anything. There was only a slight breeze that evening, not enough to rustle the bushes and such. All three kids were inside at the time.

June 7, 2008
Investigator: Thomas Peay

The kids and I were coming back from the movies.  At approx 10:30pm, as I was turning into the lane, the headlights caught something that appeared to be humanoid that appeared to be startled by the headlights; it started moving north very fast in the field in front of the house. It was 5-6 feet tall and crossed 150+ feet in well under a second. It didn’t seem to run or jump, it just cruised/floated across at very high speed. It was gray and blurry; it looked ethereal like the being I’ve seen before but taller; I didn’t see much more detail than that. I watch cars on the road going 50-60 mph from the house and it takes them 3-4 seconds to cover that distance. Trying to rationalize it I thought well maybe it was a deer and I drove out into the field and shined the headlights around and didn’t see anything. I got to thinking that deer bounce when they run and don’t move nearly that fast and that I didn’t see any light reflected from eyes which I should have seen at that angle if it was a deer. Also, the profile was definitely upright, bipedal and humanoid not like a deer.

(*Note the next day about 20 feet apart strange marks in the earth 1 inch scoop marks in a line the direction they saw the humanoid.)

June 7, 2008 at around 9:30pm
I went outside the south sun room to smoke. Tarah was on the east side of the house and I walked around to talk to her. I saw a light out of the corner of my eye above the tree in the front yard and it moved NW and down behind the tree and vanished. It could have been a
falling star but at the last part of its travel right before it went behind the tree I was looking directly at it and it was larger than what I have seen falling with stars before. A falling star that was that close and that large shouldn’t have burned out before getting back into visibility on the other side of the tree and/or hitting the ground. Also at that range a meteor should have left a visible smoke trail, there was no trail.

June 11, 2008 New San Acacio, Colorado
Investigator: Thomas Peay

I moved from Wild Horse Mesa to (new) San Acacio mid-August 2006. The small adobe house needed repair and some ceiling dripping occurred from time to time in the room on the SW corner. It had apparently been going on for some time as the previous owner left an extra piece of carpet on the floor over the installed carpet and stated I should leave it there. He thought they had over-oiled the flat roof one time, and it continued to drip. I did not use the room much, but summer of 2007 there were several leaks that went on my bookcase along the west wall, by the south wall and on the center ceiling light/fan fixture. I called a roofer to have it repaired; he said there was a false roof, and the boards were rotten. He tore the roof out completely over that room, rebuilt it and used new roofing that is sealed with a torch. By February 2008 I started having dripping, and I thought maybe there was melting or something. It notably did not leak even during a rain or snow storm. The drips were like black or brown water, not oily. The roofer resealed the edges, and stated there were no cracks or signs of pooling or frozen water on top. The ceiling then dripped on my ironing board in that room, very brown looking. It dripped again on my bookcase, and a third time on my tv in that room. Also it dripped down the ceiling fan again. I had the roofer back over end of May. He was very puzzled, again no sign of where water could be getting in. He resealed the edges again.

I was having floor problems on the north side of the house and emptied the west rooms. I put large sheets of paper on the floor in the SW room, and checked daily for leaks. There were none the morning of Monday June 10th, but when I came back after lunch there was a fresh wet brown 2” diameter puddle on the paper. It hadn’t rained for over a week and we’d been having warm dry winds.

The plumber putting in a new hot water heater said he’d had water drip down on him installing the new heater; the old one had been pulled a week before as flooring was being installed. This room is next to where the leaks commonly are.

Another occurrence is my cell phone goes off maybe 3-4 times a week.  It is not uncommon to lose calls in this bad service area, but my phone goes completely dead. I sent it in for repair, and the borrowed cell also went dead. When I got my phone back it continued that behavior. It did not do this at the previous house. My Bose radio randomly goes on and off by itself. Not often, maybe 5 times while I’ve been here. Also, the contractor’s radio on my kitchen counter went on by itself this morning, June 11, 2008, as we were discussing the work he is doing.

One last item, one night as I was drifting to sleep, I saw a bright light in my closet in the NW bedroom. I figured it was the neighbor’s car lights shining in the window, but could see it was in the top of the closet. I thought maybe I left a bathroom light on, and got out of bed and looked down the hall. No lights. I was really tired, and just went back to bed, and fell asleep with the closet lit.

*Note I did go through the house with an EMF meter – nothing unusual, there is a high tension power line to the east of the house about 300 feet to the east and in the front yard its putting off a reading 5-6 on the magnetic 0-100 range. The back yard also has a power line about 200 feet to the west of the house 7-8 on the magnetic 0-100 range.

June 12, 2008
My daughter was in the bathroom brushing her hair and she heard a voice say “don’t do it that way”.

June 13, 2008 1:00am
A light blue orb the size of a golf ball floated through the living room went up the steps the disappeared. Lasted 10 seconds.

June 13, 2008 at 1:00am, Near Hooper, CO, Alamosa County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

A light blue orb floated the size of a golf ball floated through the living room went up the steps the disappeared. Lasted 10 seconds.

October 28, 2008  At about 7:50 p.m, Great Sand Dunes, Alamosa County – AN1
Tuesday, San Luis Valley law enforcement agencies received a report of strange lights, possibly a meteor, spotted traveling East to West in the vicinity of Highways 150 and 160 in the area of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Colorado State Patrol dispatch center in Alamosa told authorities the report was called in by an individual who said he was an airline pilot by profession and the lights seemed out of the ordinary to him.

The lights were described as green with yellow and white material falling from the main body of the object. (Valley Courier/Wolf/O’Brien)