The Perfect Laboratory

Whether you’re a hardened skeptic or a true-believer, you have to admit, we live in a strange and mysterious world. There’s little doubt that our reality inspires, awes, and even frightens the human species into addressing energies and events that we have not yet begun to define or explain. This investigator personally believes, unquestionably, that something strange and wonderful is going on in the San Luis Valley and it probably always has been. Invariably local San Luis Valley residents’ mundane lives provide them with direct contact with many of these mysteries, sometimes so irrefutably, they’re compelled, almost forced, to seek answers. Or, hide their heads in the sand. Some of these events are as simple as thinking about a friend and ring they call them on the phone, or as complex as the “alien abduction” scenario.

Human history is rife with examples of philosophical and scientific jump-starts. Plato’s Republic, Gallileo and Hubble’s telescopes, Einstein’s General Theory of RelativityBell’s Theorem, etc. We may even have a genetic compulsion, or predisposition to explore the farthest boundaries of our reality in an attempt to explain the last dwindling secrets hidden from the light of truth. This has always been so, and this propensity doesn’t appear to be ending soon. The very fact that you are exploring this web-site is an indication that you are intrigued by these subtle aspects of your so-called “consensus reality.”

This section attempts to provide a different context for examining these last remaining scientific and sociological mysteries. Yes, surfers UFOs, abductions, unusual animal deaths, religious miracles, the motivations of serial-killers, psychic powers, strange fantastical creatures, ghosts, undefined natural phenomena, treasure legends, folklore, secret government activity, Indigenous People’s myths, to name a few, are but a modest sampling of these sensational, last remaining unsolved riddles puzzling residents here, and the curious world-wide.

On the surface these phenomena seem unique unto themselves, separated by time, circumstance and distance. Unbelievable as it may sound to you, the above sampling of phenomena are found in a single, well-defined geographic location. Welcome to the Perfect Laboratory, here in south-central Colorado/north-central New Mexico. There may be no other place with the variety and intensity of examples of “the unexplained” in all of North America. And it is all occurring above 7,000 feet at America’s rooftop. One could literally call this wondrous place, The Perfect Laboratory.