The Sheep Mountain, Malacite, Colorado Case


January 20, 1998, 6:00pm south of the Great Sand Dunes
Hooper resident reports watching a “big star doing some big twists.” Object/light was described as flashing “red, green and blue.” Witness described the multi-colored light as hovering for five or so minutes just south of the Sand Dunes Oasis. At around 6:15pm, I witnessed two low flying jets headed from the east, over the Sangre de Cristos, south toward the location where the light was observed. Jets were flying under 3000 feet above the Valley floor. Witness claimed the object was not Sirius rising in the east. He claimed the “object” two times larger than the brightest planets, was 5 degrees north of Sirius the heaven’s brightest star, which he was able to identify.

Alamosa/Saguache County (O’Brien/Vitoria) 

Large Craft Spotted at Sunset
Thur January 8, 1998, 5:20pm Over the Baca Ranch
2 miles east of mile marker 93 on State Highway 17 SLV, Colorado – MA1
Two witnesses driving north on Highway 17 noticed a brightly blinking small light two miles to the east of their location. Observed a “150 foot diameter disc” with a small, low cupola, light was on underside. Object was plainly visible in dusk lighting. Appeared to be at “between 1500 to 2000 feet” in altitude and traveling down the center of the SLV south by southwest. One witness estimated the speed at between “500 and 600 mph.” Two other cars on Highway 17 may have also witnessed object. Duration of sighting about “30 seconds.”

Wed January 7, 1998, 4:45 pm to 3:00 am Near Farasita, Colorado  La Veta Military Operations Area (MOA)

Sat January 10, 1998, at dusk Huerfano County La Veta MOA

Sun January 11, 1998, Huerfano County La Veta MOA

The first or second of September, 1997, Malacite, ColoradoNorth of Sheep Mountain
A C-131 transport plane was seen dropping a “huge box” just north of the Atlantic Richfield CO2 plant (located between Sheep and Little Sheep Mountains) in Huerfano County, near the towns of Red Wing and Malacite, Colorado. Locals in the area witnessed the “drop” and set off to investigate and search for the box. Three separate reports of the following events have emerged. In one report, locals witnessed two men with “jet-packs on their backs flying up and down, around and between” Sheep and Little Sheep Mountain, apparently looking for the box. Other witnesses claim they saw a craft, a short time later, that had the appearance of a large clear bubble. From the bottom of the bubble sparks were being emitted with a “clattering sound” from square objects that were described as “magnets.” A witness (in true Colorado fashion) evidently fired a gun at the strange-looking object as it passed overhead and later that evening the man was confronted and then accosted by three men. He told neighbors he was wrestled to the ground and one of the men grabbed him and “snapped his neck” and he immediately was rendered unconscious. Another report claims personnel were seen searching ranches and barns north of Sheep Mountain later that night, or early the following morning. A number of locals are being sought who witnessed this apparent search by these unknown craft and personnel.

Huerfano County (Perkins)