Cattle Mutilation Case from the San Luis Valley

John Harr Mutilation Case  (From The Mysterious Valley page 152-153)

Harr and his family were awakened the night of October 20, by what Harr described as a terrible noise.  It sounded like a “huge helicopter hovering right over the top of the house.” Harr, also the Del Norte Postmaster, said.  “I went outside and all I could hear was the downdraft from the propeller, there were no engine-sounds.  I didn’t hear anything mechanical!”

Two days later, October 22, Harr’s two sons discovered two cows and two calves 1/2 mile away from the house to the east, dead for “no apparent reason.” According to the rancher, the oldest cow, who “would’ve died soon anyway,” was discovered missing the flesh off her jaw, and the tongue and rear end were “cut out.”  He also noticed that, “It looked like she’d floundered around a bit before she died.”

The other cow and two calves “looked like they had just died in their sleep.”  These three animals displayed no incision-like marks and scavengers made short work of two of them.  The second cow was untouched, even by birds.  No additional clues appeared to be present at the site.  No tire-tracks, footprints, scavenger tracks or any blood was discovered at the scene. No vet examined these animals, and Harr never bothered to roll the “mutilated” cow over to ascertain if the downside had been butchered.

Alamosa County K-9 deputy Jim McCloskey investigated the Harr report.  For some reason, he left his animal partner in the car while at the site and no animal reactions were noted.

The Alamosa River snakes through a corner of the ranch where the animals were discovered.  This river is polluted with heavy metals 40 miles upstream in the mountains, for 17 miles, by the Summitville Mine superfund site.  It is one of the only known sources of pollution in the pristine Greater SLV.  This appears to give more ammunition for “the UAD as environmental monitoring” theorists.

Harr “stewed for a couple of days” and then started making phone-calls.  He called Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell’s office about the matter and was referred to the governor’s office.  The governor’s office told him to talk with State’s Veterinarian advocate, Dr. John Maulsby.  The vet spoke knowledgeably about the phenomenon. “He (Maulsby) told me he was going to put an article in our local paper requesting ranchers provide him with fresh samples for testing,” said Harr.  “But if he ever put one in, I never saw it.”



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  1. My comment is that I believe almost everything here, there have been alot of helicopter activity in that area. And from researching about all of this and it seems as it is true that all of the cows who have been mutilated then they always have taken out the sexual organs. In my beliefs it is though the men/aliens who have done this might be taking the organs and developing them into the future human kind. This is an interesting theory i inquire about. Please think and post this onto your website,
    Thank you,

  2. I was born and raised in Alamosa and now live in Fullerton California. About three years ago, I had a conversation with a Bell Helicopter pilot who flies the new helicopters to airshows and delivers people and supplies to various locations. One of these locations is Alamosa. This pilot admitted to me there were many top secret helicopter operations in the Valley. “You wouldn’t believe what goes on there, he said. Wish he could have said more about these “operations”.
    However, there are also many UFO activities, I saw one in 1948 at about 40 feet away. The sun had gone down, but it was still light outdoors. The UFO came towards me on Highway 160, left side, and when it reached the location of my pickup, it was about 15 feet above the ground! Then it shot up into the sky and vanished at tremendous speed. jdh

    • John:
      It’s been awhile since we spoke. I still have my copy of the Etherian Invasion. I’d like to know more about your casual encounter w/ the Bell chopper guy aned speak w/ you further about your CE2 which (if memory serves me correct) you shared w/ your brother.

      I’ve known for awhile that there is a lot of secret flight activity in the SLV and my camera project (when completed) might help shed more light on the pilots, their craft and the agendas at work & play. 🙂

  3. So…where’s the mutilation again in any of this? I didn’t see anything on the tape, not that you could tell. Repeat: Not that you could tell.

    • Good point! Low-hovering, silent military helicopters does not prove the animals were truly mutilated in a high-strange fashion. But this (and other) facts makes this mystery even more mysterious. I believe Harr. I also note that his animals were grazing next to an offshoot of the Alamosa River where upstream there is a “superfund” site. His cases are only several of a wave of cases that occurred along the drainage of the Alamosa River that is known to contain massive amount of heavy metals. There is more to this mystery than simply meets your eye… 🙂

  4. I was born and raised in Manassa which is 24 miles South of Alamosa. in 1980 i went out to throw the trash and the valley is pitch black at night so i happened to look up and i saw 6 lights in a straight line just hovering. I called my grandmother out to look and we must have stayed out there for 1 hr. or so and they didn’t move just gleamed in the dark sky. I went back out awile later and they were gone. I wish i would have owned a telescope in those days.

  5. All of my family is from San Luis and just recently in April I believe, My uncle had one of his bulls mutilated.They took the eyeballs and the sexual organs. They looked like they were lasered out. There are aliens I believe that go down there and do this. I’ve had a few family members with something similar to this. BELIEVE in the aliens.

  6. I visited a sculptor’s studio in San Luis that belongs to a man named Humberto.. About 2001 he told me that one of the spots, a high Mesa north of the town of San Luis, where the black helicopters land was approached by town people and they met armed guards. He has lived in the area for a long time, knows all the history of the mutulations, is highly intelligent and is an international figure who used to bill himself as the town blacksmith. He could provide Chris with enough info for another book, it would seem.

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