2009 SLV Sighting Reports

June 24 & 25, 2009, 2:00 AM to 2:30 AM Baca Grande Chalet II
[The witness emailed me with his account and included his phone number. I called his cell immediately upon reading his report. I spoke with him at length on the phone and he related a rather bizarre series of events he and his wife have experienced during their last three visits to their vacation home in the Baca Grande Subdivision near Crestone, Colorado. First his email:]

“I have had 2 strange ‘visitations’ in the past 2 nights in a cabin I recently built in the Baca near Crestone, CO. Not sure what to think… I am 54 years old and never had anything like this happen to me before. The cabin was completed in 2004 and up until this point I have been there and slept there dozens of times without incident. My wife witnessed these ‘visitations’ and is reluctant to return to the cabin. Nobody in Crestone that I have talked to seemed to be able to help or suggest anything other than to pass on another name and number and say “too bad Chris isn’t still here.” So, I finally asked who you were and how I could contact you…”

[My comments: The witness and his wife were camped in their living room for the night, the wife was on the couch and he was reclined in an easy chair. They haven’t furnished their bedroom yet so they sleep downstairs. He then recounted being awakened and interacting with a repeating sequence of events that began with his smoke alarms going off. For no reason first the upstairs alarm would beep three times, then the downstairs living room detector would answer with three beeps. They are both connected and should operate together. Later he realized that this was some sort of announcement because then, the two of them witnessed what he described as a “two-foot high column of light” that appeared to enter through the wall, near the living room’s 14 foot-tall cathedral ceiling. It traveled slowly straight across the room and exited high out the other wall. Reclining back in his easy chair, he was looking right at the light and alerted his wife who had been asleep in the living room with him. At first he thought it might have been a passing car’s headlights, but quickly ruled this out because the light never varied. Then some time later, the same thing happened for a second time and he was sure the light was anomalous. He was reclined in his leather easy chair when it felt like it levitated up off the floor. He was “paralyzed” was unable to move his head, or limbs or open his eyes. He guessed the chair was lifted “inches up to a foot” off the floor and he felt motion as if he was being carried. After the second fly-through he was agitated and began to conduct a yes/no dialog with the smoke detectors. He asked if they were ghosts” Silence. Then asked “spirits.” Silence. Then he asked if they were extraterrestrials and both alarms went off together. This happened after he had taken both batteries out! He also professed to have been formerly a non-believer in paranormal type events but “not anymore. “ He and his wife were up all night and ended up making coffee and talking about what had transpired. The possible electromagnetic manipulation of his hardwired smoke detector system that he perceived as “comunication” is highly unusual and raises all kinds of interesting questions. The following day, they agreed that if the same thing happened, there would be no way of explaining the events away. Wouldn’t you know, the second night went basically the same as the first night. The differences were, 1) he never felt paralyzed or lifted up in his chair, and 2) he had a .357 handy and began to get angry and demand whatever-it-was to leave. This is a very intriguing scenario for he feels he was in a rudimentary dialog with the energy form, through the smoke detectors.]

“I am presently [last night June 26, 2009] in Alamosa at a Motel for the night because my wife does not want to return to the cabin. I on the other hand want to know what this entity wants and figure a way to get it to leave us alone and leave the cabin. I am willing to butt heads with whatever it is to find a resolution to [these] event[s]. Through questioning this entity I have been able to get it to deny it is a spirit, or a ghost but have gotten a positive response when asked if it is extraterrestrial. There was even a suggestion from the [UFO] watchtower lady [Judy Messoline whom he visited today] that because I was paralyzed (unable to open eyes, move or talk) and carried or levitated off the ground, that I was abducted …but I have no memory of that and whatever was doing this put me down and released me when I mentally objected to it and demanded to be put down and released.

“It also left the second night after I calmly and respectfully asked it to leave. It appears and leaves as a 2 foot tall column of light that crosses the cabin cathedral ceiling and disappears into the walls… And this is the crazy (insane) part…it is contacting us through the cabins two hardwired smoke detectors which have gone off at about 2:30 AM each night to announce its arrival and to respond to my questions and my anger/fear.

“When I do return to the cabin Sunday afternoon I may leave my wife at a friend’s house in the Baca and return to the cabin myself. Do you have any advice on how to handle this… it would be greatly appreciated.

[The witness also told me about a strange repeating series of events that occurred at the cabin last November 21-28, 2008. Twice a day (between 8 and 9 am and again in the evening at dusk) what appeared to be the same pinõn jay would arrive, circle the house in a clockwise motion— scratching at every window and door, everyday, twice a day. Unbelievably, the “same bird” appeared to return and circle the house twice a day (a month or so later) between December 31 to January 7, 2009. This was their last visit prior to this past week’s events. This case is still being investigated—Christopher O’Brien]

April 7, 2009 between 10-10:30pm Colorado College Annex, Crestone, Colorado – FB2″
“I am a student at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. As you probably already know, Colorado College has a small collection of buildings on the Baca Grande Ranch in nearby Crestone, Colorado. The college uses Baca as a retreat for classes.

“On April 7, 2009, a small group of people including myself were standing on the roof/patio of one of the Baca Buildings. It was about 10 or 10:30 at night. Half joking, I turned to my girlfriend and mentioned that Crestone was supposed to be a UFO hotspot. At that time I was ignorant to Crestone’s infamous and abnormal reputation. Ironically, we looked out over the valley to the valley to the west and saw a school bus sized orange light that moved quickly, but sporadically from north to south. The light pulsed faintly. After uttering noises of disbelief, the other members of the group looked up at the light and everyone agreed that it wasn’t a plane or a satellite. It was too low, too large, and moving too sporadically to fit any reasonable explanation. Terrified, we all went downstairs and proceeded to discuss what we had just witnessed.

“Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night. I know you probably get hundreds of these emails a day, and I realize that the tardiness of this report diminishes its value. I just wanted to submit it because that evening changed my life. I went from being a staunch disbeliever in UFO’s to a very convinced believer in a matter of about 10-15 seconds.” (Saguache County/O’Brien)

April 2, 2009 at about 5:51 p.m, Approximately Creede, CO south to Dulce, NM –  MA2


“My wife and I were flying on Continental airlines from New York To San Diego. I have attached a photo taken 2 minutes before the sighting. I pasted a sequence of drawings of how the UFO changed and it’s approximate size at each stage. The view was due north, we were south west of Pike’s Peak flying at about 35,000 ft. My wife also saw the UFO, I don’t know if anyone else saw the UFO.”

[The actual location of the event, depending on the aircraft’s speed and heading, may have been somewhere between Creede, CO, Wolf Creek Pass, CO & Dulce, NM—Christopher O’Brien]

“As soon as I noticed the UFO the plane banked right, away from the object. We were not very close, about 1 to 3 miles by my estimate. When I first saw the object it looked like a four legged octopus hanging in the air, the legs were different sizes. As the object rotated toward us and the rear pitched up it took on a triangular shape and looked very much like
a B2 stealth bomber, but it was straight across the back. The UFO then rolled away from us and yawed with it’s nose pointing north. At this point it looked like the rear only was pointing toward our view. Up to this point the object ran parallel to our plane. The changes in apparent size were not related to a change in distance. After pointing north the UFO began to move away from us, the rear view became thinner and as it moved away the length of the rear of the craft thinned and became longer. I tried to take a picture at this point, but the UFO was too small to register on the frame. The second picture was taken 2.5 minutes after the one. I attached the drawings, so the whole sighting was less than 2 minutes.

I was surprised to see how bizarre the sighting was, I know much of the shape changing was due to the craft’s orientation, however, I never expected its size to change the way it did.

The camera info is as follows:
Picture with drawings-two minutes prior to sighting event
Date 04-02-2009
Time 5:49:57 EDT / local 3:49:57 MDT Exposure 1/640 F# f5.6 “