2007 SLV Sighting Reports

December 14, 2007 6:18am Highway 142 at the Rio Grande bridge
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Two Witness saw a beam of light shoot down form the sky. The beam was the size of a skyscraper and looked like a large crystal shape. It flashed three times and each duration was around 10 seconds. The sighting lasted about two to three miles while driving 65 mph. The sighting happened due north of them . . . they think around the Crestone / Great Sand Dunes area. (Costilla County/Thomas Peay)

November 5, 2007 Just after sunset South of San Luis, Colorado, at Wild Horse Mesa
A young fourth grade student reported seeing a strange flying entity over southern Colorado. The entity was glowing gold in color, and it had black hair, not flowing in the wind or with its movement. Face was looking down, arms were moving like superman and rotating positions; first right and then left. While one arm was out the other was against its side. It appeared to have wings which were not flapping and appeared to be about 3 to 4 feet in height and was wearing some type of uniform. It flew from east to west and no sound was detected. It was possibly about 20 feet away but she was not sure how high it was. The witness used the word “Angel” to describe the entity. (Thomas Peay, Costilla County)

October 24, 2007 7:30 PM Near Mesita, Colorado
Two witnesses saw an orange/white light the size of a school bus moving from north to south along Culebra mountain range. In the binoculars the object looked like a rounded disc. The object moved in a weird motion moving forward dropping down and then backing up. They watched the object for over 5 minutes. (Thomas Peay, Costilla County)

Large Balloons Sightings over Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico
“Driving out of town, going for one last stop. It’s about 6:50 – the sun had already set behind the mountains. Noticed a bright patch of white in the darkening sky – too big for Venus, not quite as bright. Could be a very bright, small cloud, but other clouds are drifting and this one isn’t. At a parking lot, I braced my binoculars solidly, and determined the object was stationary for about 1/2 hour. I asked another person to look and tell me what he saw – it was the same. The object was about 25 degrees above the southern horizon, about 4x the size of Venus, and overall brightness roughly that of Jupiter – to the naked eye. There were no clouds near it, but cirrus clouds were approaching from the west.

[I didn’t have a] camera, so I memorized all I could, and later drew a picture. When I was a kid, I saw one that was all action and no detail. This was the opposite. I’m glad, because I’m tired of pictures of blobs and specks. This drawing is large (~ 1 MB) – if you zoom in, you will see my attempts to represent the following impressions. Feel free to copy the drawing; just don’t alter it in any way, and don’t represent it as an actual photograph. While the shape and placement of the object’s features is reasonably accurate, my drawing cannot do it justice.

It looked like a glowing diamond filled with countless strands of yellow-white light, each strand a string of countless beads of gleaming white, all of which floated in a transparent medium which permitted the sky color to pass through yet also glowed faintly due to its contents. It brought to mind one of those spectacular back-lit pictures of a live jellyfish by National Geographic. The brightness of the “corners” was more like that of Venus, but the interior was of lesser intensity.

As the clouds began to pass under it, I knew it was pretty high up, pretty big, and not attached to a tether. As the clouds began to obscure it, its light gradually changed from yellow-white to intense crimson, although the corners remained white. Therefore I thought the object might be reflective, rather than self-luminous – we get New Mexico sunsets. However, after it was obscured for a while and the sky was getting dark, the clouds thinned and the object was a faintly visible, yellow-white glow. Object made no sound.”

September 23, 2007 Ghost Mine Ranch, near Lagarita, Colorado
Seen from porch between 4:30am and 4:45am looking toward the town of Center, Colorado. “An extraordinary large white light …. glittering… making jutting moves… the light dimmed twice to almost nothing …saw through binoculars…. again glittering white— so white, shape [was] undetermined.

SAME NIGHT between 4:30am and 4:45am 
An object appeared to be over the middle of the valley near Center, Colorado. Witness was looking east. The object was “so bright white and glittering…. unlike any known objects… became dim down to almost nothing and then bright and glittering.. bigger than any star or planet… a good 1/4 size of a full moon…” Witness watched object through binoculars but could not determine shape but said it could possibly have “a little crescent toward the top…” also observed quick movements…. twice….. then the 3rd time it dimmed when it had almost dissipated to nothing two small light streaks left and it was gone entirely…

“It was much closer to the ground than a star or planet… pretty low for a commercial jet but not a small aircraft… it certainly had no blinking red or other determining aircraft light at absolutely all! When it moved I could not determined speed.”                                                                                                                                 (Thomas Peay, Saguache County)
September 22, 2007 Near San Acacio, Colorado
Witness watched a diamond shaped object for 20-40 minutes. It was described as a translucent ship that was seen to the south over Northern New Mexico.

Witness # 1 San Acacio, Colorado
“I noticed a bright light to the south about 10 o’clock on the southern horizon just to the west of Costilla, New Mexico. It was between Jupiter and the Moon just below the ecliptic line about two thumb lengths, with a compass it was 160 degree mark. The light at arms length was the size of a pin head. It was brighter then Venus and you could see two lights together with the naked eye. The light was stationary and did not move for twenty minutes.”

“Then I observed the lights with my 10-50 binoculars it was reflecting light form the sun and was a golden diamond shape translucent with three lights internally you could see structure. Three parts. The right and left were beveled outwards into the middle and the bottom was beveled to the middle making a straight line below the other two compartments. As the sun set the object glowed white with three separately lit compartments. It would glow brighter and then weaken several times. The Diamond shape was more defined as it grew darker. The object disappeared around 7:43pm and the clouds moved in.

Witnesses #2 Costilla, New Mexico at 7pm
He stated: “My girlfriend and I were on our way to her mom’s b-day party and she noticed a bright light in the southern sky just south of the rising moon to the east. I told her to pull over cause it just wasn’t moving at all or blinking, and it was too bright and large to be a star especially due to the fact that it was still day light out. She proceeded to take three pictures of it. It was an easy shot for the camera do to the exposure with the light available.

We went on to the party and once we arrived we just kept watching this still light, but this time with her mom and her step-dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend, and last to arrive was my friend and his two boys from San Diego, California. He the fire chief there for 12 fire districts in the down town area of the city. He’s about as credible as most, and by time he arrived we had found the binoculars and now were looking at the details of the UFO.

[I am] a professional artist, got a sketch pad and started drawing the shape of this thing, kind of smooshed diamond – top to bottom, the bottom half being more of a warmer golden light, shimmering sparkles at those bottom edges (see illustration). The top half was clearly two large bright white lights side by side like eyes, almond shape to be exact.

After about 40 minutes of watching it clearly, some clouds moved in and the object slowly disappeared.

Also it was my opinion that the object become even more transparent as before the later it got, as though the sun had some effect with it. I could increasingly see more sky through it.” (Thomas Peay, Costilla County)

September 1, 2007 5:30am, Baca Grande Development, Crestone, Coloardo

Triangular lights were spotted over Challenger Peak Area from Crestone, Colorado at approximately 5:30am. The reporting witness observed in the early morning sky, what appeared to be “a set of bluish/green triangular lights. The lights appeared over the Challenger Peak area looking eastward from my home. My view was unobstructed and I continued watching the objects with fascination when all of a sudden the triangle moved erratically from side to side and then up and down. After the erratic movement I woke my wife and asked if she saw what I was seeing (I have lived in this area for seven years and had seen similar sightings on and off but no one believed me). My wife said yes. The triangle then turned into one oval shape giving off a very bright white light. I continued watching this object as it headed in a southeasterly direction and disappeared from view.
(Thomas Peay, Saguache County)

…SAME NIGHT 8:30 PM Fort Garland, Colorado
Two large white lights the size of two large trucks reported flying from east to west 150 feet off the ground a mile south of Highway 160. The object was flying at a very  high rate of speed. It took 10 seconds for the light to travel from the east to west and disappear out of sight. The reporting witness work at a US Air Force base for 20+ years and has never seen anything move that fast. (Thomas Peay, Costilla County)

July 28, 2:00 PM 2007  Hooper, Colorado
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Three craft sighted by several witnesses in clear daylight conditions.

At the annual UFO Conference put on by the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado, several people had the opportunity to witness what were described as “UFOs.“ About 2:00pm Stan Romanek (one of the featured speakers at the event) was near the parking area outside the presentation building and was excited as he told me about the UFO he had just witnessed and taken some pictures of. He was really excited that he got pictures of it. He pointed out a spot above a patch of clouds near where the object was about 4 fingers (at arms length) above the distant mountain horizon in the northwest sky.  It was white in color and although it was a digital image, at a distance you could make out the classic saucer shape with a bubble protrusion on top. A few of us were taking turns looking at the image because the brightness of reflection of the sky in the monitor made it difficult to see well unless you stood directly in front of it.

While about 5 or 6 people were marveling at the picture Stan had just taken (with a Nikon Coolpix 6 megapixel digital camera) I saw what appeared to be the same object in the same location off in the distant N/W horizon. I would guess the distance to be at least 35 miles away based on the distance of the mountain range it appeared to be over. It was very white and was dramatically accentuated by the darker blue sky background. It was also about 4 fingers (arms length) above the distant mountaintop to the northwest about the width of my pinkie finger above the white cloud bank below.

I described the location and I you could easily see that the object was not a cloud, balloon or plane. It stood perfectly still and the distinct sharpness of the edges eliminated it being a cloud as you could compare it to other clouds in the area.

We all watched as the stationery object defied cloud movement and all other rational or logical cross references we could use. Someone noticed an identical object about a pinkie width directly above the one we were watching. The one above slowly moved downward toward the original object until it was directly over the other nearly touching it.

After watching the object for a minute or two to eliminate any plausible explanation for what I was witnessing I went to get my camera and took 3 pictures. The 5 megapixel Kodak photos were not distinct as the ones Stan took and only showed a white spot with no definition. At that time I left to tell others in the nearby building attending the conference about what was happening outside. By the time I returned both objects had left in different directions according to those watching it.

I served in the military in the mid- late 1960s in Naval Air Intelligence and was trained in aircraft identification. I am confident this was a physical object and not any kind of natural phenomenon. I have attached the 2 photos I took even though they are very poor quality compared to what we were visibly seeing.

Another odd note is that 6 individuals’ cell phones or watches were 1 hour off that morning plus another was 2 hours and another was off by 3 hours. The cell phone services were provided by at least 3 different services. No one had any explanation for this oddity.This is the first time I’ve reported a sighting.