Expedition to Sipapu — part four

A whole year has passed since out ill-fated journey to the fabled Sipapu and alleged location of the underground city. The videotaping of helicopter loads into the Gorge pushed the team into high gear after returning from their four-day expedition to the rim and Gary David immediately discovered that John Kyl had resurrected the Little… Continue Reading

Cattle Mutilation Case from the San Luis Valley

John Harr Mutilation Case  (From The Mysterious Valley page 152-153) Harr and his family were awakened the night of October 20, by what Harr described as a terrible noise.  It sounded like a “huge helicopter hovering right over the top of the house.” Harr, also the Del Norte Postmaster, said.  “I went outside and all… Continue Reading

Sandy Hook Chorus to sing at Super Bowl

From the Paracast thread: Sandy Hook coincidences Christopher O’Brien said: Since we are on the subject of conspiracies *spooky music looms ominously,* don’t forgot to tune into this week’s Paracast episode for the king of Parapolitics/Conspiracy Steamshovel Press’ Kenn Thomas. Can’t wait to see the thread it generates! The Paracast Fan Club Sandy Hook Chorus to Sing… Continue Reading