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Secrets of the Mysterious Valley – Take a fantastic journey through one of the world’s most enigmatic locales — the world’s largest alpine valley, spanning South/Central Colorado and North Central New Mexico. The San Luis is rife with strange activity, including a large number of documented UFO reports, unusual animal deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, and secret military bases. San Luis Valley is also the publicized birthplace of the ‘cattle mutilation’ mystery. Is hidden, haunted San Luis Valley America’s Most Anomalous Region? No other region in North America features the variety and intensity of unusual phenoma.



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Stalking the Tricksters – The subject of Trickster-ism has permeated human belief for millennia but today, in the 21st Century, very little is publicly known about “The Trickster.” Graced by many names including; fool, sage, coyote, Loki, men-in-black etc., tricksters have inhabited culture for millennia and this casual force has played pivotal roles throughout history. Author/field-investigator Christopher O’Brien redefines this hidden subject of “tricksters” from a new, fresh perspective and he begins a journey down to the enchanted southwest desert to study the many elusive tricksters of North American indigenous myth and lore.



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The Mysterious Valley
– Like other residents of the strange communities of Crestone and the Baca, Christopher O’Brien was drawn to the sacred valley of Native American myth. He was soon compelled to document, in disturbing detail, the inexplicable events unfolding around him and the questions they raised such as: What is the truth behind the nightly light show of UFOs pulsing and glowing across the sky? What are the strange rumbling noises coming from underground? What is the origin of a mysterious crystal skull found in the Baca? And most frightening of all, who is responsible for the scores of cattle left bloodless and mutilated in inhuman fashion? 




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Enter the Valley
– Renowned UFOologist Chris O’Brien blew the lid off the San Luis Valley-now he takes you even deeper into the world’s most mysterious locale. The picturesque patch of land that stretches from Southern Colorado into Northern New Mexico, known as the San Luis Valley, has been home to some of the most astounding occurrences in North American history. More strange sightings have been reported within the SLV’s radius that in any other part of the country. Shrouded in mystery, a brave few have dared to explore the vast territory-Chris O’Brien is one of those people. He first took us there in his classic work, The Mysterious Valley. Now he returns with even more astonishing stories, fascinating folklore, and probing insight than ever. You’ll discover: UFOs – An in-depth investigation of these SLV incidents; Cattle Mutilations – Numerous examples of this bizarre occurrence, and shocking theories about why it happens; Local folklore – The Colorado Cannibal, a race of “underground dwellers”, America’s first serial killers, gnomes, Bigfoot, and more; Covert military activity and underground bases – What is the government trying to hide? And much, much more!