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Reported Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Sightings, Abductions, Unusual Animal Death reports (UAD), Unexplained Occurrences and Suspected Military Activity


Greater San Luis Valley CO-NM

1948 through 2010


Including Colorado Counties:
Saguache, Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Rio Grande, Huerfano, Custer, Chaffee, Fremont

New Mexico Counties:
Taos, Rio Arribas, Mora, Colfax

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The following accounts are confirmed reports of unexplained mundane and extra-mundane events witnessed and reported in the Greater San Luis Valley, Colorado (unless otherwise noted). Relevant regional Colorado and New Mexico cases listed when applicable to greater SLV activity.


June 24 & 25, 2009, 2:00 AM to 2:30 AM Baca Grande Chalet II

The witness emailed me with his account and included his phone number. I called his cell immediately upon reading his report. I spoke with him at length on the phone and he related a rather bizarre series of events he and his wife have experienced during their last three visits to their vacation home in the Baca Grande Subdivision near Crestone, Colorado. First his email:] 

“I have had 2 strange ‘visitations’ in the past 2 nights in a cabin I recently built in the Baca near Crestone, CO. Not sure what to think… I am 54 years old and never had anything like this happen to me before. The cabin was completed in 2004 and up until this point I have been there and slept there dozens of times without incident. My wife witnessed these ‘visitations’ and is reluctant to return to the cabin. Nobody in Crestone that I have talked to seemed to be able to help or suggest anything other than to pass on another name and number and say “too bad Chris isn’t still here.” So, I finally asked who you were and how I could contact you.

[My comments: The witness and his wife were camped in their living room for the night, the wife was on the couch and he was reclined in an easy chair. They haven’t furnished their bedroom yet so they sleep downstairs. He then recounted being awakened and interacting with a repeating sequence of events that began with his smoke alarms going off. For no reason first the upstairs alarm would beep three times, then the downstairs living room detector would answer with three beeps. They are both connected and should operate together. Later he realized that this was some sort of announcement because then, the two of them witnessed what he described as a “two-foot high column of light” that appeared to enter through the wall, near the livings room’s 14 foot-tall cathedral ceiling. It traveled slowly straight across the room and exited high out the other wall. Reclining back in his easy chair, he was looking right at the light and alerted his wife who had been asleep in the living room with him. At first he thought it might have been a passing car’s headlights, but quickly ruled this out because the light never varied. Then some time later, the same thing happened for a second time and he was sure the light was anomalous. He was reclined in his leather easy chair when it felt like it levitated up off the floor. He was “paralyzed” was unable to move his head, or limbs or open his eyes. He guessed the chair was lifted “inches up to a foot” off the floor and he felt motion as if he was being carried. After the second fly-through he was agitated and began to conduct a yes/no dialog with the smoke detectors. He asked if they were ghosts” Silence. Then asked “spirits.” Silence. Then he asked if they were extraterrestrials and both alarms went off together. This happened after he taken both batteries out! He also professed to have been formally a non-believer in paranormal type events but “not anymore. “ He and his wife were up all night and ended up making coffee and talking about what had transpired. The following day, they agreed that if the same thing happened, there would be no way of explaining the events away. Wouldn’t you know, the second night went basically the same as the first night. The differences were, 1) he never felt paralyzed or lifted up in his chair, and 2) he had a .357 handy and began to get angry and demand whatever-it-was leave. This is a very intriguing scenario for he feels he was in a rudimentary dialog with the energy form, through the smoke detectors.]

“I am presently [last night June 26, 09] in Alamosa at a Motel for the night because my wife does not want to return to the cabin. I on the other hand want to know what this entity wants and figure a way to get it to leave us alone and leave the cabin. I am willing to butt heads with whatever it is to find a resolution to [these] event[s]. Through questioning this entity I have been able to get it to deny it is a spirit, or a ghost but have gotten a positive response when asked if it is extraterrestrial. There was even a suggestion from the [UFO] watchtower lady [Judy Messoline whom he visited today] that because I was paralyzed (unable to open eyes, move or talk) and carried or levitated off the ground, that I was abducted …but I have no memory of that and whatever was doing this put me down and released me when I mentally objected to it and demanded to be put down and released.  

“It also left the second night after I calmly and respectfully asked it to leave. It appears and leaves as a 2 foot tall column of light that crosses the cabin cathedral ceiling and disappears into the walls… And this is the crazy (insane) part…it is contacting us through the cabins two hardwired smoke detectors which have gone off at about 2:30 AM each night to announce its arrival and to respond to my questions and my anger/fear.

“When I do return to the cabin Sunday afternoon I may leave my wife at a friend’s house in the Baca and return to the cabin myself. Do you have any advice on how to handle this… it would be greatly appreciated.

[The witness also told me about a strange repeating series of events that occurred at the cabin last November 21 through 28th 2008. Twice a day (between 8 and 9 am and again in the evening at dusk) what appeared to be the same pinõn jay would arrive, circle the house in a clockwise motion— scratching at every window and door, everyday, twice a day. Unbelievably, the “same bird” appeared to return and circle the house twice a day (a month or so later) between December 31 to January 7, 2009. This was their last visit prior to this past week’s events. This case is still being investigated—Christopher O’Brien]

April 7, between 10-10:30 PM Colorado College Annex, Crestone, CO, FB2

I am a student at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. As you probably already know, Colorado College has a small collection of buildings on the Baca Grande Ranch in near Crestone, Colorado.  The college uses Baca as a retreat for classes.

On April 7, 2009, a small group of people including myself were standing on the roof/patio of one of the Baca Buildings.  It was about 10 or 10:30 at night.  Half joking, I turned to my girlfriend and mentioned that Crestone was supposed to be a UFO hotspot.  At that time I was ignorant to Crestone’s infamous and abnormal reputation.  Ironically, we looked out over the valley to the valley to the west and saw a school bus sized orange light that moved quickly, but sporadically from north to south.  The light pulsed faintly. After uttering noises of disbelief, the other members of the group looked up at the light and everyone agreed that it wasn’t a plane or a satellite. It was too low, too large, and moving too sporadically to fit any reasonable explanation. Terrified, we all went downstairs and proceeded to discuss what we had just witnessed.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night.  I know you probably get hundreds of these emails a day, and I realize that the tardiness of this report diminishes its value.  I just wanted to submit it because that evening changed my life.  I went from being a staunch disbeliever in UFO’s to a very convinced believer in a matter of about 10-15 seconds.

(Saguache County/O’Brien)

April 2, 2009 at about 5:51 p.m, Approximately Creede, CO south to Dulce, NM  MA2



Photograph taken approximately two-minutes before sighting event.



“My wife and I were flying on Continental airlines from New York To San 
Diego. I have attached a photo taken 2 minutes before the sighting, I 
pasted a sequence of drawings of how the UFO changed and it’s approximate 
size at each stage. The view was due north, we were south west of Pike’s 
Peak flying at about 35,000 ft. My wife also saw the UFO, I don’t know if 
anyone else saw the UFO.”

[The actual location of the event, depending on the aircraft’s speed and heading, may have been somewhere between Creede, CO, Wolf Creek Pass, CO & Dulce, NM—Christopher O’Brien]

”As soon as I noticed the UFO the plane banked right, away from the object. 
We were not very close, about 1 to 3 miles by my estimate.
When I first saw the object it looked like a four legged octopus hanging in 
the air, the legs were different sizes. As the object rotated toward us and 
the rear pitched up it took on a triangular shape and looked very much like 
a B2 stealth bomber, but it was straight across the back. The UFO then 
rolled away from us and yawed with it’s nose pointing north. At this point 
it looked like the rear only was pointing toward our view. Up to this point 
the object ran parallel to our plane. The changes in apparent size were not 
related to a change in distance. After pointing north the UFO began to move 
away from us, the rear view became thinner and as it moved away the length 
of the rear of the craft thinned and became longer. I tried to take a 
picture at this point, but the UFO was too small to register on the frame. 
The second picture was taken 2.5 minutes after the one I attached the 
drawings, so the whole sighting was less than 2 minutes.
I was surprised to see how bizarre the sighting was, I know much of the 
shape changing was due to the craft’s orientation, however, I never expected 
its size to change the way it did.

The camera info is as follows:
Picture with drawings-ywo minutes prior to sighting event
Date 04-02-2009
Time 5:49:57 EDT / local 3:49:57 MDT Exposure 1/640 F# f5.6 ”



October 28, 2009  At about 7:50 p.m, Great Sand Dunes, Alamosa County, AN1

Tues., San Luis Valley law enforcement agencies received a
report of strange lights, possibly a meteor, spotted traveling East to West in the
vicinity of Hwys. 150 and 160 in the area of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and

Colorado State Patrol dispatch center in Alamosa told authorities the report was
called in by an individual who said he was an airline pilot by profession and the
lights seemed out of the ordinary to him.

The lights were described as green with yellow and white material falling from the
main body of the object. (Valley Courier/Wolf/O’Brien)

June 13, 2008 at 1:00am, Near Hooper, CO, Alamosa County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

A light blue orb floated the size of a golf ball floated through the living room went up the steps the disappeared. Lasted 10 seconds.

June 11, 2008. Morning, New San Acacio CO., Costilla County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

I moved from Wild Horse Mesa to (new) San Acacio mid August 2006.   The small adobe house needed repair and some ceiling dripping occurred from time to time in the room on the SW corner.  It had apparently been going on for some time as the previous owner left an extra piece of carpet on the floor over the installed carpet and stated I should leave it there.  He thought they had over-oiled the flat roof one time, and it continued to drip.  I did not use the room much, but summer of 2007 there were several leaks that went on my bookcase along the west wall, by the south wall and on the center ceiling light/fan fixture.  I called a roofer to have it repaired; he said there was a false roof, and the boards were rotten.  He tore the roof out completely over that room, rebuilt it and used new roofing that is sealed with a torch.   By Feb 2008 I started having dripping, and I thought maybe there was melting or something.  It notably did not leak ever during a rain or snow storm, the drips were like black or brown water, not oily.  The roofer resealed the edges, and stated there were no cracks or signs of pooling or frozen water on top.  The ceiling then dripped on my ironing board in that room, very brown looking.  It dripped again on my bookcase, and a third time on my tv in that room.  Also it dripped down the ceiling fan again.  I had the roofer back over end of May.  He was very puzzled, again no sign of where water could be getting in.  He resealed the edges again.  

I was having floor problems on the north side of the house and emptied the west rooms.  I put large sheets of paper on the floor in the SW room, and checked daily for leaks.  There was none the morning of Monday June 10th, but when I came back after lunch there was a fresh wet brown 2” diameter puddle on the paper.  It hadn’t rained for over a week and we’ve been having warm dry winds.  

The plumber putting in a new hot water heater said he’d had water drip down on him installing the new heater; the old one had been pulled a week before as flooring was being installed.  This room is next to where the leaks commonly are. 

Another occurrence is my cell phone goes off maybe 3-4 times a week.  It is not uncommon to lose calls in this bad service area, but my phone goes completely dead.  I sent it in for repair, and the borrowed cell also went dead.  When I got my phone back it continues that behavior.  It did not do this at the previous house.  My Bose radio randomly goes on and off by itself.  Not often, maybe 5 times while I’ve been here.  Also, the contractor’s radio on my kitchen counter went on by itself this morning, June 11, 2008, as we were discussing the work he is doing.  

One last item, one night as I was drifting to sleep, I saw a bright light in my closet in the NW bedroom.  I figured it was the neighbor’s car lights shining in the window, but could see it was in the top of the closet.  I thought maybe I left a bathroom light on, and got out of bed and looked down the hall.  No lights.  I was really tired, and just went back to bed, and fell asleep with the closet lit.  

*Note I did go through the house with a EMF meter nothing unusual, there is a high tension power line to the east of th house about 300 feet to the east and in the front yard its putting off a reading 5-6 on the magnetic 0-100 range. The back yard also has a power line about 200 feet to the west of the house 7-8 on the magnetic 0-100 range…

June 9, 2008 11:31am, North of San Luis, CO, Highway 159, Costilla County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Heading north on highway 159 1 mile north of the town of San Luis I noticed a round white sphere  floating to the east of Blanca Pk. It was moving towards the north as I pulled over to take a picture. The light disappeared. It was white and the size of my thumb at arms length.
Same Day 4:10pm, south of San Luis, CO
Heading south/west about a haft mile south of the town of San Luis on highway 149 a large inverted tear drop was to the west about 70 degrees it was white and translucent about 1/8 the size of my thumb at arms length. It disappeared as I slow down to a stop.

June 7, 2008  10:30 PM, Near Hooper CO, Alamosa County                                           Investigator: Thomas Peay

Witness reported: “The kids and I were coming back from the movies.  At approx 10:30 PM as I was turning into the lane the headlights caught something that appeared to be humanoid that appeared to be startled by the headlights; it started moving north very fast in the field in front of the house.  It was 5-6ft tall and crossed 150+ feet in well under a second.  It didn’t seem to run or jump, it just cruised/floated across at very high speed.  It was gray and blurry; it looked ethereal like the being I’ve seen before but taller; I didn’t see much more detail than that.  I watch cars on the road going 50-60 MPH from the house and it takes them 3-4 seconds to cover that distance. Trying to rationalize it I thought well maybe it was a deer and I drove out
into the field and shined the headlights around and didn’t see anything.  I got to thinking that deer bounce when they run and don’t move nearly that fast and that I didn’t see any light reflected from eyes which I should have seen at that angle if it was a deer.  Also, the profile was definitely upright, bipedal and humanoid not like a deer.” (* note the next day about 20 feet apart strange marks in the earth 1 inch scoop marks in a line the direction they saw humanoid.)
Same Night Near Hooper, CO, Alamosa County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Saturday at around 9:30pm(6/7/08) I went outside the south sun room to smoke.  Tarah was on the east side of the house and I walked around to talk to her.  I saw a light out of the corner of my eye above the tree in the front yard and it moved NW and down behind the tree and vanished.  It could have been a falling star but at the last part of it’s travel right before it went behind the tree I was looking directly at it and it was larger than what I have seen falling stars before and was shaped like <( (connect those two symbols and extend the arcs out a bit more.)  A falling star that was that close andthat large shouldn’t have burned out before getting back into visibility on the other side of the tree and/or hitting the ground.  Also at that range a
meteor should have left a visible smoke trail, there was no trail…

June 4, 2008, at sunset, Near Hooper, CO, Alamosa County
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Witness reported, “My dog started freaking out growling and barking.  I went outside to check it out, he barks when people come by but never growls and he was growling like he was going to attack something, and there seemed to be nothing around.  There was a large truck on the 11 mile road, I figured that maybe he didn’t like something about the sound of it and I went back inside.  A minute or so later he started doing it again.  This time when I went outside I still didn’t see anything and there were no vehicles on the back roads.  When I turned to the west I heard something approx. 10 yards behind me dash across the lawn and around the house VERY fast, when I turned around I didn’t see anything.  There was only a slight breeze that evening, not enough to rustle the bushes and such.  All three kids were
inside at the time.”

May 30, 2008 11:30pm, Near Hooper, CO, Alamosa County

Witness went out side and there was a gargling sound by the wood pile and then about 12 feet above me it sound like two 2/4s hitting making a loud crack.

May 3, 2008, 4:45am, San Acacio Area Rd 11 and L, Costilla County
Investigator: Thomas Peay 
Looking to the north at Blanca Pk, witness observed a bright white light was moving east to west the light was to the east over highway 1-60 and the Sangre De Christo the La Vita pass area and heading west along the front of Mt Blanca the light stop just to the west of Mt Blanca and was stationary for 30 seconds then it change direction and headed due north towards the San dunes. The light was _ the size of her thumb at arms length “brightest light she had ever seen at night”. The sighting lasted 2+ minutes.

Febuary 25, 2008, 2:00am, 1 mile south of Labatos bridge, Conejos Colorado
Investigator: Thomas Peay 

Witness heard a very loud noise approaching from the west and a large black object flew over their heads, 500+ feet up, no lights the craft was flying from west to east. ( lasted 1 minute) could have be one of the C1 30s that fly over this area.

February 6, 2008  8:30 PM, two miles east of Manassa CO. Conejos County
Weather Conditions: Clear, New Moon. 
Investigator: Thomas Peay 

A mother and her 7 year old son where driving east on Highway 142 between the Conejos river and the San Antonia river as they came around the corner they where hit by a blinding flash of light that engulf their van. The light lasted for two seconds then went off for two seconds then flashed again for two seconds the driver slowed down to almost to a stop and looked back and up there was nothing behind them and they heard no sound. The blinding light appeared to be shining down from above the van. She was some what exhilarated and her son was frightened by the experience. The driver has lived in the valley for most of her life and this was the first unusual thing that had happen to her. The next day a friend from the town of Sanford Co (8 miles north from that point on highway 142) told her that her daughter had seen a similar light flashing down over M mountain just south of the town of Manassa CO. that same night.

January 10, 2008 at 7:55 PM Valley View Hot Springs, Saguache County

January 10, 2008

” As for the Valley View UFO:
 I was staying at the Oak Lodge. As you know, the restrooms are in another building. The sky was clear and very cold (below zero). After a couple of trips to the latrines, I noticed a bright star remaining fixed in the sky, almost directly overhead, as the others moved in their nightly arc. Since I was getting up anyway to get ready for some sunrise shots of the Valley,  I grabbed my D200 and using the roof of the rental car as a mount, started to take some shots.  I have my camera set up to not shoot if it is out of focus. It kept zooming in and out and not locking in. I then switched to manual focus, brought the stars in sharp,  leaned back against the car and fired away for 61 seconds. I started to shoot this object and the camera went nuts trying to focus on the object. I switched to manual focus, brought the stars in sharp and continued shooting at 5 frames per second. It was the object that was going in and out of focus! At times the object took on a fuzzy, comet like look. After about 30 photos and two minutes, it faded completely out of sight. The sky was getting brighter and I was wearing only a bathrobe in –20 degree weather,  so I stopped to duck inside the cabin for a coat. When I got back out, it was gone.”

 As always, original jpegs are available for scrutiny. You have my permission to post the photos.

 Other photos HERE :

December 14 2007 6:18am Highway 142 at the Rio Grande bridge 
Investigator: Thomas Peay

Two Witness saw a beam of light shoot down form the sky the beam was the size of a skyscraper and looked like a large crystal shape it flashed three times and each duration was around 10 seconds the sighting last about two to three miles while driving 65 mph. The sighting happen[ed] due north of them . . . they think around the Crestone / [Great Sand] dunes area.
(Costilla County/Thomas Peay)

November 5 2007, Just after sunset South of San Luis, CO, at Wild Horse Mesa,
A young fourth grade student reported seeing a strange flying entity over southern Colorado. The entity was glowing gold in color, and it had black hair, not flowing in the wind or with its movement. Face was looking down, arms where moving like superman and rotating positions first right and then left, while one arm was out the other was against its side. It appeared to have wings which were not flapping and appeared to be about 3 to 4 feet in height and was wearing some type of uniform. It flew from east to west and no sound was detected. It was possibly about 20 feet away but she was not sure how high it was. The witness used the word “Angel” to describe the entity.
 Thomas Peay, Costilla County

October 24, 2007 7:30 PM Near Mesita CO

Two witnesses saw an oranges/white light the size of a school bus moving from north to south along Culebra mountain range. In the binoculars the object looked like a rounded disc. The object moved in a weird motion moving forward dropping down and then backing up. They watch the object for over 5 minutes.
Thomas Peay, Costilla County

Large Balloons Sightings over Southern C0, Northern New Mexico. 
details here: 

“Driving out of town, going for one last stop. It’s about 6:50 – the sun had already set behind the mountains. Noticed a bright patch of white in the darkening sky – too big for Venus, not quite as bright. Could be a very bright small cloud, but other clouds are drifting and this one isn’t. At a parking lot, I braced my binoculars solidly, and determined the object was stationary for about 1/2 hour. I asked another person to look and tell me what he saw – it was the same. The object was about 25 degrees above the southern horizon, about 4x the size of Venus, and overall brightness roughly that of Jupiter – to the naked eye. There were no clouds near it, but cirrus clouds were approaching from the west. 

”[I didn’t have a] camera, so I memorized all I could, and later drew a picture. When I was a kid, I saw one that was all action and no detail. This was the opposite. I’m glad, because I’m tired of pictures of blobs and specks. This drawing is large (~ 1 MB) – if you zoom in, you will see my attempts to represent the following impressions. Feel free to copy the drawing; just don’t alter it in any way, and don’t represent it as an actual photograph. While the shape and placement of the object’s features is reasonably accurate, my drawing cannot do it justice. 

”It looked like a glowing diamond filled with countless strands of yellow-white light, each strand a string of countless beads of gleaming white, all of which floated in a transparent medium which permitted the sky color to pass through yet also glowed faintly due to its contents. It brought to mind one of those spectacular back-lit pictures of a live jellyfish by National Geographic. The brightness of the “corners” was more like that of Venus, but the interior was of lesser intensity. 

”As the clouds began to pass under it, I knew it was pretty high up, pretty big, and not attached to a tether. As the clouds began to obscure it, it’s light gradually changed from yellow-white to intense crimson, although the corners remained white. Therefore I thought the object might be reflective, rather than self-luminous – we get New Mexico sunsets. However, after it was obscured for a while and the sky was getting dark, the clouds thinned and the object was a faintly visible, yellow-white glow.  Object made no sound.

September 23rd 2007 : Ghost Mine Ranch, near Lagarita, Colorado
Seen from porch between 4:30 am and 4:45 am looking toward the town of Center,CO “an extraordinary large white light …. glittering… making jutting moves… the light dimmed twice to almost nothing …saw through binoculars…. again glittering white— so white, shape [was] undetermined.
SAME NIGHT between 4:30 am and 4:45 am 
An object appeared to be over middle of valley near Center, CO. Witness was looking east. The object was “so bright white and glittering…. unlike any known objects… became dim down to almost nothing and then bright and glittering.. bigger than any star or planet… a good 1/4 size of a full moon…” Witness watched object through binoculars but could not determine shape but said it could possibly have “a little crescent toward the top…” also observed quick movements…. twice….. then the 3rd time it dimmed when it had almost dissipated to nothing two small light streaks left and it was gone entirely…
”It was “much closer to the ground than a star or planet… pretty low for a commercial jet but not a small aircraft… it certainly had no blinking red or other determining aircraft light at absolutely all! when it moved I could not determined speed…                                                                                                         (Thomas Peay Saguache County)

September 22, 2007 Near San Acacio, CO

Witness watched a diamond shaped object for 20-40 minutes. It was described as a translucent ship that was seen to the south over Northern ew Mexico
Witness # 1 San Acacio CO stated: “I noticed a bright lights to the south about 10 o’clock on the southern horizon just to the west of Costilla New Mexico. It was between Jupiter and the Moon just below the ecliptic line about two thumb lengths, with a compass it was 160 degree mark. The light at arms length was the size of a pin head. It was brighter then Venus and you could see two lights together with the naked eye. The light was stationary and did not move for twenty minutes.”

“Then I observed the lights with my 10-50 binoculars it was reflecting light form the sun and was a golden diamond shape translucent with three lights internally you could see structure three parts the right and left were beveled outwards into the middle and the bottom was beveled to the middle making a straight line below the other two compartments. As the sun set the object glowed white with three separately lit compartments it would glow brighter and then weaken several times. The Diamond shape was more defined as it grew darker. The object disappeared around 7:43PM and the clouds moved in.
Witnesses #2 Costilla NM at 7pm. He stated: “My girlfriend and I were on our way to her moms B-day party and she noticed a bright light in the southern sky, just south of the rising moon to the east. I told her to pull over cause it just wasn’t moving at all or blinking, and it was too bright and large to be a star especially do to the fact that it was still day light out, and she preceded to take three pictures of it. It was an easy shot for the camera do to the exposure with the light available.

”We went on to the party and once we arrived we just kept watching this still light, but this time with her mom and her step dad, brother, brother girl friend, and last to arrive was my friend and his two boys from San Diego CA. He the fire chief there for 12 fire districts in the down town area of the city. He’s about as creditable as most, and by time he arrived we had found the binoculars and now were looking at the details of the UFO.

[I am] a professional artist, got a sketch pad and started drawing the shape of this thing, kind of smooched diamond -top to bottom, the bottom half being more of a warmer golden light, shimmering sparkles at those bottom edges(see illustration)The top half was clearly two large bright white lights side by side like eyes, almond shape to be exact.

After about 40 minutes. of watching it clearly, some clouds moved in and the object slowly disappeared.

Also it was my opinion that the object become even more transparent as before the later it got, as though the sun had some effect with it. I could increasingly see more sky through it.
Thomas Peay, Costilla County

September 1 2007 5:30 pm Baca Grande Development/Crestone, CO

Triangular lights were spotted over Challenger Peak Area from Crestone, Colorado at approximately 5:30. The reporting witness observed in the early morning sky, what appeared to be “a set of bluish/green triangular lights. The lights appeared over the Challenger Peak area looking eastward from my home. My view was unobstructed and I continued watching the objects with fascination when all of a sudden the triangle moved erratically from side to side and then up and down. After the erratic movement I woke my wife and asked if she saw what I was seeing (I have lived in this area for seven years and had seen similar sightings on and off but no one believed me)my wife said yes. The triangle then turned into one oval shape giving off a very bright white light. I continued watching this object as it headed in a south easterly direction and disappeared from view.
Thomas Peay, Saguache County

SAME NIGHT 8:30 PM Ft Garland CO

Two large white lights the size of two large truck reported flying from east to west 150 feet of the ground a _ mile south of highway 160 the object was flying at a very  high rate of speed 
It took 10 seconds for the light to travel from the east to west and disappear out of sight. The reporting witness work at a US air force base for 20 + years and has never seen anything move that fast.
Thomas Peay Costilla County

August 17, 2007, 8:49 PM Zapata Falls State Park FB1

”I was at the Zapata Falls lookout point, due east of the Watchtower, across the San Luis Valley. First spotted the object Northwest of my location. The object maintained a steady course, speed similar to a commercial jet. It moved parallel to me as it descended at an angle of about 30-45 degrees, until it was lost behind a mountain range north of the park. Camera was a Nikon D200 with a 135mm zoom lens(effective FL-200mm) and the two pictures were taken seconds apart.”

Witness is an amateur astronomer and calculated the object’s size as being at least 280 feet in length.

(M MacLaughlin, Naisbit, O’Brien, UFO Area, Coast to Coast AM Saguache County)

July 28, 2:00 PM 2007  Hooper, CO
Duration:2-3 minutes 3 craft sighted by several witnesses in clear daylight conditions. At the annual UFO Conference put on by the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO several people had the opportunity to witness what were described as “UFOs.“ About 2:00 PM Stan Romanek (one of the featured speakers at the event) was near the parking area outside the presentation building and was excited as he told me about the UFO he had just witnessed and taken some pictures of. He was really excited that he got pictures of it. He pointed out a spot above a patch of clouds near where the object was about 4 fingers (at arms length) above the distant mountain horizon in the northwest sky.  It was white in color and although it was a digital image, at a distance you could make out the classic saucer shape with a bubble protrusion on top. A few of us were taking turns looking at the image because the brightness of reflection of the sky in the monitor made it difficult to see well unless you stood directly in front of it.

While about 5 or 6 people were marveling at the picture Stan had just taken (with a Nikon Coolpix 6 mega pixel digital camera) I saw what appeared to be the same object in the same location off in the distant N/W horizon. I would guess the distance to be at least 35 miles away based on the distance of the mountain range it appeared to be over. It was very white and was dramatically accentuated by the darker blue sky background. It was also about 4 fingers (arms length) above the distant mountaintop to the northwest about the width of my pinkie finger above the white cloud bank below.

I described the location and I you could easily see that the object was not a cloud, balloon or plane. It stood perfectly still and the distinct sharpness of the edges eliminated it being a cloud as you could compare it to other clouds in the area.

We all watched as the stationery object defied cloud movement and all other rational or logical cross references we could use. Someone noticed an identical object about a pinkie width directly above the one we were watching. The one above slowly moved downward toward the original object until it was directly over the other nearly touching it.

After watching the object for a minute or two to eliminate any plausible explanation for what I was witnessing I went to get my camera and took 3 pictures. The 5 mega pixel Kodak photos were not distinct as the ones Stan took and only showed a white spot with no definition. At that time I left to tell others in the nearby building attending the conference about what was happening outside. By the time I returned both objects had left in different directions according to those watching it.

I served in the military in the mid- late 1960s in Naval Air Intelligence and was trained in aircraft identification. I am confident this was a physical object and not any kind of natural phenomenon. I have attached the 2 photos I took even though they are very poor quality compared to what we were visibly seeing.

Another odd note is that 6 individuals’ cell phones or watches were 1 hour off that morning plus another was 2 hours and another was off by 3 hours. The cell phone services were provided by at least 3 different services. No one had any explanation for this oddity.This is the first time I’ve reported a sighting.

I received the following reports on May 24, 2003 from a reliable skywatcher who lives just south of the CO/NM border, in the foothills 1000′ above the east side of the San Luis Valley floor. Last September a Taos, NM resident visiting friends just south of Questa, NM inadvertantly shot some late afternoon video footage of Ute Mtn (located about 15 miles west from her location–across the Rio Grande Gorge) that captured a formation of 9 anomalous objects. She did not notice them during filming.

Later, at home when she viewed the footage, she noticed something streak across the screen at extremely high speed. Luckily she had shot at hi-speed and was able to slow the 2 1/2 second section of footage down to get a better look at what she apparently taped flying by north-to-south.

My contact (who has sent me a 2nd generation copy of the footage) described a group of 8 objects that appear to “blink their way along” at extremely fast speed, across the field of view, followed closely by a 9th object. This object appears to dip/blink (?) downwards as it follows behind. The cylindrical-shaped objects appear to be at least 50′ long and are travelling between 8 and 10,000 above the valley floor. Their movement characteristics are described as pulsing in and out of view w/ a hopping motion and there appears to be a dark line like “a fuzzy energy field” around the the objects. The witness does not think they are “rods”” but rather something at least 2 miles away from the camera.

This roughly N X NW to S X SW corridor running down the eastern side of the Sangre de Cristo foothills is where numerous sightings of objects have been reported “headed down the Sangres” for decades. My skywatcher is going to forward my contact info to the videographer with an offer to have the footage analyzed.

Our observant skywatcher also related an interesting “sighting” he and his son experienced 2 years ago that sounds like some kind of military flight activity in an area of the valley where a “scoping range” for laser-aided bombing practice was proposed (and not enacted???) in the late 90’s by the military.

They were outside their home in the late afternoon (located at the foot of the Sangres near Questa, NM) when the son’s attention was drawn to a flash to the SE just above the mountains. A “pencil-shaped object” streaked overhead–headed NW out across the San Luis Valley. The “missile” appeared to be about 20-25′ long and it arced toward the ground and struck the side of a low hill west of the Rio Grande gorge.

Aided by binoculars, they watched a small “mushroom cloud of dust” rise up from the point of impact that was about 16 miles away. The stem of the mushroom cloud quickly disappeared as the upward travelling cloud slowly faded. Later, they attempted to drive over to the location but were unable to access the area which is not close to any roads or jeep trails, but they claim they know exactly where it hit. The witness estimated the object travelled 16 or so miles-per-second and impacted around 20 miles north of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge.

654 Nov 22 2002 5:30 to 6:00 Presidentials Mtns W of Buena Vista, Chaffee County AN1

Tim Edwards, his daughter and her cousin, both 14 yr olds, witnessed an object that appeared to Tim described the object as being just like the “main craft” he videotaped over Salida, CO in August 1995. The cigar shaped object was a “long way away 40-50 miles over the Presidentials” W of Buena Vista . Appeared and stayed at a constant 30 degrees above the horizon. “We first noticed it because it stood out, it was so bright.” A first sight, they were travelling W on Highway 24, 3 to 4 miles down Wilkerson Pass –Object appeared over the 25-30 min drive W toward Hartsell. “There was no movement, no vapor trail, no nothing. We never could seem to get closer it.” On the “2 to 3 minute videotape footage; w/ 20 optical zoom” There appeared other objects that “look like 2 bar-bells connecting main object, like 1st page SOHO image.” Tim described them as looking like a plasma field that seemed to appear around the main craft.”. Tim described the craft as looking w/ the naked eye as “2 or 3 X brighter than the 20 or so vapor trails that came and went . . . The object never moved.” As they were just south of Antero Res. On 24, the object dimmed out slowly in “about 15 seconds . . . in the area of the sky that a jet seemed to pass through a minute later.”

Tim says Kent Steadman will have the video footage on his web-site. MORE AS IT DEVELOPS

(Chaffee County/Edwards VIDEOTAPE, Filer’s Files)

653 Wed February 6 2002 6:30-7:00 PM RUMOR

Moon-shaped object seen by father and son over Huerfano—large, bright halogen light w/ jets buzzing around. Another witness “Woods” Yellowstone Road called David Perkins same night w/ cryptic message there’s something here you ought to see.”

652 November 2001

Thur November 2, 2001 9:15 PM Baca Grande Development Saguache County AN1

Betty Nichols reported watching an “irridescent large green ball” that hovered low in the sky over the Center, CO area before slowing drifting toward the western edge of the SLV. She described the object as “a lot larger than a full-moon” and located approximately 25 degrees above the horizon. She estimated she watched it for 3 to 4 minutes before it seemed to slowly turn a pale yellow and fade out. (O’Brien)

October 2001 NO REPORTS

September 2001 NO REPORTS

August 2001 NO REPORTS

July 2001

650 Sun July 29, 2001 1: 45 AM Crestone CO Saguache County MA1

Same 2 witnesses again witness three unusual manuevering lights above the Sangres for several minutes. One light was described as larger than the other two. (O’Brien)

649 Sat July 21, 2001 2:00 AM Crestone, CO Saguache County MA1

Two witnesses observe 3 or 4 strange lights hovering over the Sangres. The planet-sized lights appeared to be pulsing at each other and alternated between white red and green. Event lasted around 4 to 5 minutes before they descended out of sight behind the mountains. (O’Brien)

Wed July 18, 2001 Medano Ranch Saguache County RUMOR MUTE

Woman calls to report seeing a mutilated buffalo on the Medano Ranch. Ranch denied any knowledge of the case.

I received the following reports on May 24, 2003 from a reliable skywatcher who lives just south of the CO/NM border, in the foothills 1000′ above the east side of the San Luis Valley floor. Last September a Taos, NM resident visiting friends just south of Questa, NM inadvertantly shot some late afternoon video footage of Ute Mtn (located about 15 miles west from her location–across the Rio Grande Gorge) that captured a formation of 9 anomalous objects. She did not notice them during filming.

Later, at home when she viewed the footage, she noticed something streak across the screen at extremely high speed. Luckily she had shot at hi-speed and was able to slow the 2 1/2 second section of footage down to get a better look at what she apparently taped flying by north-to-south.

My contact (who has sent me a 2nd generation copy of the footage) described a group of 8 objects that appear to “blink their way along” at extremely fast speed, across the field of view, followed closely by a 9th object. This object appears to dip/blink (?) downwards as it follows behind. The cylindrical-shaped objects appear to be at least 50′ long and are travelling between 8 and 10,000 above the valley floor. Their movement characteristics are described as pulsing in and out of view w/ a hopping motion and there appears to be a dark line like “a fuzzy energy field” around the the objects. The witness does not think they are “rods”” but rather something at least 2 miles away from the camera.

This roughly N X NW to S X SW corridor running down the eastern side of the Sangre de Cristo foothills is where numerous sightings of objects have been reported “headed down the Sangres” for decades. My skywatcher is going to forward my contact info to the videographer with an offer to have the footage analyzed.

Our observant skywatcher also related an interesting “sighting” he and his son experienced 2 years ago that sounds like some kind of military flight activity in an area of the valley where a “scoping range” for laser-aided bombing practice was proposed (and not enacted???) in the late 90’s by the military.

They were outside their home in the late afternoon (located at the foot of the Sangres near Questa, NM) when the son’s attention was drawn to a flash to the SE just above the mountains. A “pencil-shaped object” streaked overhead–headed NW out across the San Luis Valley. The “missile” appeared to be about 20-25′ long and it arced toward the ground and struck the side of a low hill west of the Rio Grande gorge.

Aided by binoculars, they watched a small “mushroom cloud of dust” rise up from the point of impact that was about 16 miles away. The stem of the mushroom cloud quickly disappeared as the upward travelling cloud slowly faded. Later, they attempted to drive over to the location but were unable to access the area which is not close to any roads or jeep trails, but they claim they know exactly where it hit. The witness estimated the object travelled 16 or so miles-per-second and impacted around 20 miles north of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge.

654 Nov 22 2002 5:30 to 6:00 Presidential Mtns W of Buena Vista, Chaffee County AN1

Tim Edwards, his daughter and her cousin, both 14 yr olds, witnessed an object that appeared to Tim described the object as being just like the “main craft” he videotaped over Salida, CO in August 1995. The cigar shaped object was a “long way away 40-50 miles over the Presidentials” W of Buena Vista . Appeared and stayed at a constant 30 degrees above the horizon. “We first noticed it because it stood out, it was so bright.” A first sight, they were travelling W on Highway 24, 3 to 4 miles down Wilkerson Pass –Object appeared over the 25-30 min drive W toward Hartsell. “There was no movement, no vapor trail, no nothing. We never could seem to get closer it.” On the “2 to 3 minute videotape footage; w/ 20 optical zoom” There appeared other objects that “look like 2 bar-bells connecting main object, like 1st page SOHO image.” Tim described them as looking like a plasma field that seemed to appear around the main craft.”. Tim described the craft as looking w/ the naked eye as “2 or 3 X brighter than the 20 or so vapor trails that came and went . . . The object never moved.” As they were just south of Antero Res. On 24, the object dimmed out slowly in “about 15 seconds . . . in the area of the sky that a jet seemed to pass through a minute later.”

Tim says Kent Steadman will have the video footage on his web-site. MORE AS IT DEVELOPS

(Chaffee County/Edwards VIDEOTAPE, Filer’s Files)

653 Wed February 6 2002 6:30-7:00 PM RUMOR

Moon-shaped object seen by father and son over Huerfano—large, bright halogen light w/ jets buzzing around. Another witness “Woods” Yellowstone Road called David Perkins same night w/ cryptic message there’s something here you ought to see.”

652 November 3, 2001

Thur November 2, 2001 9:15 PM Baca Grande Development Saguache County AN1

Betty Nichols reported watching an “irridescent large green ball” that hovered low in the sky over the Center, CO area before slowing drifting toward the western edge of the SLV. She described the object as “a lot larger than a full-moon” and located approximately 25 degrees above the horizon. She estimated she watched it for 3 to 4 minutes before it seemed to slowly turn a pale yellow and fade out. (O’Brien)

October 2001 NO REPORTS

September 2001 NO REPORTS

August 2001 NO REPORTS

July 2001

650 Sun July 29, 2001 1: 45 AM Crestone CO Saguache County MA1

Same 2 witnesses again witness three unusual manuevering lights above the Sangres for several minutes. One light was described as larger than the other two. (O’Brien)

649 Sat July 21, 2001 2:00 AM Crestone, CO Saguache County MA1

Two witnesses observe 3 or 4 strange lights hovering over the Sangres. The planet-sized lights appeared to be pulsing at each other and alternated between white red and green. Event lasted around 4 to 5 minutes before they descended out of sight behind the mountains. (O’Brien)

Wed July 18, 2001 Medano Ranch Saguache County RUMOR MUTE

Woman calls to report seeing a mutilated buffalo on the Medano Ranch. Ranch denied any knowledge of the case.

June 2001 NO REPORTS


April 2001 NO REPORTS

March 2001

646 Fri March 2, 2001 4:05 PM Road T Moffat, CO Saguache County FB1

Baca residents “Tony,” his wife and young child were travelling east on County Rd T, 2 miles east of Moffat, CO when they observed “a small cigar [-shaped] UFO . . . the size of a small [Cesna] plane” fly by right in front of their car. The craft was flying “north-to-south–headed toward Blanca.” At first we thought it was a plane but it didn’t have a [vertical stabilizer] tail.” They noted that ” . . . it was travelling to slowly to be a [conventional] plane.” The witnesses estimated the object was less than 1/4-mile away and was flying at an altitude of “100 feet.” They watched the craft fly by “right in front” of the car for about 9 or 10 seconds when, to their surprise, “it blinked out” and disappeared! “We couldn’t believe our eyes–it just vanished.” They described the craft as being “dull silver” in color and noted it may have had “stubby little wings” extending out from the fuselage. At the time of their sighting there was no wind and the sky was clear over the valley floor with some broken clouds over the Sangres which are located 15-miles away to the east of the sighting location. The witnesses reported they did not discern a cupola or cockpit or see any identifing markings. They did not hear any sound–even though they were travelling in a small sedan with a quiet 4-cylinder engine. A low-flying F-16 flying by much further away is plainly audible over the engine sound of even a loud 8-cylinder vehicle. Seconds after the fly-by “Tony” who is normally quiet and low-key excitedly called me on his cell-phone to file their report. (O’Brien)

February 2001

645 Thur February 8, 2001 4 am to 6:30 am Baca Grande Dev Saguache County HUM

[e-mail report from a female Baca Grande Dev resident]

“I was awakened with a very low vibration–a droning hum. It just about drove me berserkers. It stayed around most of the day yesterday, although it was subdued by the daysounds. This morning, it seemed to shut off around 6:30 am. It was not coming from within the house — I checked EVERYWHERE. I could also hear it faintly when I went outside. The effect of it [the sound] is like someone’s put me in a bag, tied a knot in the top and is carrying me somewhere. It makes me feel roaring mad.” (O’Brien)

January 2001

January 11, 2000 9:30 PM Eastern Colorado/Western Nebraska REGIONAL

Witnesses Wonder about Mysterious Light in the Night Sky

Jan 12, 2000 Story by Paola Farer (Denver, Colorado)

“A lot of people are still wondering what the fireball was that lit up the skies of eastern Colorado and western Nebraska Thursday night. Witnesses say it was a blue flash of light that dropped below the horizon around 9:30 p.m. The crew of a medical helicopter that was airborne when the object streaked across the sky, said it was so bright, it lit up the inside of the cockpit. They were flying to Scottsbluff after transporting a patient to Denver. The helicopter crew spotted the fireball while flying about 30 miles east of Greeley, Colorado. The light came from the east, around the Nebraska-Colorado border. Drivers traveling along Interstate 80 between Kimball and Sidney, Nebraska at first reported seeing a blue flash of light drop to the horizon. Similar reports were made near Chadron and in the Denver area. A number of viewers called and e-mailed 9NEWS Thursday night curious about the light. Viewers said the light was in the northeast part of the sky and very low to the ground. The station received calls from viewers living as far apart as Flagler and Glenwood Springs. Motorist J-L Schmidt says the ball of light appeared to have dropped near the Sidney airport, but the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Department is reporting no evidence of a meteorite or anything else in the area.”

644 Fri January 5, 2001 9:40 PM Crestone, CO Saguache County AN1

Phone call from a neighbor reporting two unusually bright lights; 1 to the south and another to the west. Lights were only visible for 2 to 3 minutes before fading out. (O’Brien)

Fri January 5, 2001 8:30 PM Baca Grande Dev, CO Saguache County AN1

Phone call from a Baca resident reporting an unusually bright multi-colored light hovering low, east-by-southeast–just above the Sangres. Position did not correspond to Sirius rising. I could not see it from my vantage-point in town. (O’Brien)

December 2000

641 Mon December 18, 2000 7:10 PM Moffat, CO Saguache County AN1

A woman and her daughter were traveling west from Moffat headed toward Saguache, CO when they caught sight of a “big yellowish-while light” traveling slowly south over Moffat, CO. They watched the light for 2 to 3 minutes and called on their cell-phone to a relative in Moffat to run outside and confirm their sighting. The initial witnesses reported the light was moving to slowly to be a low-flying plane and that it did not exhibit normal FAA lighting. They estimated it was flying at or under 500 feet in altitude. Their mother, in Moffat, was unable to spot the object. (O’Brien)

640 Sun December 17, 2000 10:35 AM Baca Grande Development Saguache County MA1

A visiting Buddhist monk, while out walking in the Baca Grande Development, heard a “sonic boom.” She looked up to locate the source of the sound and observed a hovering “pencil-shaped” object between her vantagepoint and the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The object was a ruddy reddish color and she described it as being around 15 to 20 feet long and about 3 to 4 feet wide. I heard the initial boom sound while watching t.v. but thought it was an airforce pilot breaking the sound barrier. (O’Brien)

639 Wed December 13, 2000 CO/NM border by San Antonio Mtn, Taos/Conejos County

I received a call from a witness located just south of Alamosa, CO who called to say he was watching “a large bright light” he described as being located “3/4s up San Antonio Mountain,” which is located 10 miles south of Antonito, CO. The witness was about 30 miles N of the border. I made a couple of calls to get confirmation of the sighting from other skywatchers near Antonito, but by the time they went out to observe the light, it had faded out. (O’Brien)


638 UNCONFIRMED Rio Grande County Evening

Rumors of anomalous light activity over the Del Norte, CO area surfaced with two separate second-hand reports the following week. A night-shift Rio Grande County deputy and the log did not list any reports but the deputy told me an interesting story related to him by a relative stationed at Ft. Carson involving NORAD detection capability. (O”Brien)

November 2000

637 Thur November 2, 2000 9:15 PM South-Central Saguache County MA1

Baca resident “Betty” looked out over the valley and observed a “large, irridescent green ball’ that appeared to be “low in the sky to the west” over the Center, CO area (25 miles SW of the Baca). Initially, the ball was about 25 degrees above the horizon but seemed to slowly sink. She described the object as being “a lot larger than a full moon” and remarked that it appeared “. . . luminscent green at first, but as it slowly drifted down [toward the horizon] it turned pale yellow” in color. She estimated her sighting lasted 3 to 4 minutes. (O’Brien)

October 2000

644 October 20, 2000 around 9:30 AM North of Mesita, CO Costilla County

“An unmarked black helicopter came over our land from the south (near Ute mtn) and flew slowly at about 500 ft. He looked at it with binoculars and there were no identifying marks on it (O’Brien)

643 October 20, 2000 around 9:30 AM North of Mesita, CO Costilla County

“An unmarked black helicopter came over our land from the south (near Ute mtn) and flew slowly at about 500 ft. He looked at it with binoculars and there were no identifying marks on it. It went in the direction of the lights the previous night” (O’Brien)

642 October 19, 2000 around 9:30PM North of Mesita, CO Costilla County

“At about 9:30pm, my husband saw an orange glow coming from a road northeast of our parcel ( 3 miles northwest of Mesita). It was moving slowly to the south and he heard cows making a big ruckus. He said it wasnt just moo-ing, they sounded really agitated and dogs were barking pretty furiously. It was probably a mile, mile and a half from us. He couldnt see the source of the lights because they were in the distance which is on the other side of low hills from us. He said they were too orange to be headlights. The next morning at about 9am an unmarked black helicopter came over our land from the south (near Ute mtn) and flew slowly at about 500 ft. He looked at it with binoculars and there were no identifying marks on it. It went in the direction of the lights the previous night. The following morning another helicopter repeated the same process.”


636 1st Hunting Season–2nd week of October Great Sand Dunes Nat Mon FB1 Saguache County

Linda Schmidt (daughter of Ben King, niece of Harry King and Nellie Lewis) witness a flyby of a “green light . . .that flew right in front of [my] car” as she traveled back to her home near the Uracca Cemetary located between Blanca Pk and the Great Sand Dunes. (UNDER INVESTIGATION O’Brien)

September 2000

Tue September 26, 2000 EVENING??? I-40 40 miles E of Alburqurque, NM REGIONAL

E-Mail from Mike Harmon <[email protected]>

“I had a chance to interview my brother-in-law this past weekend about a sighting he had on September 26, 2000. My brother-in-law told me that on 9/26/2000 while driving on I-40 somewhere between 30 to 50 miles south-east of Albuquerque New Mexico, he started hearing talk on the CB radio about a huge triangle being observed by several truckers in the area. One of the truckers stated that he could clearly see the triangle, and could also see bright white lights on each corner of this triangle with a red light in the center. He pulled the rig over and grabbed his 12×50 binoculars and observed the object for several minutes (about an hour). He told me it looked fairly large in his binoculars viewable area. One of the truckers, talking over the CB, said the unidentified object was about 10 stories wide and 20 stories tall. Making it look taller than wide. My brother-in-law said it looked to him like it was slightly curved on the top with the point pointing down and the curved end on top, or what he thought was the top of the object. He also said that the object he saw seemed to be glowing orange white, similar to how a light bulb would look like if it was turned on out in the daylight.”

651 Sat September 3, 2000 10:45 PM Moffat, CO Saguache County AN2

Steve Anchell and 2 passengers observed a low flying red light that paced their car all the way east from intersection of Highway 17 and Road T, through the S curves until it vanished headed north near Road 65. Light appeared to be “taillight-sized” and located north of them about 1/10th of a mile. Light never blinked and was about 15′ off the ground.


August 2000

647 Sun August 20, 2000 1:30 PM Como Lake Rd/Blanca Pk Area Alamosa County BIGFOOT

[e-mail report to BFRO Web-site]:

“We had made it past Lake Como and to the end of the Jeep road, where we fished for a while and ate our lunch. When we left the last lake, it was about 1:30 p.m., with my uncle and me in the lead on our four-wheelers. We had gone about a half a mile when my uncle and I spotted both something that looked like a dead, burned tree stump that was about 7 to 8 feet tall. We didn’t think too much of it–until it moved. It stood upright and walked like a man. At first, we thought it was a hiker but it was all the same color, from head to toe. It walked about 15 yards before it walked into the trees. My uncle and both stopped to make sure we saw the same thing. But we drove down the road about 300 to 400 yards before we decided to go look for it. We walked into the trees about 200 yards and came to a small meadow. My uncle was looking the other way when at the other end of the meadow it ran through. I yelled, “There it goes”! We took off after it, on foot. This time I got a little bit better chance to look at it. The creature was a light to a medium brown and had shaggy long hair, it stood about 7 feet tall. When we reached the end of the meadow, each of us went in an opposite direction. My uncle went the same direction as the bigfoot, and I went the other way in case it double-backed on us. But we didn’t see the creature after that. We did find a few footprints, but didn’t have any plaster to make a mold. So we went back down the mountain. I know what I saw that day and no one can tell us otherwise.

ALSO NOTICED: Prior to the incident, on our way up about 11:30 a.m. and on our way back we smelled what seemed like celery in the exact same place.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: When we saw the creature it was about 1:40 p.m. It was cloudy, and starting to drizzle rain.

ENVIRONMENT: It was where a forest opens up into a meadow, it is about 11,000 to 11,500 feet or at about timberline. Where we decided to chase the creature down, there was a big flat rock about 100 feet long and kind of stuck out of the bank.

FOLLOW-UP: Witness said when the animal crossed the meadow in front of him, it was only 15 or 20 yards away. He said the animal was swinging its long arms and moving in “either a fast walk or a slow run,” but “didn’t bend its knees much.” Witness added the animal’s long fur appeared to be matted.

Aug 6, 2000 County Rd T 10:00 AM ANOMALOUS OBJECTS?

“Prairie Dragons” captured on film?

July 2000

635 July 29, 2000 at 7:45 PM and 10:00 PM Mountain Home Reservoir/ Costilla County, CO

At 7:45 PM, two witnesses, part of a larger group of four campers at Mtn Home Reservoir observed a “highly-reflective object sitting off to the west” over the SLV. Disappeared after a matter of seconds. They thought nothing of it, figuring it was the setting sun reflecting off a high-flying plane. Then later, at 10:45 PM, two of the group noticed “rapidly-flashing, vivid blue and red lights– just east of Blanca Peak” that initially appeared to be a single object jumping 1.5 to 2 degrees–back and forth. Watched display for around 20 minutes and agreed that it was two objects. Then, a third (and/or fourth) light(s) appeared; arriving from the east (La Veta MOA) light(s) they were “purplish-colored” and “jumping around erratically.” Ist two light(s) headed west as the third light stayed over Blanca for about another 5 minutes. “Something was different about the new light(s). . . behavior and color seemed different.” Third/fourth light(s) pulsed rhythmically more slowly and were closer together. “We all agreed we never saw anything like these lights before!”


634 At 2:00 AM, a witness reported seeing a strange streak that traversed in front of “Casiopia.” The witness remarked, “It wasn’t like any shooting star I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of them here.”

633 Thur July 27, 2000 at 9:30 AM Villa Grove/Hayden Pass Saguache County MILITARY

Villa Grove resident observed a large, silent black jet that flew low over Hayden Pass and headed SW at tree top level over Highway 285. Witness called the craft, “the strangest looking plane I’ve ever seen.” A couple of minutes later, two fighter jets followed the course of the first plane down the Valley. (O’Brien)

632 Wed July 19, 2000 Baca Grande Development 10:20 AM Saguache County MILITARY

Multiple witnesses observe an extremely low-flying gunmetal colored 4-engine jet power cargo plane. One witness called it “C-17” that he thought was a new NATO plane that is “replacing the C-4.” The plane arrived at tree-top level from the north, made a dangerous low left-hand turn, just above the treetops on N.Crestone Creek. Plane “seemed unusually quiet fro a jet,” and was between 100 and 200 feet in altitude. (O’Brien/OSA/FAA)


631 9:00 PM Crestone, CO, Saguache County FB1

(e-mail report) I had stepped outside to look at the stars, not many up yet, and there was one very bright star I noticed moving in the west, and not high up, like a satellite is…watched it and ran over to Dan’s to get him, but could hear he was on the phone, came back, it had continued travelling fast, from the northwest to the southeast, and it was brillaint white, no flashing, even from behind it looked the same ! It was well into the Southeast when I heard a rumble, in the northwest, like a jet would make, but I honestly don’t believe it to be a jet, as there were no flashing lights, it was brilliant white light, like an intense star, from the side, and from behind !!” (O’Brien)

630 Fri July 14, 2000 at 3:12 PM Near Mesita, CO Costilla County

[e-mail report] “Would you have any idea why a large, black, flat-bottomed, seemingly *armed* military helicopter would be out here in the middle of the day? At about 3:12 PM we were on our way into Alamosa. Had just turned off Road K in Mesita, north onto Road 10 when we noticed it coming out of the north/northeast heading for Ute Mountain area, south/southeast. It could not have been more than 100 feet above the top of my truck, and if he’d been going any more slowly he would have had to land. There were no other craft in sight either in the air or on roads or pasture. Perhaps it was just an exercise, but as far as I know, this is a rare occurance.” (O’Brien)

629 Wed July 12, 2000, 1:00 to 1:45 AM, Crestone, CO Saguache County AN1

A witness while skywatching east of town observed seven or 8 blinking lights. They alternated green, red and white and were in a spherical formation, approximately 15 degrees above the western horizon. The formation of lights seemed to be hovering out over the Valley and after approximately 20-30 minutes appeared to lights slowly lights west. Then they appeared to stop and start heading back east toward his vantage point. The witness estimated the light formation was about 10 miles away when he first noticed them. At one point mid way through the sighting a helicopter “approached from the west, flanked the formation to the NE and then headed east over the Sangres.” The chopper was flying at an altitude of of approximately 15,000 feet. (O’Brien)

628 Sun July 1, 2000, 9:00 AM, Willow Lake, Rio Grande Nat Forest, Saguache County FB1

Two hikers sitting at the base of Kit Carson Pk; at about 11, 200 feet; above Willow Lake, observed a “sausage-shaped, light grey colored” object, below them in altitude out over the valley, fly over the Baca Grande Development; west of their location. It appeared to be about 10 feet in length, had no decernable appendages and was silent as it moved south-to-north at a speed less than that off a conventional aircraft. Duration: 20-30 seconds. (O’Brien)

June 2000

627 Thur June 15, 2000 5:15 AM Baca Grande Dev/Baca Ranch NO SEARCH & RESCUE REPORTED

Large low-flying military chopper criss-crossed the area for around 10 – 15 minutes. No apparent missing climbers or hikers at the time. (O’Brien)

626 Mon June 12, 2000 north of Moffat, CO NOT CONFIRMED

Two witnesses report finding a mutilated cow near Rd AA and CR 60

625 Sun June 11, 2000 about 2:40 to 2:45 PM Highway 17, Great Sand Dunes Nat Mon

(e-mail from witness) “we were hiking the sand dunes sunday afternoon, and we saw several planes leaving short contrails. we heard a loud jet flying directly over, so i looked up. it was flying low, no contrail, not military. what caught my eye at that point was ANOTHER object higher above the plane in the sky, moving to the W/SW, round in shape, and leaving no contrail. Funny coincidence, huh? like, “okay, look up NOW!” well, it was a nice sighting. it seemed to be moving about as fast as a jet at that altitude, but even through binoculars there was no fuselage or wings, just a round shape. Dull metallic colour, and if you hadn’t looked right at it you would have missed it against the blue sky. it just so happened i looked up because of the low-flying jet.” (O’Brien/Tussel)

624 Wed June 10, 2000, Crestone, CO Nocturnal Anomaly

Two individuals camping above Crestone woke up at 3:00 AM or so by a extremely brief “huge wind” that shook their separate tents, only lasted a few seconds then became quiet. One of the campers; a woman woke up w/ 3 triangle arrayed puncture marks; one behind the left ear, one on back of right thigh, and three puncture marks on main vein of right arm, just below crease of elbow. Other experiencer, a teenage boy, aged 13, also experienced wind and felt something strange was happening. (O’Brien)

May 2000

623 Wed May 24, 2000 10:30-10:45 pm Maxiville near the Rio Grande N of Monti Vista

2 waitresses watch a brilliant low flying light zig-zagging between La Garita Pk and the old Del Norte Airport. Witnesses were sure silent light array was not a conventional craft. Following day a dead calf was discovered in the area w/ an unusual hide scrape and small cut along the backbone.

622 Thu May 25, 2000 west of Chama, NM Rio Arribas County NM

Campers find 2 freshly mutilated cows. One w/ no head; the other with the tongue missing. Nearby were 4 elk legs and hanunches w/ no head, neck or torso last weekend.


April 2000 NO REPORTS

March 2000

621 March 23, 2000 3:00 PM Rd 6N east of the San Luis Lakes

Witness stopped van to observe “a temporary airtraffic control tower.” Then 3.1 miles east–toward the San Dunes turnoff, she observed 2 low-flying triangle-shaped objects (about 20-25 ft long) “zip by” north to south. Close behind “chasing them,” were 3 low-flying jet fighters. She was then stopped and checked for “minute’ traces of radiation” by two men who produced “NSA badges.” (O’Brien)

620 March 17, 2000 at 3:00 p.m. Highway 285 Alamosa County

“Chuck” was driving southbound just north of Antonito, when he witnessed “a metallic sphere at about the 1:00 position and about 30 degrees up. It did not move in any extraordinary ways but it sure didn’t look like any airplane I’ve seen.”





619 Mon November 29, 1999 at 12:05 to 12:10 PM Sangre de Cristos Saguache County

Thirty minutes after discussing the Jan ’93 “antique yellow-helicopter” case, myself, and witness, Corri Langill, observed a yellow (w/ two vertical blackstripes n the tail) jet helicopter fly up the Sangres south-to-north at about 11,000′ in altitude–1/2 mile from the mountains. (O’Brien)

[Go figure!!!–tmv]

620 Tue November 23, 1999 at 9:00 PM, Rd X and CC Rd 55, Saguache County (O’Brien)

Scott W., his 21 year-old daughter and 9 year-old son experienced for ” 2 to 3 seconds, a really loud whirring sound, like the “prop wash of a helicopter,” flying directly over their car. “Right away we looked out the windowshield above the car but we didn’t see or hear anything . . . it was real distinctive–we could hear it over the sound of my car engine which is pretty loud.” He described the whirring sound as ” . . . having no other sound associated with it–like an engine or a motor sound.” The witness told a relative (who lives 1/2 mile away from the event location) about the incident and was told the man had heard a similar sound fly over the house a couple of days ago. . “It had to be really close, we called it a UFN” [unidentified flying noise]. The car experienced no mechanical problems and the rest of their 20-mile trip was uneventful.

620 Mon November 22, 1999, Canon City, CO MA1 Teller County, (Edwards)

Two witnesses watch a globe of light pass their house (down in a valley/depression) at a high rate of speed, stop and rotate like a small spoked wheel and then take off at a right angle up and out of the valley and out of sight. The whole event took about 7 to 10 seconds. They saw it again the next night but this time it traveled the length of the valley several times at high speed before turning and going out of sight.

614 Mon November 15, 1999 at 4:15 PM, Sangre de Cristo Mtns, Saguache, & Chaffee Counties (O’Brien)

I observe a wingless white craft/plane headed north-to-south up the Northern San Luis Valley flying the western perimeter of the La Veta MOA. Craft/plane appeared to be @ around 17,000 feet–3-4000′ directly above the Sangres. The distance appeared to be six to seven miles away at closest point. No visible commercial traffic was present at the time of sighting, however, before and after sighting, commercial traffic higher up and further away was plainly audible; this craft was silent. Under 30X power binoculars, I was unable to discern wings, but the vertical stabilizer fin was apparent–even with unaided vision. The tail appeared to be higher, wider and extend further up the topside of the fuselage (toward the front of the craft) than a normal commercial jet–similar in look to the NASA space shuttle. It appeared to be black on bottom, and white on top. Craft headed at normal conventional jet aircraft speed directly north-by-northwest up the Sangres toward Leadville, CO.

The Aurora?

[From Tim Matthews [email protected] July 3rd 1999

“An interesting snippet from Thursdays Daily Telegraph which may be of interest to some.”

Over the years there have been many air-to-air sightings of the plan from the

North Sea to North America and even as far afield as Turkey.” In spite of the large number of in-flight sightings, no report has been published of sightings on the ground. “The project exists “and they must have built at least five or six prototypes,” said Beaver.A slip-up by American defence officials may have confirmed the existence of a new stealth reconnaissance aircraft.

DARO, the American Defence Airborne Reconnaissance Office, issued a report in 1997 concerning unmanned aerial vehicles, or robot aircraft. The report makes a fleeting reference to a vehicle called the “Air Force Special Platform”.

According to Janes’ International Defence Digest, DAR commander Major-General Kenneth Israel recently admitted that the report reference was to “a covert reconnaissance aircraft – in the classified world.” Paul Beaver of Janes said: “It appears to be quite a large, delta winged manned aircraft that uses conventional jet power to cruise in excess of Mach 2. It could be the aircraft which has been dubbed Project Aurora, or another project called ‘Senior Citizen’. [is that what we’ve been seeing here in the SLV off and on since 1995?–tmv]

613 Mon November 15, 1999 5:30-6:10 PM, Del Norte, CO AN1 Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

Strange bright multi-colored observed over the Sangres and reported by Keith C. in Del Norte, CO. Light appeared to be pulsating and did not rise w/ planets and stars.

612 Sun November 14, 1999, 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM between Howard and Penrose, CO, Fremont & Teller County (O’Brien)

“The bright pulsating light” [apparently] was back (see next day’s report). Mary O. called and informed me “the light was back,” but appeared to be further east and lower in the sky. It was only visible from her Bonanza location for several minutes and upon venturing outside, I was unable to see the light which was apparently being blocked by the Sangre de Cristos. Mary’s husband (who was 20 miles north at the County Bounty restaurant in Salida, CO, on Highway 50); along w/ 3 additional witnesses, was able to observe the bright pulsating light for around twenty minutes before it was joined by a second smaller blinking white light. The second light seemed to accompany the larger light slowly “north toward Denver

611 Sat November 13, 1999, around 3:00PM Del Norte, CO, Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

Keith C. called to ask if “anything unusual has been going on?” He nonchalantly mentioned watching a ” . . . table rise 2′ off the living room floor for several seconds . . .” He also mentioned seeing “strange shadows going across the wall.” [the witness seemed sincere and I have no reason to disbelieve this report in light of the day’s activities–tmv]


610 3:00 PM

A large silent unmarked white aerial craft was reported “gliding” south-to-north up the Northern San Luis Valley. “There was something weird about it, I should have heard something.” the witness remarked. ” . . . It was really low–maybe 3 thousand feet above the valley floor and I couldn’t see any wings, just the vertical tail . . .” [see Nov 15 report and tmv comment]

609 3:15 PM

I was returning from Colorado Springs on Highway 285, near Johnson’s Village when I too, observed an usual-looking silent white craft that did not appear to have wings. It was headed north by northwest, up the upper Arkansas River Valley headed toward Antero Reservoir in South Park. I estimated its altitude at 2500-3000 feet. I was intrigued enough to pull over and get out of the car to observe it w/ binoculars. I thought it was strange and was greeted by the additional report on my answering machine as I arrived home at 4:30. [Was it the same craft as earlier sighting?–tmv]


608 6:15 PM-7:30PM Over Salida/Howard Area, Chaffee and Fremont Counties (O’Brien)

Bonanza, CO residents Mary and Roger O. reported watching a very bright pulsating light hovering just south of Salida, CO. They described it as being like a “brilliant strobe light, pulsing red, white and blue.” They contacted a neighbor who also observed the object(s). Mary estimated the large light’s size as 2 to 3X as bright as Venus. They also observed the light “going up and down,” when it was joined by “three smaller blinking white lights that almost looked like satellites” appeared to ” . . . mill around the larger light” before they accompanied the larger light slowly off to the NE at around 7:15. The smaller lights “seemed to be further away” [to the east] than the larger light.

607 Wed November 10, 1999 6:20 PM Baca Grande Grants (O’Brien)

I observed a 6′ tall form dart, from left-to-right across the front of a large plate glass window facing west. Form appeared to glide rather than bound.

606 11:30 pm Observed a prairie-dragon like form enter the porch through the dog door. A second witness simultaneously saw a “beige form enter” through the dog door, which was only 2 feet away from us, and heard what sounded like a “whine.”

605 Sun November 7, 1999 10:40 AM to 10:55 AM San Luis Valley (O’Brien)

Eight large 4 engine jets flew over the SLV northwest-to-southeast @ about 20,000 feet. Four planes appeared to break formation just east of Blanca Pk and appeared to head NE. Remaining 4 jets continued directly east. [I have never seen, nor had a report of an eight, 4-engine jet formation overflying the San Luis Valley–tmv]

616 November 7, 1999, at 3:00 AM, Boulder, CO CE-2 Boulder, CO, (MUFON/Curta)

“The witness was walking up Canyon Boulevard, headed west into the foothills. He became aware of a low humming noise with static electricity type sounds. Suddenly he was engulfed in a bright light from overhead causing his thighs to spasm from the adrenaline jolt. He could see an elongated cylinder above him with its bright white light gradually fading to red. He had been in the 101st Airborne but this was not like any craft he had ever seen. The witness states, ‘I could see the object quite clearly because it blocked out the stars.’ Abruptly the craft flew straight up and vanished. ‘The next day, my fingernails had thickened and I had a nice sunburn on all exposed flesh, even inside my ears.'” [Thanks to MUFON’s State Director Michael Curta/Filer’s Files]

617 November 6, 1999, at 11:00 PM, Canon City, CO AN1 (Edwards/O’Brien VIDEO)

4 Witnesses see bright light hovering over Penrose (to the north) Videotaped object which at times appears to break into three-then four different lights. Analysis is being done, but EP speed may prove difficult for detailed analysis.


604 Sat October 30, 1999 4:15 PM, Between Moffat and Saguache CO Rd X

Two witnesses observe 3 cargo planes flying south-to-north over the center of the Valley toward Crestone Pk. Formation turned northeast and flew above the mountains the wrong way up the MTR toward Salida. One plane broke formation and dipped behind the Sangres; reappeared and resumed formation. Then 2 planes did a counter-clockwise loop around Hayden Pass. Planes headed north then appeared to curve toward the east around Poncha Pass. [this is a highly unusual flight pattern in the Northern San Luis Valley–tmv]

603 Fri October 13, 1999, 1:00-1:30 AM, Sangre de Cristo Mountains/Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Saguache, Alamosa Counties, (O’Brien)

Two separate reports of a loud, nauseatingly low hum, or vibration. A group of campers at the Great Sand Dunes Nat Monument Campground reported “hum” and observed signs “vibrating from the sound.” Next morning an unmarked white van and a white sedan w/ government plates were seen. Sixth witness in the Baca Grande called me at 1:15 and reported hearing the strange sound. I was unable to hear anything unequivocal.

615 October 13, 1999 around 12:00 PM Gunnison County REGIONAL (O’Brien)

“At lunch, we were sitting out on the south deck, in the glorious sunshine. I noticed something I took to be a big plane off to the south, but there was something strange about it. Maybe it was the color, or maybe it was just the fact that it seemed to not be moving. . . .Then it just disappeared! There was nothing in the sky that could be called a cloud, just some haze here and there. No sign of the plane. A bit later it was back. Since I was leaning against the south wall of the house, and sitting on the deck, the railing gave me an excellent reference. It was in the same spot! Again it disappeared after a few seconds. That’s the last I saw of it. I never did make out a shape. It seemed kind of dark, but my first impression was of a silvery object. I am guessing it was just about above Almont, [CO–between Gunnison and Crested Butte] a few miles to the south, and 3 to 5,000 feet up. If any of the half-dozen other guys saw it, none said anything. If a person looked up and saw it and then did not watch it, they would have just thought it was a plane. Just as the lunch break was over, the electrician pointed out a bald eagle soaring over. What a sight! The sun illuminated the white feathers, and the rest of the bird looked like the inside of an abandoned coal mine at midnight! I think it is the first time I have seen a ‘baldy’ flying, at least anywhere nearby.” [e-mail interview–tmv]



August 27, 1999 Southeast of Mt Sherman, CO Park County ANOMALOUS SOUND

Debbie: “The earth literally moved under us. Camped at Weston Pass. I went out to Westson Pass on Nov. 30 and did not see anything out of the ordinary (crushed bushes, marks, rings ect.)

However we did go up to the airport and watched as they tested a new chopper that was flying backwards. Some men in an S.U.V. drove beside it as they tested and it appeared to be a very powerful chopper. Just as we were getting ready to leave saw a Black chopper coming in for a landing as we watched discovered 5 government black choppers were parked at the airport. So for what ever reason it seams the Leadville airport is involved with the government/military/testing.”

JULY 1999

616 Sun July 4, 1999 9:30 AM Rosita Hills, Custer County FB1 (O’Brien)

“My wife & I own a 3 acre site in Rosita Hills (south of Westcliffe, CO). We spent the 4th of July weekend camping there with two other couples. On Sunday morning at around 9:30 my friend who’s a serious bird watcher (never goes anywhere without binoculars) spots 4 small shiny metallic objects flying fast and low heading north out in the valley just east of the Sangres.

At a point 2 or 3 peaks north of Crestone they turned into one of the gulches and headed into the mountains. It was at this point that myself and another friend was able to see them. That particular morning the very tops of the Sangres were capped with clouds but was sunny out in the valley. The three of us expected the 4 objects to circle behind one of the mountains in front of the Sangres and come back out into the main valley but we never saw them again after that. We were quite some distance away and didn’t hear any sounds, but the three of us agreed that these 4 objects were not flying like any airplanes we had ever seen. I’m the only person in the group that has read your book (TMV) and what came to my mind immediately was the object you saw on highway 69 north of Gardner in daylight.” [E-mail Interview]

602 Sat July 3rd 1999, at 9:20pm, off Hwy. 150 between road 4S and 6N Alamosa County (O’Brien)

“We were about 5 miles off 150 up towards the mountain range. At approximately we both spotted what appeared to at first be a possible satellite. It was moving at a very rapid rate from the south east, tracking parallel to the mountain range. We watched this pin of white light for about one minute. It then stopped directly overhead. Without warning it expanded into an orb of intense blue light which remained white in the center. My wife compared it to the color of a flame on a propane stove. (The size comparison, both at arm’s length, when first spotted would be that of a led light on a piece of electronic gear. When it appeared to transform into an orb the diameter would be that of looking into a standard flashlight.) Before I could raise my video camera and hit record, the light instantly disappeared. In retrospect, I think the object may have descended at an incredible rate of speed which would account for part of the size expansion. My wife feels whatever it was, may have been attracted by our small campfire. Either way it is an experience we will not soon forget.”

Fri or Sat July 2nd or 3rd 1999 late night/early evening, TWO UAD Moffat, CO Saguache County (Saguache County Sheriffs Office/O’Brien)

Saguache county Undersheriff Mike Norris investigates two unusual horse deaths on July 5. Norris estimated time of death to be July 2nd or 3rd. Both animals appeared “to have been shot w/ a shotgun loaded w/ bird shot” in the neck and brisket area. Both animals were missing their tongues and 1/2 of an ear. Rear-ends were possibly scavenged. The apparent shot gun wounds produced dozens of small holes w/ rivulets of blood. (Sauche County SO/Norris)

JUNE 1999

618 Tue June 29, 1999 at around 12:00PM Pikes Peak, Teller County (Ryszka STILL PHOTO)

On June 29th, the two witnesses drove up Pikes Peak and decided to take some pictures. One witness decided to take one photo of the Southwest skyline–looking toward the Sangre De Ctisto Mountains and the Huerfano Valley. He noticed a bird flying about 30 feet away from him lifted his camera and took a photo. “There were no visible objects in the sky. No aircraft, balloons, skydivers, nothing except for the bird. When the photo was developed, two objects appeared.” Center object was the bird, but the second object is unidentified.

MAY 1999

601 Thur May 14, 1999, approx 9:40 pm, 8 miles S of Las Animas on Colo. Hwy 10, Los Animas County MA1 (Resel/O’Brien)

I received the following from Larry Resel “. . . several witnesses and I saw a large orange light come out of the south as a B-52 or a C-130 would do with it’s crash lights on. (this a MOA operated by Lockeed/Martin [this is news to me–tmv]), it seemed to be about 500 feet + off the ground. The closer it got we could see it was 1 single light, not several as on a aircraft. It was coming straight down the range, it stopped in mid air & decended to the ground & it went out slowly. We were approx. 4 miles away from it to the no. on 101. Usually the military aircraft will fly on by to the north. I have been watching military aircraft in our area for about 3 years, so I am able to spot the regular jets,etc. This was not one! The reason for the email is to see if you know of other activity in Southern Colorado last night that fits this style, orange light, landing etc. ? Jim Nelson is checking w/ other radio watchers to look for unusual activity for last night.. . .”

forward to your info.”

600 Thur May 14, 1999, approx 10:00 PM, Baca Grande Development AN1 Saguache County (O’Brien)

Pricilla B. reported a “fill-moon sized object” with a visible tail “go by so fast, I couldn’t study it . . . . [the object] went by awfully fast, in less than a second.”


MARCH 1999

[[Tue Mar 9, 1999, 5:30-6:00 AM Crestone, “Olde Town.” Three buildings in Crestone Olde Town catch fire and burn to the ground]


599 Tue Mar 9, 1999 SLV 12:10 PM Saguache, Alamosa, Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

4 Jets N to S down the eastern SLV La Veta MOA MTR. 2 F-16s went over Blanca, 2 went down west side of SLV toward Greenie Ridge

598 12:20 PM

a “large jet, cargo plane” headed toward Greenie from NW SLV.

597 1:45 PM

2nd cargo plane heads toward Blanca after 1st 2 fighters.

596 4:30 PM

Jet “vibrates” the Baca headed N toS down the Sangres.

595 Mar 8, 1999 at 8:30 PM, Black Lake, NM; Colfax/Mora County (O’Brien)

A bright white light [similar to the lights in the Feb 19 sighting] appeared to rise from behind the mountains (just to the south of their location), to the altitude of a passing jet. The light “paced the plane–sitting 15 miles behind it” as the two headed south toward Las Vegas, NM.

594 Thu Mar 4, 1999 at 11:00 PM North of Del Norte, CO Airfield AN1 Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

A couple that live near the Del Norte, CO airstrip call to report watching “a large straw-colored light hovering over Jeep Hill,” 1/4 mile away to the SW of their house. They estimated the size of the light to be “15 feet in diameter.” Craft/object/light then turned on a spotlight which illuminated the area below it. Witnesses told me this was the second sighting of a similar light/event in the area; the first event occurred in the late Fall ’98.


593 Sun Feb 21, 1999 at 10:15 AM Westcliffe, CO FB1 Custer County (O’Brien)

Two witnesses (one of them a pilot) report two jet fighters, one in front of the other) flying W to E at 50,000′ in altitude at between 1,000 and 1,500 mph. Pacing the the second jet was an object that seemed about 10,000′ below the jets. This object was rounded and was reflecting a goldish color. The jets left contrails the third object did not. The pilot/witness was puzzled by how fast all three craft were traveling. “They were definitely flying faster than the speed of sound.”

[These are several of the more compelling reports I have fielded these past two weeks. I am also investigating a claim by a local law enforcement officer that “the guys on graveyard were seeing weird meteor-like objects nightly for two weeks”–tmv]

592 Fri Feb 19, 1999 between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM, 1/4 mile south of Black Lake, NM–about 23 miles SE of Taos, NM, CE1 Duration: 5-10 minutes Mora/Colfax Counties (O’Brien)

A couple w/ a south facing house witness 2 objects (each w/ a single brilliant white light) rise from the Coyote Canyon area NE of Chacon, NM., about 2 miles south of their home. Lights viewed under binoculars were “rapidly oscillating as if they were rapidly spinning.” Woman witness described the lights as being between their vantage-point and the mountains– 2 miles away. The lights were described as being ” . . . so bright they left an after-image” when the witnesses looked away. Within minutes of the commencement of the sighting the first two objects/lights were joined by 4 similar lights/craft. 1st two objects stopped out “in front of the living room window” and “began bouncing around like they wanted our attention.” Then, the group of lights headed down to the lake for several minutes before 2 of the objects went straight up and the other 4 “drifted off over the mountains to the south.” No sound was associated with the entire episode and in the witnesses estimation, there was “no way they were helicopters.” Woman estimated they were less than a mile away at their closest approach and completely silent. The following day a truck driver told the couple he had been returning up NM 434 after a delivery; at the same time as the couple’s sighting, and had also witnessed the 6 unusual lights.

591 Sat Feb 13, 1999 at 3:05 PM SLV, north of Center, CO MA1 Saguache County (O’Brien)

Two witnesses observe an erratically moving silver reflection that was visible three times–each time for several seconds. Object seemed to be below 2,000′ in altitude and made sharp twisting turns. One witness described it as looking like “a fishing lure in the sky.” The second witness was able to focus a pair of binoculars on the object and described it as being “kind of rectangular-looking, but with no wings.” 12 to 15 minutes later, a flight of 4 fighters buzzed the area headed north, the wrong way up the SLV, instead of down. The jets flew over the same area where the object had been seen.

590 Tue Feb 9, 1999 9:55 to 9:58 PM Northern/Middle San Luis Valley

CO FB1 (O’Brien)

Myself and another witness observe a fast moving unblinking dull- orange orb travel NW to SE over the SLV. Object seemed to be below 5,000′ in altitude and was 2 to 3X the size of Venus (at setting). Covered the 100 mile distance in about 3 minutes.

589 Fri Feb 5, 1999 Baca Grande Development, CO Saguache County

I attempt to interview government scientists in grey van at a stop sign. They claim they were “with the National Weather Service” and decline to divulge why they were in the area. I counted 8 people in this particular van. They were dressed in dress shirts and slacks and looked like scientists. Another Crestone resident claims to have seen a second government van that morning, but it was “dark blue.”

588 Thur Feb 4, 1999, 9:30-10:00 PM between San Isabelle and N. Crestone Creek Saguache County AN1 (O’Brien)

Two witnesses driving south on Highway 17 observe “a brilliant orb of white light” hovering around 200′ off the ground to the east of them. At one point during the 35 to 40 second sighting one witness (a retired career Air Force officer) noted the object shot a beam of light at the ground “like it was looking for a place to set down.” There are no roads in the area where the object was spotted. The following morning at 7:45 AM, the ex-Air Forcer observed a dark grey van with smoked windows and government plates headed into Crestone. He noticed that the van had “no other markings . . . which seemed odd.” He instantly connected the van with the previous night’s sighting. He felt “. . . they were looking for whatever we saw the night before.”

587 Thur Feb 4, 1999, 9:30-10:00 PM San Antonio Mountain, Taos County NM KRZA transmitter goes down for five days.


586 Fri Jan 22, 1999 between 10:00 and 10:30 PM 2 miles S of Costilla, NM turnoff MA1 (Paye/O’Brien)

Two motorists traveling north on NM 522 in separate cars, 9 miles south of the CO/NM border, Taos County NM, claimed to have separate but simultaneous unusual experiences. Brad Sleep, a UNM college student was following his girlfriend Sarah Fisher when he witnessed what appeared to be a large meteor descending straight down toward the ground. The object was white colored and had a short tail. After descending quickly for a couple of seconds, the object abruptly stopped, changed color to a reddish white and hovered in a stationary position for “45-60 seconds” at about “35,000 to 40,000′ feet in altitude. He observed this directly in front of him to the north. He slowed his truck and Sarah, who didn’t observe the aerial object, continued on. Sleep pulled over to the side of the highway, turned off his engine and climbed out of his pickup truck as the object began a series of 12 to 15 , 6 degree wide lateral figure-eights. Each figure eight took approximately 3 seconds to complete. Then the object headed to the SE, directly overhead, toward Taos. The craft had a roar similar to a jet plane but sounded different. “There was a reverberating hum that was different.” Sleep observed that a single object “. . . seemed to be responsible” for the event, noting “if it was one craft, it sure wasn’t conventional.” He also said the event “could have been some kind of exchange between two objects.” Sarah, meanwhile claims that when she had proceeded “about a mile” up the road from the time Brad stopped, a strangly lit car went by that “was all lit up on the sides by light that wasn’t supposed to be there.” As soon as the lit-up car had passed her, headed south, several small objects rained down on the upper part of the driver side windshield. She thought the two events were strange and after they had driven the remaining three miles to town Brad told her of his sighting and she related herexperience. Brad didn’t remember a car passing by him as he stood outside his car watching the object.

585 Tue Jan 26, 1999 at 8:15 – 8:32 PM, La Veta, CO-Huerfano County/La Veta MOA (Perkins)

“Seven witnesses” see a large craft hovering over golf course near the town of La Veta, CO in the center of the La Veta, Military Operations Area. Two witnesses claim they were between “1/8 and 1/4 mile” away from the “600 foot” craft which was described as “hovering” over small lake located on a golf course across the street from their store. First witness, a woman, had walked outside as she and her husband were closing up shop and was startled to see what she initially thought was “a 747 landing.” Immediately she realized it wasn’t moving. The unconventional-looking craft appeared to be a wing w/ no fuselage and bright lights in the front. It was described as translucent-looking and was accompanied by a low humming sound. Initially structure was not visible. Then, after summoning her husband, they both observed “orange-colored portholes” appear on the side. There were two brilliant, ruby-colored lights—one on each wing tip.

Witnsses watched as the object shot a probe-like beam downward toward the lake. Trees obscured their view of the lake surface, but they assumed the beam or tube was going down into the water. The object appeared to be flickering like “… . their cloaking devise was broken….” After observing the object for several minutes, the red lights detached from the wings and flew off. The craft then slowly flew away. Prior to this sighting there had been a 10 day period of high winds in the Huerfano Valley..



584 Sat November 14, 1998 at 9:15 AM Over the Smith Reservoir area-west of Blanca, CO Alamosa County AN1 (Walkley/O’Brien)

Junne Walkley was returning from dropping her relatives off when, while driving south on Rd 106, she noticed “a great big silver V” hovering over Smith Res. She stopped the car and watched for around a minute. She estimated it was about 10 miles away to the east and estimated its size as a quarter held at arms length. After watching for a minute the object appeared to go straight up and out of sight in “a couple of seconds.” She is amazed nobody else reported the craft. She is sending a sketch of the object which is similar to the October 18 sighting at 6:15 AM on the west side of the Valley. [Junne and her husband Virgil are two of my very best and observant skywatchers–tmv]

583 Wed November 17, 1998 At Sunset over Greenie Mountain FB1 MULTIPLE OBJECTS Rio Grande County (Walkley/O’Brien)

A relative of the Walkleys, “a strong skeptic,” witnesses three object hovering over the San Juan Mountains near Greenie ridge. The objects appeared to be reflecting the setting sun and sitting “still.” Then, the witness “was amazed” when the objects disappeared instantly. [Very similar to the Arimijo three-object video footage from January 1996–tmv]


582 Wed November 17, 1998, Over Greenie Mountain FB1 Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

“My wife and I were heading west on the [County Rd] 10 south road towards Greenie. My wife was driving and I was watching the vapor trails left by the jets flying overhead, when I noticed a bright silver looking object heading south by northwest just south of Greenie. I watched the object for a few seconds to insure I was seeing what I was seeing. There was a few scattered clouds in the sky, which were part of a front that was suppose to be in the next two days. This object, I would say was flying as high as any one of the jets that were flying in the same area. But two things were different about this object.

First of all it was not leaving any vapor trail behind, Second of all I asked my wife to pull over a few minutes so I could check it out a little bit closer. This object was not moving slow like a single engine aircraft would be. It was moving at such a rate that it was out of sight in just seconds from the time we pulled over. Also, it was not moving in a straight line like most aircraft would move in the sky. Due to the altitude, the speed and the way it moved through the sky, I do not believe it to be a chopper or small engine aircraft. It could have been a jet aircraft leaving no vapor trail, but I have my doubts.” [I received this report December 13 via snail-mail–tmv]

581 Thur November 18, 1998, 11:15 PM Over Blanca Peak MA1 Alamosa/Huerfano County (O’Brien)

An ex-career member of the Air Force called to report “a multi-colored light yo-yoing up and down–like on a string.” Two other witnesses were told and they also watched the strange light. One witness reported the light stayed there “almost an hour . . . before blinking out.”

October 1998

580 Thur October 8, 1998 10:30 PM, Highway 160; 4 miles west of Blanca, CO MA1/FB1 Alamosa County (O’Brien)

R.A.L. West, while headed east on Highway 160 (near the curve 4 miles west of Blanca, CO), observed an amber colored “hemispherical-shaped” light hovering over the Blanca Massif. She estimated the lights size as around Venus-sized. After a few seconds, the object appeared to jump approximately 20 degrees upward. West pulled off the road and parked (with her engine running) to carefully observe the light. The witness is confused and could not completely remember how long she watched, but she guessed “several minutes.” The next thing she clearly recalled was the craft flying at a high rate of speed above her car;headed NE to SW. She described a “triangle-shaped array of white and amber lights” blinking in sequencially in “patterns” on the underneath side. She could not estimate the crafts altitude, nor was she able to make out the craft’s shape or structure. She did not hear any sound except her car engine running. No other cars were on the road in the immediate vicinity, and I have not received any other reports of this event. West mentioned another sighting that m ay have been military related on August 5, 1998 [see August Report section–tmv]

579 Tue October 13, 1998, 9:00 PM Crestone/Baca Developmnt, CO Saguache County AN1 (O’Brien)

A “weird amber-colored light” was observed by four witness moving north-to-south. The object appeared to be “way up in the sky,” but “. . . was larger and moving faster than a regular satellite.”

578 Wed October 14, 1998, 11:30 AM, Los Cumbres Golf Course, Crestone, CO AN1 (O’Brien)

Golfer on the par four, fourth hole fairway observed a “silver-colored disc hovering over Mt Adams,” (a 13,000′ mountain just north of Crestone Peak), about 8 miles north of his location. Object seemed to wobble, but did not appear to be headed anywhere. Golfer made his second shot and could still see the craft. He headed toward the green watching it. After making his third shot the object had disappeared. He estimated the object was visible for at least 5 minutes.

577 Sat October 24, 1998, Just before sunset, Highway 17 near Mineral Hot Springs, Saguache County AN1 (O’Brien)

Motorist observed “two large glowing white objects” that fell at a high rate of speed toward the ground “over Alamosa,” (45 miles south). The witness at first thought the objects were meteors, but realized the sun was still up and it was still light out, and the objects did not resemble normal meteors; they were “. . . not as bright.” Duration “a couple of seconds.” [Large daylight meteor sightings?–tmv]

576 Tue October 27, 1998, 9:30 PM Center, CO Saguache County, AN1 (O’Brien)

Fabian Sauvo reports a anomalous unblinking bright red light directly north of Hooper, CO. The light at times appeared to hover, but seemed to be traveling slowly SW-to-NE. Calls me real-time and I am able to see the object from my roof.


575 Tue October 27, 1998, 9:30 PM Baca Grande Development, Saguache County AN1 (O’Brien)

Sauvo after several minutes on the phone to me, was able to describe the above red-lights location, and I observe the light for several seconds before it disappeared into a cloud bank. I waited for awhile, but it never emerged from the cloud. The light seemed to be between 4 and 5,000′ above the ground and over the Sand Piles on Highway 17; between Hooper and Moffat, CO. [Rare to get a call and be able to simultaneously see an anomalous object a UFO (or military craft?) while on the phone with another witness!–tmv]

574 Fri October 29, 1998, Baca Grande Development Saguache County (O’Brien)

Resident reports small objects hitting her roof. No hail or rain was present at the time. House is out in the Valley and has no tall trees within a quarter-mile. Activity is tip of the iceberg. Small hooded figures (about 4′ tall) on a couple of occasions, have been seen (during the preceeding two weeks), running past the windows. Heavy footsteps have been heard in the house, but no one is there. A tapered “hairy-pig” was reportedly seen outside running past the house. [there are no wild/hairy pigs in the SLV to my knowledge. This sounds like a “Prairie Dragon” sighting–tmv] Witness claims they were “slammed into a door” be an unseeen force several days earlier. The event left “a bruise on her cheek” and was witnessed by a painter working in the house several feet away. This particular house has a history of unusual dimensional-sounding activity by prior residents, but has beenapparently dormant for two-years until the last two weeks in October ’98.

573 Sat October 30, 1998, at 11:00 PM, same location CE1 (O’Brien)

Same witness observes a foot-long oval-shaped object enter through her back door and slowly head up the hallway toward her. She described the anomaly as being “milky-looking with a reflective band around the rim.” The band appeared to be like chrome. The witness was so startled she stopped looking at the object which apparently then disappeared. She estimated, at it’s closest, it was 10′ away from her as it came toward her down the hallway. [I’ve been waiting for the new owners to report unusual activity in this house. They’re BACK!–tmv]

572 Tue Sept 1, 1998, 9:40 AM, Highway 17 and 160 Alamosa, Alamosa County, CO (O’Brien)

I was headed to Alamosa, CO, when I happened to follow a red late-model Cadillac wirth Oklahoma license plates onto Highway 17 off of Road T, headed out of Crestone/Baca Dev. The caddy sped off south and caught up with a CO State Patrol Vehicle; driving in an unmarked semi’s blind-spot, on Highway 17. I caught up with the three of them 5 miles north of Hooper, CO, and followed them all the way into town. The caddy tail-gated the State Patrol and Semi the entire 30 miles into Alamosa, where all three turned into the Loaf & Jug truck parting lot at the corner of 160 and 17. Then, less than a minute later two blocks east, an unmarked sedan with alternating-flashing head and tail lights (w/ a heavy-set man in a dark suit at the wheel) dashed around traffic, and headed toward Loaf & Jug. I then noticed a Haz Mat response van a block later. During the trip south on 17, several obvious speeders went by and the Patrol car ignored them all. He also kept right on the semi’s tail, even when the truck traveled way under the speed limit. The caddy stuck less than 30 feet from the patrol car for over 30 miles. Coincedence? As I returned down Road T, at 11:20 AM, I noticed a white unmarked Bronce w/ US Government plates sitting at the Road 65T enterance of the Baca Ranch. [Go figure . . . When the convoys appear aerial reports usually follow–tmv]

SAME NIGHT [why am I not surprised?–tmv}

571 10:15 PM to 10:25 PM North Central San Luis Valley Saguache/Alamosa/Custer County, CO (O’Brien)

Large craft with alternating pulsing white lights heard and/or spotted by numerous Crestone/Baca Grande residents. A loud, low-pitched rumbling sound rattled windows and alerted residents to the crafts presence. One witness noted “it shook all the needles on trees around him.” Several versions stated the craft’s sound took between 5 and 10 minutes from start to finish, although the sighting lasted “about a minute “to cross the Valley, from west to east, and illuminated the clouds over the Sangres as it just passed over the range.


DATE UNCONFIRMED East of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO UAD (BLT Research/Linda Howe)


David Perkins heard about this recent mutilation report which “was mentioned in the Ranchland News.” The rancher may have obtained fresh forensic and/or soil samples for testing by WC Levengood and BLT Research

September 1998

570 Mon Sept 14, 1998, at 6:15 AM Highway 285-North of Monte Vista, CO AN1 Rio Grande/Saguache County (O’Brien)

A Monte Vista, CO resident, while headed north on 285 witnessed a “V-shaped craft hovering over the tops of the mountains to the west.” The sun was above the horizon and seemed to reflect off the object “like the sun reflecting on an airplane wing,” but the object’s structure was still plainly visible to the witness. The witness described the object as looking like “2 big rectangular pillers put together in a V-shape. . . the size of three (commercial jet) airliners.” The witness observed the craft for over ten minutes before he traveled to far north and left it behind him–still hovering over the mountains. No one else driving on 285 seemed to notice the object which puzzled the witness because, “it was so big.”

August 1998

569 Thur August 6, 2:30-2:35 AM, Over the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, AN1 Alamosa County (O’Brien)

Four witnesses on their ranch in SW Saguache County report a “UFO” hovering over the Sand Dunes area. An additional fifth witness, a neighbor, mentioned observing the light to the other witnesses the following day. They noted that the anomalous light seemed larger than a star or planet and was described as “multi-colored”. Object appeared to be moving slowly to the SE and was visible for around 4-5 minutes before it blinked out. The primary witness, a woman rancher, mentioned that they had discovered, the previous morning, the gate on the horse corral inexplicably off its hinges and lying on the ground. This was highly unusual because the gate was very difficult to open–let alone take off the hinges. The horse was still in the corral.

568 Thur August 6,1998, Sunset, near Granite, CO REGIONAL AN1 (O’Brien) UNSUBSTANTIATED

Texas tourist sees an unusual object over the mountains.

567 Sat August 8, 11:00 AM Villa Grove, CO Saguache County (O’Brien) UNSUBSTANTIATED

Same Texas tourist sees a black unmarked Blazer “skidding up” to a store where he was getting gas. Two camo-clad individuals “stared” at him and one took off his “wrap-around shades” revealing “he had no eyelids.”

Fri August 21, 1998, 10:23 AM, Englewood, CO, Jefferson County STATE

“This morning at 10:23am MST I [Bob Hetsko] was watching the sky and observed a bizarre object for exactly 15 minutes. I was wearing my glasses, and have vision correctible to greater than 20-20. There were three witnesses. I looked up and saw a bright glimmer, something along the lines of a planet visible during daytime (this does occur with Venus). It caught my eye, and I looked closer at the object. It was bizarre in that it was a black object, and that it would brighten to a silvery glimmer for a second or two, and go back to black, and back to silvery glimmer. It was black about 90% of the time according to two witnesses. Third witness was disinterested and passed it off as a piece of paper. The other 10% of the time it was bright and shining (reflective or luminous). It could have been rotating. There was no apparent pattern to the phasing of black and light. The object was first observed from the north side of Arapahoe Road, about the 10,000 block east. Object was first observed at SSE, nearly in line with the Centennial airport tower, about 30 degrees up (Distance between thumb and forefinger held at arms length). It went up, causing me to suspect it was a balloon, but it soon descended. There were clouds at 5-10k, and this object passed in front of them. Angular dimension was small, so distance was hard to determine. We suspect between two miles and one mile. That is a guess. It started to go east, although there was a mild ground wind of 5 mph from the north. It was observed to go to the ESE marker (approx). There were no apparent sudden motions. We tried to stabilize tour view by using a light pole as a reference. It cold have been debris in a thermal, but that would not explain the luminosity. Once again, we did observe hawks in the area, as there are always birds of prey in the area. They were riding thermals all day long. This object was very black. It would shine very bright. We lost it and found it several times. Any similar reports please forward.”


Fri August 21, 1998 at 5:35 PM, Englewood, CO, Jefferson County, (Hetsko) FB1 REGIONAL

“At 5:35 pm I [Bob Hetsko] observed a black object passing from south to north in the same area. I see balloons every day, as this is near a dealership. They have characteristics that are recognizable. They wobble and follow the wind. We had a huge thunderhead in Parker, and gusty winds, at least 15-25 mph. The wind was blowing from the SE. Object was going S-N and not moving like a balloon in the wind. It did not seem to gain altitude or distance for a while. With winds like that , it would be unlikely that a balloon would be observable for the five minutes I saw it. It should be pointed out that winds on the ground are not the same as winds at 1000 feet in Colorado. We often see clouds at different altitudes going in different directions. Conclusion: Object could be a balloon, although black is not used commonly by dealers. It’s motions were not consistant with the weather. Given the sighting of 7 hours earlier, could be an unknown. I will bring my binoculars tomorrow and report anything unusual. [Reported by] Bob Hetsko Ovni Hill Research Center.”

566 Sat August 22, 1998, at 8:30 AM Englewood, CO Jefferson County (Hetsko) AN1 REGIONAL

“We had a repeat of yesterday, at 8:30 in the morning for about 45 seconds. One witness observed same object as yesterday, black with about 10% of the time silvery mettallic. At 1: 30 pm I [Bob Hetsko] spotted a silvery object looking north, about 80 degrees over the north horizon, or 10% from the zenith. I am hoping there is an explanation for these objects. This is the largest amount of activity I’v seen here. I’m not terribly excited, since these objects are small, except for the Friday 5:30 pm sighting. That object was measureable.” [Reported by] Bob Hetsko Ovni Hill Research Center.”

565 Sat August 22, 1998, Near Elizabeth CO. Elbert County, (Hetsko) CE1 REGIONAL

“I was talking to some folks today that live in a remote area of Elbert County, near Elizabeth Colorado. The mother had told me that their son had seen a “triangle” floating about during the night from his window. The parents were not witness to the triangle, but the witness was a very sharp and truthful 6th grader. I had conversed with the son briefly during our meeting (which had NOTHING to do with UFO’s), and was impressed with his maturity and intelligent responses to our conversations. As we parted, I handed them a business card for UFO investigation and the mother was shook up and her cheerful demeanor changed. She told her son to describe to me what he saw last night 24th. He was almost embarassed, and said he saw a triangle floating in the air, and was not able to explain it. I asked him how large it was at arms length, and he said it was about 2-3 inches. I asked him to estimate a distance, and he pointed to a tower almost 2 miles away. This would have to be a large craft. It is sheer luck I was able to get this report, and I believe that the kid was telling the truth. Evidently, the parents had to console their son as he was shook up. As he described the event, he was very somber. He was worried about physical harm. Sighting activity is evidently high SE of Denver this week. [Reported by] Bob Hetsko Ovni Hill Research Center.”

July 1998

564 Tue July 7, 1998 at 6:00 a.m., Baca Grande Development Chalet 1 ANOMALOUS SOUND UNSUBSTANTIATED Saguache County (O’Brien)

Female witness is awakened in bed by a “five-second” vibration that permeated her house. Witness then noticed an extremely-low, low-volume vibration that cycled in intensity for “20 minutes.”

562-563 Fri-Sat July 10, or 11, UAD Ofir Creek Rd., near promentory of Greenhorn Pk. Huerfano County (Perkins/O’Brien STILL PHOTOS)

Two Longhorn steers and one cow found “mutilated” by passing motorist. Two steers had “perfect 6″ inch incisions” around penile area. Cow was not touched. Additional witnesses observed “a bear and two coyotes” near one of the carcasses, but the cattle carcasses remained intact i.e., no apparent four-legged scavenger action (other than some bird interest). Witness was surprised at seeing a bear and coyotes at the site, and noted that they left the cattle intact. Either this steer died in agony of poison plants, or somebody or something dropped it on it’s head. Photo to the right is a close-up of the penile excision. If this was caused by scavengers, they used a compass!

561 Fri July 10, 1998 at 7:00 pm, Blanca CO, AN1 Costilla County

(Aragon/O’Brien) Parents of three school-aged boys report the three saw “a half-full moon-szed” shere hovering to southwest. When two boys went to get their parents, third boy watched the object disappear. They described the shphere as being”red on top and dull silver-colored on the bottom. and watched the object for “around 2 1/2 to 3 minutes”

560 Fri July 17, 1998, at 9:00 a.m., and 11:30 a.m. South end of the San Luis Valley AN1

[Fridays are now the day/night of choice!–tmv]

“Thought I would let you know that I observed a very large cylinder\cigar shaped craft hovering over the south end of the valley. I spotted it twice, once around 9am and the other around 11:30 am. It was very high in the sky and as I said motionless. It was too far away to see details, however it did remind me of the video at Tim’s Edwards house in Salida. [signed] Roger”

[E-Mail message from San Luis Valley resident}

[From: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 3, Number 32 August 9, 1998 Editor: Joseph Trainor ]

Sat, July 18, 1998, at 10:02 p.m.,Longmont, Colorado REGIONAL

L.B. and his family “drove west away from the Wal-Mart in Longmont, and spotted a craft flying to the southwest of our area and moving westward across our field of view.” “It seemed to have a great many red pulsating lights with some white lights in the central area,” L.B. reported. “It descended towards Longmont airport but it did not follow the usual flight pattern, and was actually going down towards the farm fields south of the airport. We lost sight of it behind the trees as I drove.” “Five minutes later, we were driving north towards the west end of the airport when we spotted a craft that looked like the first one. The craft looked like a very large plane rising from the west end of the airport. It was moving shakily. The lights appeared to be 50 or 60 feet high.” The UFO “slowly flew over the road about 50 feet above the ground. I commented that it was lit funny because it appeared to be box-shaped in that the rear showed two red lights, one above the other, and the front of the craft had two more red lights in a vertical column. The craft ascended slowly to the westward to about 120 feet above the ground. Then it stopped and appeared to hover.” “Because the lights did not change orientation, we assumed that the craft was still going west even though the craft was now growing larger. Suddenly, we realized it was heading back towards us.” “It passed over the road about 170 to 200 feet above the ground. As it seemed to rise, three people in the car saw that the craft was shaped like a triangle with three equal sides. Along each of the side angles, there were long tube-like lights, like neon tubes and these were a yellowish-white. The tubes curved upward near the west end of the craft and came to sharp points.” “Near the apex of the triangle, the eastern tip, was a large red recessed hole in which was a light blue light. While the red lights had been pulsating earlier, as the craft was flying west, now all the lights were continually bright, not blinking or pulsating. The light provided enough illumination to allow viewers to see that the craft had a large triangular hull. We quickly tried to pull over onto another side road so we could get a better look…Then the craft changed course and headed north until it was hidden by the trees.” Longmont is on Colorado Highway 287 about 27 miles (43 kilometers) north of Denver. A similar dark triangle-shaped UFO was seen there back in April. (Many thanks to Bill Bunch of Supernews for this report.)

June 1998

559 June 1, 1998, 12:05 am, Crestone, CO. Military Formation Saguache County (O’Brien) Witness sees a vertical formation of three diagonally-arrayed blinking lights; flying from east to west, just minutes after witnessing a large “Fourth of July sparkler . . ..”-looking object streak up and out of sight.

558 Wed June 10, 1998 at 10:20 pm Road T, across from Baca Ranch, Crestone Saguache County (ISUR) AN1

“[ISUR Investigators] . . .spotted a bright steady light rising slowly out of the Northwest. I called it and everyone got their eyes and/or binocularss on it, confirming for me that it was rising. It seemed to accelerate towards the southwest. Then several of us noticed that there was at least one dimmer object flying in formation with it. Another [investigator] confirmed that at least one of the dimmer objects seemed to be not in perfect formation but cutting back and forth behind the brightest. By the time everyone [7 witnesses] had a good lock on them, They faded out near zenith.”

557 Fri June 12, 1998 at 11:30 pm, just south of Spanish Creek, Baca Grande Development (SOLVED) Saguache County (Peterson/O’Brien)


Light was CSETI’s Laser being used during a training session

Two witnesses report a brilliant “stoplight green. laser-like” light at, or just above ground level. The light seemed to be sweeping the Wagon wheel Rd./Spanish Creek area, about a quarter-mile North of their location. Twice the light seemed to hit them and the witnesses ” . . . had to look away because it hurt” their eyes. The y drove quickly to the area, but observed nothing. No cars were visible near the site.


556 11:40 pm, over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, over the southern end of the Baca Development Huerfano/Saguache County (O’Brien)

Witness 5 miles east of Gardiner, CO, spots a “bluish-white fireball w/ no tail streak from the east, over the Sangres, toward Crestone.”

555 Mon June 15, 1998, around 10:00 PM. Between Ute and San Antonio Mountains AN1 Taos County, NM (Paye/O’Brien)

Two witnesses near Mesita, CO spotted large light which appeared to be alternating between orange and blue was observed over Ute Mtn–drifting to the west. It appeared to travel across the SLV “up and over San Antonio Mtn.” Light was visible around 15 minutes before it “flashed red a couple of times–then disappeared.”


554 12:15 am west side of the Blanca Massif near Zapata Falls ANI Alamosa County (ISUR)

“. . . We [7 investigators from ISUR, and 5 other witnesses] were way up on the west side of Mt. Blanca . . . I believe each of us saw faint lights flickering in the darkness of the mountainside, almost as if they were some coldblooded fireflies. My first thought was that I was suffering from the lack of oxygen at 9000 feet, and that what I was seeing was merely a phenomenom resulting from my not being accustomed to the altitude, but then others who were acclimated to the air (by virtue of having lived there for some time), were seeing the same thing. Once I discarded that theory, I wondered if perhaps there was a high altitude firefly, as they lights seemed to flicker on and off in a similar manner. But no sooner did I think that, when some of the lights began to stay on, uninterupted for as long as 30 seconds before going out. And then they stopped altogether. . .”


553 Baca Grande Development UNCONFIRMED Saguache County (CSETI)

CSETI training group may have experienced [an] anomalous event(s).

552 Sun June 21, 1998 at 10:00 p.m., near 5-Mile Rd, North of Monte Vista. FB1 Alamosa County (Frye/O’Brien)

Two witnesses observe two anomalous lights. The first light was described as bluish-green and hovering over Center, CO. The first light then started heading toward the Blanca Peak area. The second light was described as a light amber color which followed behind the first light-headed east.

May 1998

551 May 2, 1998, County Rd. 10, 12 miles east of Alamosa CO. UAD VIDEO/STILLS (Walkley/O’Brien)

Junne and Virgil Walkley were returning home from a friend’s house 15 miles east of Alamosa, CO, when they happened upon a “mutilated bull” that appeared to be “dropped on a fence line.” The animal, which turned out to be a cow, had apparently cleanly from around the lower teeth, up and around the jaw, and back under the lower jaw around to the lower teeth. The rear end and lower internal organs had been reamed by coyotes and scavenging birds. At this time, the owner of the animal has not been established and no report has been made to Alamosa or Costilla County authorities. This investigator conducted a thorough investigation of the crime-scene and was unable to locate any further clues as to the identity of the perpetrators. Because of the untimely nature of the report, no forensic samples were obtained.

This latest case extends the defined line of “mute” cases east from the Alamosa River where a number of cases have been reported and investigated since 1994. This makes seven cases in a perfect crescent-line along the Alamosa River.

550 Sun May 3, 1998, 11:00 pm to 11:20 pm, Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, E of Villa Grove, Saguache County (O’Brien) AN1

Witnesses traveling south on Highway 17 from Poncha Pass to Moffat watch “Hollywood Premier-type spotlights shining up into the sky from the tops of the mountains.” The large spotlights appeared to be sequencing from south-to-north. Lights were described as “white and red-colored.” Witness did not think lights were auroral, or atmospheric phenomenon.

549 Sun May 10, 1998, 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm, Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, E of Villa Grove, Saguache County (O’Brien) CO AN1

Motorist traveling south on Highway 17 from Poncha Pass to Moffat watches spotlights shining up from the mountaintops.” The large spotlights again appeared to be sequencing from south-to-north. Lights were described as “white and red-colored as they progressed north.” Witness did not think lights were auroral, or atmospheric phenomenon.

548 May 17, 1998 at 1:30 pm, Near La Veta Pass-Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Huerfano County, CO FB1 (O’Brien)

Two witnsses traveling west on Highway 160, down the western side of La Veta Pass, spot a clearly visible silver colored cigar-shaped object, over the Sangres, during a thunderstorm. The object was seen flying in and out of the clouds for several minutes before becoming obscured by the storm.

547 Sun May 24, 1998, 11:50 pm, Crestone, Saguache County CO (O’Brien) AN1

Witness driving east on Rd. T sees a “green fireball arc over town.” Witness was, ” . . .sure the object was below mountain” ridge-line.


546 Mon May 25, 1998, 1:10 am, Crestone/Baca Grande. Saguache County (O’Brien) AN1

Witness at the White Eagle Village sees a “bluish-white, one-third full-moon sized orb descend over the Baca Ranch

545 Sun May 24, 1998, Smith Res. 5 miles west of Blanca, Alamosa/Costilla County (O’Brien)

A-10 spotted flying low and slow near Walkley MUTE site and Smith Res.


544 May 31, 1998, 8:00 am, 1 mile east of Smith Res.Alamosa County (O’Brien) UNCONFIRMED MUTE

Two fisherman on their way to Smith Res., see possible mutilated sheep, two miles east of Smith Res. Carcass had been removed by late afternoon. No official report filed w/ sherif or investigators.


543 Sun May 31, 1998 11:55 pm, Crestone, Saguache County (O’Brien) MA1

Crestone resident sees an “object like a Fourth of July sparkler” streak up and over the Sangres–headed east. Object was 1 1/3 full-moon size and grew smaller as it traveled away from the witness. Witness claimed that the object started at “just above treetop level” before shooting straight up at appx a 45% angle.

April 1998

542 April 3, 1998, 20 miles south of Las Vegas, NM AN1 Mora County (O’Brien)

Five daylight photos were taken of an object south of Las Vegas NM, by Nick Schmidt. Duration: minutes

March 1998

Tue March 10, 1998 RUMOR Rio Grande County (Perkins)

Couple claim to have seen a convoy of semi’s with three trucks carrying “large underground exploration tunnel boring equipment.” Trucks were seen on Highway 160, near South Fork, CO.

Mar 6, 1998 NIGHT South of Alamosa, UAD

Kim Miller finds a mutilated horse. Rare near or below zero degrees case. Horse found in remote part of pasture was the only white-colored horse of a 15 horse-herd. Had been running as was covered in dried sweat. Found 13 feet from it’s own tracks. Fist sized hole in brisket, clean manible incision with long winter hair cut to 1/8″ and missing up side eye cut out around outside of socket. No blood or tracks found on ground. Body cavity had pooled blood and fluids.


February 1998

541 Sat February 28, 1998, at 11:30 am Highway 17 between Moffat and Hooper, CO. AN1

Passenger in a southbound vehicle witnessed a “hovering metallic gleam” toward the SW in the distance. Witness estimated the “object” was roughly over Alamosa, CO. The “pinhead-sized gleam” was visible for around “two minutes,” before blinking out.

540 Fri February 27, 1998, 7:30 pm North end of SLV Sagauche/Chaffee County (O’Brien)

Two passengers in a car traveling on Highway 17 witness a “large pulsing white light” over Poncha Pass. Light pulsed around “20 times”as it appeared to descend, then rise, descend, then rise, then traveled slowly toward the West.


Fri February 27, 1998, Around 9:00 pm. Highway 161E of Blanca Pk Alamosa/Huerfano County (O’Brien)

Motorist traveling west on Highway 161 spots a “formation of 3-4 orange lights” hovering over Blanca Pk. Lights seemed to fade out, then fade in–like clouds were obscuring them. Witness stopped car–got out and realized there were no clouds and the “sky was perfectly clear.” He stopped 2 more times to watch. As he approached his home at the base of Blanca Pk, the lights had disappeared.

538 Thur February 26, 1997, 11:00 pm Highway 17, North end of the SLV Saguache County (O’Brien)

An large, unusually large and slow “shooting-star” seen traveling Sw to NE at the north end of the San Luis Valley, by two passengers in a car traveling north on Highway 17. Duration: around four-seconds.

Art Bell Covers Colorado Fireball Stories

Art Bell show guests tonight [ Feb 26] reported that the Air Force closed off an area in the Black Forest in Colorado near Colorado Springs on Jan. 10, following reports of a a fireball in the sky in the area. [see extensive coverage later in Current Reports on these events–tmv ] Air Force personnel said the road closure was for “contamination research.” Witnesses reported odors of “cotton candy and rotten eggs,” which may indicate jet fuel. A report also came in Thursday evening (Feb. 26) of a large glowing blue light in the sky that persisted about four minutes, according to a caller to the National UFO Reporting Center.

January 1998

537 January 23, 1998, 9:00 pm Near Cotapaxi, CO, Arkansas River Canyon, E of Salida, CO AN1 Chaffee County (Tim Edwards/Jim Roberts)

“Jim Roberts said he viewed a orange, salmon colored globe from his house in the Cotapaxi area 1-23-98, 9:00 pm sharp. Object was hovering, dimming and brightening to the west and he thought it might have been viewed in Salida. No feedback on anyone else seeing it. Jim also reported a trianglar shaped object circling under the sun last week moving in circles with lights. He went in to get his camera and then couldn’t pick it back up.”

536 January 22, 1998, 7:25 to 7:45 pm, State Highway 96 and Rosita Rd., 13 miles east of Westcliffe, CO., Military Activity

Westcliffe resident Myrna Schrader filed this report: “I saw a total of 8 small planes, or helicopters, over a 20 minute period. None were flying high enough to be commercial jets. All were moving very slowly. All were totally silent. Five of them were heading west/northwest [toward the Salida/Northern SLV area–tmv] Three of them were heading South/Southeast. There were always at least of them visible with my naked eyes, during the entire 20 minutes. All had blinking red taillights, and steady yellow, or white, front lights. As I watched, they came closer to one another and one of them raised their altitude [sic] . . .I figured it was no coincedence that all these odd, silent aircraft were all in the same region at the same time on a cold January night. . .weather was clear, no clouds. Temperature approx. 10 degrees. . .”

Custer County (Schrader/O’Brien)

535 January 20, 1998, 6:00 pm south of the Great Sand Dunes AN1

Hooper resident reports watching a “big star doing some big twists.” Object/light was described as flashing “red-green and blue.” Witness described the multi-colored light as hovering for five or so minutes just south of the Sand Dunes Oasis. At around 6:15 pm, I witnessed two low flying jets headed from the east, over the Sangre de Cristos, south toward the location where the light was observed. Jets were flying under 3000 feet above the Valley floor. Witness claimed the object was not Sirius rising in the east. He claimed the “object” two times larger than the brightest planets, was 5 degrees north of Sirius the heaven’s brightest star,which he was able to identify.

Alamosa/Saguache County (O’Brien/Vitoria)

534 January 17, 1998 8:00 pm South of Ute Mountain, Northern New Mexico/SLV

A bright light, high in the sky, was spotted by Thomas Paye in Mestia, CO; just north of the NM/CO border. The bright light was stationary for ten minutes, then headed west, before he and his girlfriend lost sight of it in the clouds. Taos County (Paye/O’Brien)

January 11, 1998, 12:15 am Front Range of Colorado REGIONAL

By Jim Hughes Denver Post Staff Writer Jan.- 12 – 1998

A mysterious object lit up the night sky up and down the Front Range early Sunday then startled witnesses with a deafening explosion. There was no official explanation about the object Sunday. Military spokesmen denied the object was a military aircraft. Local scientists speculated it could have been a meteor or an illegal firework. Douglas County resident Gunter Harz witnessed the phenomenon around 12:15 a.m.

“All of a sudden, there was an impact that shook our house and then a double explosion immediately after the impact,” Harz said. “I don’t know if a meteorite makes that noise, but I do know that my house was shaking.” Residents from Colorado Springs to Denver flooded area police dispatchers and military operators with calls about the object. But the phenomenon was not related to activities at any of the military installations around Colorado Springs, according to spokespeople for U.S. Space Control at Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base. “There was nothing that would have created a loud noise or explosion,” said Lt. Jason Medina, a Peterson Air Force Base spokesman.

Katy Garmany, director of the University of Colorado’s Fiske Observatory in Boulder, said the object could have been a meteor. But meteors normally burn up 20 to 40 miles in the sky and don’t emit any sound. “You have to consider the possibility that somebody was shooting off some high-grade illegal fireworks,” [Cheap Fireworks?-tmv-] she said. Jack Murphy, curator of geology for the Denver Museum of Natural History, said he thinks the object may have been one of the rare meteors that infiltrates the atmosphere and burns up closer to the ground. And if that was the case, scientifically valuable pieces of the meteor may have landed in the area, he said.

The loud sound many people heard probably was a sonic boom, he said. Murphy said it would probably take him a few days to identify the object. “It’s going to complicate my life for a few days,” he said.

The last big fireball that came this close to the ground in Colorado was recorded by a security video camera in Colorado Springs in 1995, he said. That same camera recorded Sunday’s event, too, he said. The videotape, combined with testimony from witnesses, should help scientists figure out precisely what happened, he said.

He is hoping that witnesses – particularly people east and west of Colorado Springs – will call his office. If fireworks were the cause, they were bigger than most found at Fourth of July celebrations, said Atom Abbott, who said he saw the phenomenon shortly after midnight from Downtown Denver. “It was a big, blue fireball,” he said. “I thought it was a plane crashing, at first.”

Abbott’s visual report was confirmed by others who claimed to see a white or blue light speeding through the sky early Sunday morning. Larry Sanders of Denver said Sunday morning’s event was more dramatic than meteors he has seen before, he said. He was driving in Weld County after midnight when he saw what he described as “a very large bright light that lit up the clouds and several smaller, secondary explosions.” Although a variety of military installations monitor the skies over Colorado, nobody other than the occasional astronomer looks for incoming objects from space, said Cmdr. David Knox of the U.S. SpaceCommand unit at Cheyenne Mountain outside of Colorado Springs. “I don’t want to say it was a meteorite, because I don’t know,” he said. “All I can say is it wasn’t one of the 8,000 objects that we track.” The agency monitors all objects “bigger than a softball” in Earth orbit, he said.

[How interesting the January 11th object’s glow, as it passed over, was again a captured by the same security camera that cauught last year’s “meteor” in the same location. And how interesting last October’s huge New Mexico Western Texas “meteor” occured on the same flight path–almost a year to-the-day– from a similar object seen on the same flight path last year—tmv]

Fireball, sonic boom tied to meteor breakup

By Mike Patty Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer
A spectacular fireball and sonic boom startled residents along Colorado’s Front Range early Sunday, an event scientists say was probably the breakup of a large meteor. According to witnesses, the brilliant flash of light was seen about 12:15 a.m. Sunday.

“We don’t know much right now except that it appeared that the object came from the west and may have broken up somewhere around the El Paso and Elbert county line between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs,” said Jack Murphy, geology curator for the Denver Museum of Natural History. “It was accompanied by a terrific sonic boom and rumbling sound that witnesses say continued for a relatively long time. This supports the theory that the object broke up and meteorites may be on the ground.”

Murphy said the event was the most spectacular reported since November 1995, when a meteor streaked over the same area. “Ironically, that event was captured on a security video camera in Colorado Springs and the same camera captured this one last night,” Murphy said. Scientists are asking witnesses to call 370-6445 so they can get a better idea of where the meteorites may have landed.

“It would really be helpful to get eyewitnesses from outlying areas such as Limon, Pueblo, Cripple Creek and so on,” Murphy said. Posters likely will be made up and distributed describing what to look for and perhaps offering a reward. “It would be a coal black rock, probably no bigger than a tennis ball or baseball,” he said. El Paso/Elbert County (Rocky Mtn News January 12, 1998/ Larry@ISUR)

[Interesting the way these fireballs keep dropping out of the thin Rocky Mountain sky lately. Anyone else think these report clusters are strange? Thanks to Tim Edwards for putting these articles and reports together. .–tmv]

533 Thur January 8, 1998, 5:20 pm Costilla County, SLV CO AN1

“Just last night my daughter and her friend and parent were coming home from basketball practice and mentioned that on Thursday night [Jan 8 ’98] the notice two lights emanating from the sky in the approximate location where the carcasses were discovered. She mentioned this before I told here about the discovery of the pigs.” Arnie V. Costilla County (Arnie V./O’Brien)

532 Thur January 8, 1998, 5:20 pm Over the Baca Ranch, 2 miles east of mile marker 93 on State Highway 17 SLV CO MA1

Two witnesses driving north on Highway 17 noticed a brightly blinking small light two miles to the east of their location. Observed a “150 foot diameter disc” with a small, low cupola, light was on underside. Object was plainly visible in dusk lighting. Appeared to be at “between 1500 to 2000 feet ” in altitude and traveling down the center of the SLV south by southwest. One witness estimated the speed at between “500 and 600 mph.” Two other cars on 17 may have also witnessed object.

Duration of sighting about “30 seconds.”

Saguache/Alamosa County (O’Brien)

531 Wed January 7, 1998, 4:45 pm to 3:00 am Near Farasita, CO La Veta MOA

530 Sat January 10, 1998, at dusk Huerfano County La Veta MOA

529 Sun January 11, 1998, Huerfano County La Veta MOA

528 Mon January 5, 1998, Costilla County SLV CO MUTES

Three pigs discovered in a mutilated condition by two San Luis, CO ranchers. A local San Luis, CO., man named Arnie V., contacted me with the following report:

“I wanted to follow up on our conversation regarding the pig mutalations. Upon speaking the the man who discovered the carcass’ it turns out there were three mutilated pigs each about 100 to 150 pounds, white in color and each with a cored out rectum and other round holes in the abdomen. Apparently they had been discovered three days before I saw them. There were only two when I saw the on Thursday. Bob Green from La Sierra News paper went out to take some photos with a digital camera. You might check with him for prints. I think he will run a story in his paper this coming week”

Costilla County (Arnie V./O’Brien) [No conclusive evidence of a high-strange case–tmv]Wed

December 1997

527 December 17, 1997, at 10:30 a.m. 5 Miles SW of Alamosa, CO MUTE

Rancher Ron Gardiner discovered a dead gelding 5 miles SW of Alamosa, CO, in the San Luis Valley So-Cen CO/No-Cen NM. The animal was still warm and the rancher estimated the animal was killed and mutilated sometime around dawn. The horse was missing it’s penis and an 8 inch circular patch of hide behind the sheath– which was intact. The rear-end was neatly cored out in a slightly elongated circle to a depth of 8 to 9 inches. Eyes and tongue were intact. The animal was found lying on it’s right side at the bottom of a dry, 7 foot deep irrigation canal channel. There was evidence of a struggle i.e., broken chimisa bushes and thrashing marks, but besides the unfortunate gelding’s tracks, there were no other tracks present. No apparent scavenger interest noted and two horses in the small herd seemed curious and unafraid of the carcass. The carcass did not bloat. No downside incisions or additional evidense noted by the rancher, this investigator, or the Alamosa County Sheriff investigator, but a 5 inch shallow gash in the hide was present on the neck. Several drops which appeared to be blood were found in snow about 60 feet away over the fence and across the road. Alamosa County (O’Brien/Alamosa Sheriff, Valley Courier VIDEO/STILL/FORENSIC)

526 Sun December 14, 1997, from 1:15 to 1:40 a.m at 12S road near Mesita, CO

Large object seen slowly crossing the SLV from Questa, NM toward Chama, NM. Took 25 minutes to traverse approximately 50 miles Costilla/Taos Counties (Paye/O’Brien)


524-525 Sat December 13, 1997 7:30 p.m., 2 miles north of La Jara, CO

Two reports; 7:05 p.m.,and & 10 p.m., looking east on Highway 285 just north of La Jara, CO Sighting locations are and twelve miles from gelding death location. Alamosa County (O’Brien)

November 1997

523 Sun November 30, 1997, around 5:30-6:00 am, SW corner pasture on Saguache County Road 61 and County Road C MUTE.

1 and a half miles west, 2-miles north of Hooper, CO, a calf “mutilation” was reported by ranchers Bill Knopfman, Jack Kuntz and their foreman, Ted Ruggles. A report was filed with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office, who also investigated the calf death. The 10-month old female calf, in a herd of approximately 40 cattle, was discovered with it’s right side mandible completely exposed with all hide and tissue removed. That morning, a dense fog blanketed the entire center portion of the SLV and the temperature was around 10 degrees.

The apparent facial incision extended up and over the eye socket. Eye was removed. Tongue was intact. Rear-end coring 10″ in diameter. Apparent removal of reproductive tract to a (approximate) depth of 18″. Drop of blood observed on one teat. Uniform 4 to 5 inch snow cover over the entire pasture. Animal found lying on left-side. No down-side incisions noted. Calf was facing head to the south. Nearest dwelling about 400-450 yards away south by southwest of carcass. Only tracks observed were the victim animal’s own tracks. No additional evidence noted, i.e., blood, tissue, footprints, tire tracks, disturbed snow or vegetation. No known observation of attendant lights or sounds in the vicinity of site at time of death. Residents of nearest dwelling reported their dogs barking at around 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. Rancher’s dogs showed an interest in the carcass and evidently widened the rectum-coring shortly after calf’s discovery. Magpies and crows were observed on the calf at time of discovery. Some bird scavenging was noted, i.e., eye-socket and optic nerves scavenged. Tissue underneath incisional area showed some signs of being pecked at, but no observed scavenger action on hide at or on actual incisions. Three sets of samples were obtained for separate forensic testing.

Saguache County (Saguache County Sheriff/O’Brien SLV Publishing Papers, Valley Courier VIDEO/STILL/FORENSIC)


522 Sat November 29, 1997, 11:10 pm Over Northern SLV MA1

Four witnesses in the Baca watch a multi-colored light move slowly from center of the Valley toward the north. Saguache County (O’Brien)

October 1997

521 Mon October 13, 1997, 7:52 pm-8:00 pm, SW of Mt Ouray near Marshall Pass AN1

Two witnesses observe a bright orange light, about the size and brightness of Venus. Light, 5 degrees above the horizon to the NW, was seen from approximately 20-30 miles away. It blinked out quickly from left to right. Witnesses did not think the light was aircraft landing lights. Light appeared to be hovering in the same region as the October 4 sighting.

516-520 Week of October 5, 1997 Salida, CO MA1 AN1 FB1

Tim Edwards is receiving numerous daily reports of silver discs, and/ or orbs, cigar-shaped craft and anomalous light sightings. These reports are currently under investigation.

Chaffee County (Edwards)

515 Sat October 4, 1997, at 6:45 pm, Mesita, CO MA1

Mesita, CO resident Thomas Paye was driving home from Costilla–west on County Road 159 when he noticed a “silver cylinder” hanging in the western sky reflecting the setting sun. He said, “It looked like an average-sized jet, but it didn’t have any wings or a tail.” He arrived home and grabbed a pair of powerful binoculars and ran back outside to observe the object which was still hovering over the La Jara Reservoir area of the San Juan Mountains. “I watched for awhile then noticed it was heading back east toward the center of the [San Luis] Valley. According to Paye, at this point the object morphed into a brilliant “red dot,” then began to slowly descend. As it decended, “it turned into a “large silver metallic ball, like a hot air balloon,” but with no basket hanging underneath “. . . it looked like a giant ‘steely’ [ball bearing] hanging in the sky.” The dull silver-colored object continued descending into what Paye estimated was the Osier Park/Fox Creek area–10 miles west of Antonito, CO, 15-20 miles north of the Colorado/ New Mexico border. (This is where two mutilations were found last October with landing marks near the carcasses.) Paye’s sighting lasted from 6:45 pm to 7:53 pm. Duration: 53-54 minutes. This Conejo County sighting is probably related to the following report.

Conejos County (O’Brien)


514 7:30 pm to 7:50 pm, Center, CO

Resident Fabian Sauvo was out in his yard when he noticed three “red balls” of light hovering over Del Norte [CO]. One broke formation and began approaching Center, CO from the SE. “It was coming from over Del Norte and moving really slow. It flew right over the house–headed north” toward the Crestone area. Sauvo claimed the object was flying fairly low, and was not a satellite. During this time, the other two red lights were moving up/down, left to right, over Del Norte. Then Sauvo watched a fourth red ball of light appear over the Del Norte area, near the two hovering in tandem, and streak after the one that had broke formation. “It flew real fast chasing the first light. . . It was like a streak. It only took 4 or 5 seconds for it to fly across the whole Valley” [about 65 to 70 miles]. Duration of sighting 7:30 to 7:40 pm. No calls were logged Sat night by the Saguache or Rio Grande County Sheriff’s Offices. The Conejos County Sheriff’s office did not receive a Saturday report, but a report was logged Fri night of a unusually “low flying plane” that flew over Antonito, CO, at around 9:00 pm.

Conejos/Rio Grande/Saguache Counties (O’Brien)

September 1997

511-512 September 22, 1997, 9:25 pm to 9:40 pm, the Northern end of the San Luis Valley

For 15-20 minutes, blinking objects (choppers?) were seen escorting a very large, slow moving, orange/red globe west-to-east about 45 miles north of witnesses. This formation of four-to-five blinking lights, low over the mountains, was observed traveling from west-to-east over the Marshall Pass and Poncha Pass areas. Further south, around Villa Grove, at a higher elevation, a bright light hovered, flashing red and green. This larger/closer light then drifted north. Under nightvision, the two larger lights/objects appeared unusually bright. Two reports were filed with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office. I was able to get up to the roof and see these object/lights. This area is not part of the low-level La Veta Military Operations area, or an official VTR flight corridor.

Saguuache County (O’Brien/Saguache County Sherrif)

510 Thursday, Sept 11, 1997, at 8:30 pm, West of Mesita, CO MA1

Two Mesita, CO witnesses observed two large craft, each with a row of six whiteish-orange lights, moving in unison. The craft, each estimated as being “a little longer than a [C-131] transport plane,” slowly drfted south over the South Pinon Hills, then stopped around the border and headed back north. After traveling north for about ten miles, they slowly began drfting west across the SLV, between Antonito and Romeo, CO. At no time did the objects travel faster than an estimated 40 mph. Duration of sighting: about 40 minutes.

Costilla and Conejos County (O’Brien)

500 Sat Sept 13, at 3:30 am, Road T, one mile west of Crestone

Dennis Neuhaus was resting in his car on the side of Road T, about a mile west of Crestone, when he was awakened by “a roaring sound that sounded like an old train.” At first the witness thought it was a jet flying over, but the sound was steady and did not diminish. He rolled down his driver side window and listened, and could make out “clanking sounds, like a train” traveling on train tracks. He rolled down his passenger window and could tell the sound was coming from the southwest, out on the Baca Ranch. He got out and looked around, but could see nothing he could attribute the sound to. There was no aerial traffic present. Interestingly enough, I have received “phantom train” reports from this general area where a train used to run in the early 1900’s. It ceased operation and the tracks were torn up in the early 1930’s.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


499 Friday, Sept 12, 1997 at 11:30 pm, Baca Grande Development AN1

Two witnesses in the Baca Grande Development (north of theCO/NM border about 90 miles) claim to have watched a “huge craft hovering over the center of the [San Luis] Valley.” They described unblinking red and green lights that seemed to be arrayed around the object.

Saguache County (O’Brien/Dennis)


498 Friday, Sept 12, 1997, at 10:40 pm Baca Grande Development AN1

I see a blueish cheap firework go down between me and the Sangres. Appeared to travel about 1/4 mile

Saguache County (O’Brien)


497 The first or second of September, 1997, Malacite, CO, North of Sheep Mountain

(there is some confusion as to the exact date) a C-131 transport plane was seen dropping a “huge box” just north of the Atlantic Richfield CO2 plant (located between Sheep and Little Sheep Mountains) in Huerfano County, near the towns of Red Wing and Malacite, CO. Locals in the area witnessed the “drop” and set off to investigate and search for the box. Three separate reports of the following events have emerged. In one report, locals witnessed two men with “jet-packs on their backs flying up and down, around and between” Sheep and Little Sheep Mountain, apparently looking for the box. Other witnesses claim they saw a craft, a short time later, that had the appearance of a large clear bubble. From the bottom of the bubble sparks were being emitted with a “clattering sound” from square objects that were described as “magnets.” A witness (in true Colorado fashion) evidently fired a gun at the strange-looking object as it passed overhead and later that evening the man was confronted and then accosted by three men. He told neighbors he was wrestled to the ground and one of the men grabbed him and “snapped his neck” and he immediately was rendered unconscious. Another report claims personnel were seen searching ranches and barns north of Sheep Mountain later that night, or early the following morning. A number of locals witnessed this apparent search by these unknown craft and personnel.

Huerfano County (Perkins)

496 Thursday, Sept 11, 1997, at 8:30 pm, West of Mesita, CO MA1

Two Mesita, CO witnesses observed two large craft, each with a row of six whiteish-orange lights, moving in unison. The craft, each estimated as being “a little longer than a [C-131] transport plane,” slowly drfted south over the South Pinon Hills, then stopped around the border and headed back north. After traveling north for about ten miles, they slowly began drfting west across the SLV, between Antonito and Romeo, CO. At no time did the objects travel faster than an estimated 40 mph. Duration of sighting: about 40 minutes. Costilla and Conejos County (O’Brien)

495 Sept 13, at 3:30 am, Road T, one mile west of Crestone

Dennis Neuhaus was resting in his car on the side of Road T, about a mile west of Crestone, when he was awakened by “a roaring sound that sounded like an old train.” At first the witness thought it was a jet flying over, but the sound was steady and did not diminish. He rolled down his driver side window and listened, and could make out “clanking sounds, like a train” traveling on train tracks. He rolled down his passenger window and could tell the sound was coming from the southwest, out on the Baca Ranch. He got out and looked around, but could see nothing he could attribute the sound to. There was no aerial traffic present. Interestingly enough, I have received “phantom train” reports from this general area where a train used to run in the early 1900’s.It ceased operation and the tracks were torn up in the early 1930’s.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


494 Friday, Sept 12, 1997 at 11:30 pm, Baca Grande Development AN1

Two witnesses in the Baca Grande Development (north of theCO/NM border about 90 miles) claim to have watched a “huge craft hovering over the northeastern [San Luis] Valley.” They described unblinking red and green lights that seemed to be arrayed around the object.

Saguache County (O’Brien/Dennis)


493 Friday, Sept 12, 1997, at 10:40 pm Baca Grande Development AN!

I see a blueish cheap firework go down between my vantage point and the Sangres. Appeared to travel about 1/4 mile. Duration: 2 seconds.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

August 1997

492 August 22, 1997, between 8:30 and 9:00 pm over the Rio Grande River at the CO/NM Border MA1

Three witnesses watched two lights that one witness reported looking like” huge car headlights” that were intermittently visible to the west in a “large thunderhead.” Then they also watched a large golden colored light that appeared low to the south by the border. Duration: about ten minutes. One of these witnesses, Thomas Peay, claimed to have then experienced three concurrent nights of lucid dreams featuring “aliens” and being “taken out through the window and aboard a small ship” which took him “up to a larger ship.” After the first night’s dream, the witness claimed “he knew they were coming back before he fell asleep.”

Costilla County (O’Brien


June 1997

491 Fri June 20th, 1997 5:00 am, north of Villa Grove near Poncha Pass

A convoy of all-white vans and vehicles was seen, by a rancher hauling cattle, headed out of the Valley, on Highway 17–north of Villa Grove. Saguache County (O’Brien)

490 Tue June 17, 1997 One-half-mile northwest of Alamosa, CO

All white convoys of vans, Suburbans and trucks–10 to 12 vehicles seen on (w/ State Patrol rear-escort) headed into Alamosa, the back way. Alamosa County (O’Brien)

489 Fri June 13, 1997, near Villa Grove, CO (MUNDANE?)

Received a sighting report from the NW part of the Valley by a witness headed north on 17. Said it was a reddish, flashing blue light, slightly bigger than a planet. Just hovered. Arcturis or Vega setting?

Saguache County (O’Brien)

488 Tue June 10, 1997 12:00 Wet Mountains, Custer County La Veta MOA

Apparent military flight activity, no anomalous lights. Custer County (Joseph Murphy)

487 Mon June 9, 1997 Wet Mountains, near Florence, CO La Veta MOA

Heavy military flight activity all day, and two black helicopters and one yellow one.


486 8:45 – 9:20 pm Wet Mountain, near Florence, COs

Lights were back and plane activity was high.

Custer County (Joseph Murphy)

485 Sat June 7, 1997 One-mile north of Alamosa on Highway 17

I saw a pick-up, on 17, the next day, just before 5:00 p.m., meandering up and down driveways a mile north of Alamosa. It had one of these space-gun looking things mounted in the back on the truck bed. The guys were in an unmarked brand-new Ford F-350, and they were just meandering around up and down driveways. I couldn’t stop. I wish I had now, because I mentioned it to a shop-keeper just minutes later and she was the one who told about the semi the night before. Both the semi and the pickup were brand-new looking; had blinking large pale yellow rectangular lights. I made some calls and everyone I’ve talked to has never heard of anything like these things.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)


484 Sat June 7, 1997 10:30 pm Near Florence, CO La Veta MOA

Strange orange glow on ground about 10 miles south of the small town of Coal Creek, near Florence. Lasted six minutes after we saw it. Seemed to be near the Coal Creek water tank.

Custer County (Joseph Murphy)


483 Sat June 7 at 2:00 am, Highway 17 & 160 Alamosa CO

A woman saw a semi parked at the intersection of highways 161 and 17, in Alamosa, with ten “Buck Rogers’ ray-gun-things on a flat-bed.” They were round 12″ cylinders, w/ a front that looked like a SR-71 jet engine scoop; a back end w/ handles, they were about 5 to 6 feet long and mounted an a 360 degree/moveable pedestal, like a 50-caliber machine gun. They had a bunch of hi-tech-looking gadgets on them. She said they had just taken the tarps off them, and all ten were lined up on the bed.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)


482 Sat June 6, 1997 Near Florence, CO La Veta MOA

Apparent military flight activity Custer County (Joseph Murphy)


481 Fri June 6, 1997 La Veta MOA

Same two lights were back at about 8:30 pm. This time about 20 miles southwest, to the right, from where they were seen before. (Same pattern)

Custer County (Joseph Murphy )

480 Thur June 5, 1997, 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Near Florence, CO La Veta MOA

Military flight activity. 3 big planes circled 50-mile radius around the mountain range.

Custer County (Joseph Murphy)


479 2:00 am, Poate Lake, about 20 miles south of South Fork, CO

I received a call-in on my NPR/ Mysterious Valley Report radio show from a camper with a group near Poate Lake. They saw what caller described as a large, bright orange light just over the mountains, headed southwest. (Interestingly, Archuleta Mesa/Dulce Base is a scant 35 miles away to the southwest of Poate Lk).

Archuleta County (O’Brien)

478 Wed June 4, 1997, about 8:30 pm, near Florence, CO, La Veta MOA

Noticed a light flashing red light, moving strangely in an odd pattern above and around the San Isabel Range (in the La Veta Low-level Military flight operations area).

Custer County (Joseph Murphy)


477 8:45 pm near Florence CO, La Veta MOA

Strange light still there. We watched as it moved all across the mountains and switched from flashing red to a constant glaring white and them back to red again. It did this several times as it moved. What seemed to be a searchlight followed on the ground below it. Another light then appeared and they pulsed and glared white in sync with each other. The other light which appeared grounded at the base of the range about 15 miles from the original light at a southeast angle. Custer County (Joseph Murphy)


476 9:15 pm near Florence CO, La Veta MOA

The first light came toward us and went toward the Pikes Peak area. The second light completely vanished. During the entire episode, we heard not a single sound; no engines, no propellers, nothing until the first light was directly even with us. Then it was like it just turned on. We decided it sounded almost like a jet, but it wasn’t quite right. From what we could make out in the darkness it seemed very large. (**Report included drawing of a sharp-pointed triangle shape) It couldn’t have been a plane because it just hovered over the mountain range and did vertical drops and then hovered more and so on. It seemed to be looking for something. 15 minutes, or so after it was no longer in sight, we looked outside again and both lights were back. Custer County (Joseph Murphy-drawing)




January 1997

475 Thur Jan 16, 1997 at 6:30 pm Western Slope of Colorado AN1 (1 after HM)

According to Durango CO investigator Davina Ryszka, multiple witnesses report an unusual bright orange globe, or glow in the western sky. At the center was a brighter light. Several reports noted an accompanying “northern-light” type phenomenon. Object appeared to have Grand Junction radio station KUBC receives over “100” phone-calls with about 50% of the calls referring to other sightings from prior three week period. Ryszka has contacted 17 out of the 100 callers and is compiling first-hand accounts. Radio DJ Melody announced on-the-air that she had seen the object and no way was it a missile. Ryszka found that reports indicate several weeks of heightened activity in the Montrose-Grand Junction-Paonia CO area of the state. Reports from this period include: A female teenager, near Gunnison, was followed by a low-flying object that prompted her to drive “100 mph” to try and escape it. Some high school kids claim they witnessed an object above the school. Residents of Paonia CO reported unusual military activity during the time period. More information as it arrives. Montrose/Delta/Mesa/Gunnison Counties (Ryzska/Edwards/O’Brien)

474 Thur Jan 16, 1997 at 6:30 pm Road T Crestone/Moffat CO AN1 (1 After HM)

While 3 or so miles east of Moffat, witness driving west witnessed a “bright light much larger than a star or planet blink on just above the western horizon in the direction of La Garita. Light was visible for 2 or 3 minutes before extinguishing. “The people in the car ahead of me must have seen it because they hit their brakes right when it came on; just like I did.” Light appeared to have a defuse glow around it that Dennett initially thought was “the moon setting,” however, the moon was behind him to the east. Object appeared to “light up the clouds” around it before disappearing. Saguache County (O’Brien)

Christmas to Jan 16 Activity Montrose to Grand Junction, from UT border to Gunnison. UNCONFIRMED Durango CO investigator Davina Ryszka found that reports indicate several weeks of heightened activity in the Montrose-Grand Junction-Paonia CO area of the state. Reports from this period include: A female teenager, near Gunnison, was followed by a low-flying object that prompted her to drive “100 mph” to try and escape it. Some high school kids claim they witnessed an object above the school. Residents of Paonia CO reported unusual military activity during the time period. Montrose/Delta/Mesa/Gunnison Counties (Ryzska/Edwards/O’Brien)

December 1996

473 Sun Dec 29, 1996 at 12:30 am Baca Grande Chalet 1 FB1 ( 5 after FM)

Stephanie V. is awakened by an “annoying, almost nauseating low-pitched drone” that “permeated” her house. She immediately looked out her east-facing bedroom window and observed a “bright white light” flying from SW to NE over the mountains. The light “didn’t look right,” and was unblinking. She spent an hour trying to locate the source of the sound inside and out, but was unsuccessful. After awaking in the morning, she noticed that the sound was still occurring. She called Whitney Strong, who arrived at her house at 9:15 am, and they both listened to the sound until it ceased at about 9:40 am. No other calls reporting this sound. Witness also reported hearing this sound “a few days before.” Saguache County (O’Brien)


472 12:45 am Highway 17 between Hooper and Moffat CO

My brother Brendan and I observe a bright white light high up the mountains behind the Baca Development. Light flared on for several seconds before going out. Light was observed at least 1000 feet above any road, just below treeline. We decide to go to a viewing location.


471 1:15 am Baca Chalet II

Brendan and I are sitting at the top of a cul-de-sac with a panoramic view of the valley when we notice a droning hum-like sound. At first we thought it was a large truck coming up the hill, but quickly ruled out this explanation. Later, I learn we were less than one-half mile from Vevea’s house. We move S one mile to a new viewing location.


470 2:00 am Baca Chalet II

We witness what appears to be a meandering bright orange light, out over the valley, about four miles distant, that appears to be looking for something. Light had ability to move several hundred yards instantly and was approximately 25 to 50 feet off the ground. Light was visible meandering around for almost 40 minutes. We attempted to track it down in the car, but we were unsuccessful. Saguache County (O’Brien’s)

469 Sat Dec 7, 1996 at 7:15 pm FB1 (3 before NM)

Douglas H. observes a solid, unblinking orange light traveling S to N. Light never blinked and exibited no standard FAA anti-collision lights. Hawk also noticed an unusual amount of nocturnal small airplane traffic the following night. Alamosa County O’Brien

November 1996

468 Wed Nov 20, 1996 at 7:12 pm San Luis Valley

Numerous witnesses report a “boom” that seemed to come from the ground. Sherry Maxwell, BrendanO’Brien, Monti Collins, Isadora and Brisa Storey all reported the boom which was probably a sonic boom from a military jet going super-sonic. Central and Northern SLV (O’Brien)

467 Mon Nov 18, 1996 Over the Baca Ranch area MA1 (HM)

Amy S. sees “a triangle of white lights fly over the SLV headed west. Lights “broke apart and descended diagonally toward the ground.” Saguache County (O’Brien)

466 Thur Nov 14, 1996 at 7:12 pm Alamosa, CO

Historian and Open Space Alliance Advocate Pat Richmond sees 12 unmarked white vehicles with red-lights in Alamosa. She thought the vehicles looked “suspicious” Alamosa County (Richmond)

465 Wed Nov 13, 1996 at 6:28 pm AN1 ( 2 after NM )

I received four calls, in quick succession, reporting a “huge ball of white light” that fell straight down to the ground for 2 to 3 seconds toward the SE-side of the SLV. Object was described by witnesses as “larger than a full-moon.” Each caller was positive the object came down in the valley. The fireball was seen from the extreme northern end of the valley to the CO/NM border. One woman, S of Antonito, CO, claimed she was sure “it fell right next to” her car. Alamosa Sheriff received 2 calls, Saguache County received 4 calls, Custer County received a call, and the CO State Patrol received 2 calls. NORAD and Peterson AFB received “no calls.” Descriptions of the object at the northern end of the SLV said it was whitish-blue, but as the various observer’s location headed to the S, descriptions were of a “rainbow color.” The woman witness on the border claimed she saw a faint trail behind the object.

Entire SLV (O’Brien, Undersheriff Norris, Patrolman W. Williams)

464 Sat Nov 9, 1996 at 5:15 pm Crestone, CO AN1 (2 before NM )

Stace T. and her daughter were headed E on Highway 50, near Cotopaxi, CO, when they observed a “yellow light” which reminded Stace of “light shining off an airplane, but different.” The light flared on for only “1 or 2 seconds,” before vanishing.

Chaffee County (Tussel/O’Brien)


463 7:00 pm Baca Grande Development FB1 (2 before NM )

I was driving out into the Baca Grants to watch the Tyson/Holyfield fight when I noticed an unusual amount of conventional air traffic. I stopped in the driveway of the house were I was headed and watched 2 groups of 2 blinking lights headed E to W over the Valley. Then I noticed 4 other lights in a similar formation further south toward Mt. Blanca. In between these formations, around the Hooper, CO area, I saw a bright, unblinking orange light, 5-6 X the size of Mars headed west at a conventional rate of speed. I alerted 3 other witnesses joined me outside to watch the orange light disappear to the west.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


462 9:30 pm Baca Grande Development FB1 ( 2 before NM )

I went outside to have a smoke, and again noticed an unusual amount of conventional aerial traffic. This time, 4 lights headed N up the range, 3 lights over Poncha Pass were headed W, and again 4 lights were headed over the valley to the W. Again, an orange light was observed headed W over the Hooper, CO area. I again alerted everyone, and they came outside to take a look. The whole Valley appeared ringed by these conventional lights.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


461 11:10 pm Baca Grande Development (2 before NM)

I was leaving the Grants when I AGAIN, observed what appeared to be extensive military flights over the SLV. This time the 13 lights (total) were not accompanied by an orange light

Saguache County (O’Brien)

460 Fri Nov 8, 1996 5:15-5:25 pm NW San Luis Valley MA1 (3 before NM )

Marge S. and friends were out walking and noticed a “line of lights” on the western horizon. The “three white silver things” were strung out around 7 degrees above the La Garita area. After several minutes they moved to a vertical position, one on top of the other. After 10-minutes, the line of lights disappeared to the west and a 4th light appeared to the north, hovered for a minute then it also disappeared.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

459 Sat Nov 2, 1996 Burns, CO Bull UAD Classic ( )

Susan N., (referred to me by Colorado State Livestock Board/Todd Ingles) discovered an 1800 lb., six year-old, black-angus seed-bull laying on it’s right side, “mutilated,” in a 60 acre pasture on a snow-covered portion of the Nottingham ranch near Burns, CO. The professional (15-year) cattle-rancher noted that the animals genitalia, rear-end, eye, ear, and left-side of it’s muzzle had “obviously been sliced off.” No obvious cause of death apparent. A line of thrNearee 2-inch abrasions were noted on the belly in front of the penile incision. A report was made to Eagle County sheriff A.J. Johnson, who along with sheriff’s deputy James Van Beck and a local veterinarian, investigated the case. There were no signs of a struggle and no additional clues around the animal that lay in a “marshy section” of the pasture. Tracks indicated that coyotes had circled the carcass 25 feet away. Scavenging birds showed an interest in the carcass but refused to land near the animal and no bird droppings were observed on or near the carcass. No unusual herd reactions were noted. Photographs and three complete sets of forensic samples were obtained along with complete soil and flora samples. Rancher mentioned hearing a low-flying helicopter in the early AM “a few days before” the animal was discovered. No other reports of unusual activity in the area made to the sheriff.

Eagle County (Ingles/Johnson/Van Beck/O’Brien PHOTOS/FORENSIC)

October 1996

458 Tue Oct 26, 1996 7:30 – 8:45 Road 66T & Baca Ranch MA1 ( )

Myself, Rocky Mtn. News Reporter Alan Dumas, and RMN photographer Steve Nickerson were skywatching just inside the Baca Ranch when we observed a solid, unblinking orange light appear fairly low in the SE, headed NW. Object was traveling approximately 200 mph. Craft did a loop and headed back toward the E displaying standard FAA lighting. Then several minutes later, two craft, in formation, came over the Sangres from the E, headed W. One craft did a loop, and headed back to the E. The other hovered for several minutes over the Great San Dunes. Several minutes later, we observed a formation of 7 to 9 lights flying over the La Jara Reservoir area. Then, a bright orange light appeared out of the W, headed E. Craft was unblinking. It headed E, turned and headed S. Then it turned again and started heading N. Then it turned, again, and headed back E. It did this zig-zag, box-type maneuver several times. When it was finished, it seemed to greatly increase it’s speed and disappeared directly S.

Saguache/Rio Grande County (O’Brien/Dumas/Nickerson)


457 6:30 pm Crestone, CO MA1

Two witnesses see a bright object, larger than a satellite, head over the mountains from the E. Object appeared to “shoot” across to the W at a high rate of speed. Witnesses said object could not have been a shooting star, because it went from a slow speed to an extremely fast speed. Witnesses gauged speed by comparing to conventional air traffic which appeared “much slower.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

456 Tue Oct 22, 1996 around 9:00 am Baca Ranch

3 workers at a construction site see “six fighters (F-18s?) cookin’ down the valley (N to S).” Then three peeled off formation and headed directly S “toward Greenie (Mtn.).” The other three continued down the “VR” around Blanca. 20 minutes later a “huge cargo plane” flew over low the Sangres from S to N. Later, small plane observed flying low over NE corner of Baca Ranch and the workers thought it may have landed between Dead Man’s and Sand Creeks.

Saguache/Rio Grande/Alamosa/Costilla Counties (O’Brien/Richmond OSA)


455 7:45-8:00 pm Center of the SLV, Just N of Center, CO AN1

A bright orange light is observed by myself, my brother hanging over the Center of the (San Luis) Valley. According to Pat Richmond, it had a cigar-shape and did not appear to be moving. Richmond claims she has been seeing the “same orange light” off and on, all summer.


454 8:00 pm Baca Grande Chalets MA1

Four separate witnesses in the Baca looked up and saw an “egg-shaped” sphere that instantly shot over the mountains. One witness had distinct impression that object reacted to her “seeing it.” No known reports to sheriff.

Saguache County (O’Brien/Richmond)

453 Mon Oct 21, 1996 Just after sunset (?) Mountains W of Antonito, CO MA1 ( )

Anonomous call reporting lights west of Antonito, CO. Caller said she would call back. No reports to sheriff’s office.

Conejos County (O’Brien)

452 Sun Oct 20, 1996 at 8:42 pm, north of Monte Vista AN1 (6 before FM)

Report made to the Rio Grande sheriff’s office reporting some “suspicious lights” just north of town near the Rio Grande . Sighting occurred near where a possible UAD occurred August 4, 1996. Rio Grande County (Mark Hunter Valley Courier 10/22/1996)

451 Sun Oct 20, 1996 7:15 pm, La Garita and Center, CO. MA1 (6 before NM)

452 Fabian S. and two additional witnesses were traveling east on State highway 112 when they observed a light “like a red ball,” traveling west “from the Sand Dunes area.” Light appeared around 1000′ in altitude. Light became parallel with them at around junction of 285 and 112. Did not stop truck until five-minutes later at home in Center. Observed for additional 20-30 minutes. Object/light headed toward Del Norte. Then it appeared to turn northwest and head toward La Garita where witnesses lost sight of it. Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

450 Thur Oct 17, 1996 at 11:30 pm Highway 285 10 miles of Monte Vista. (HM)

Steve Whitehead from Del Norte, CO reported he observed a seven truck “military-convoy” headed north on Highway 285 while traveling north. All vehicles were “OD green ” without any apparent markings or license plates. Six of the trucks were semi’s with large boxes on the back. The seventh was an all “aluminum” gasoline-type tanker truck, also with no license plates or even “haz-mat placards.” Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

449 Thur Oct 10, 1996 bet 10:30 – 11:00 pm, Baca Grande (2 before NM) MA1

Group of students attending the Crestone Healing Arts Center were outside and observed a rapidly “zig-zaging” light, high up in the sky-headed W to E and then a group of “many blinking lights” on the western horizon. Witnesses could not tell how many lights were in the group, but guessed 10-12. Duration around ten minutes. Saguache County (O’Brien)


448 Thur Oct 10, 1996 at 12:00 pm, east of Gardiner, CO (2 before NM) David Perkins observed a “huge white (single-prop) helicopter” heading to the NW over the Huerfano/Wet Mountain Valley. Craft had a definite helicopter sound. Huerfano County (Perkins/O’Brien)
447 Thur Oct 10, 1996 around noon, Del Norte, CO FB1

Brian Norton looks up and sees an object that at first, looked like the space shuttle coming in. He then realized that the object “looked like a white cigar.” It had no tail, wings, left no vapor trail and was silent. Norton ran inside to get his spotting scope which confirmed his firstobservation. Wife saw and declined to venture a description.

446 Wed Oct 9, 1996 pm, Baca Grande Development AN1 (3 before NM)

Bertha Gotterub, Judy DeBon and a visiting friend were outside and observed a spherical light that appeared “larger than any (visible) planet.” The object hovered in the western sky and appeared to be “shooting off a blue halo.” They observed no radical movement and the duration of the event was less than threee-minutes before the object faded away. Saguache County (O’Brien)

445 Mon Oct 7, 1996 at 11:15 pm, Highway 17 Villa Grove AN1 (5 before NM) Diane S. was driving south from Poncha Pass when she observed a bright white object approximately “ten times the size of a regular shooting star” travel from E to W. The object had a two-second duration and no trailing tail. Witness was fairly certain that the object went down in the valley judging by the end of its trajectory which was below the tops of the mountains. Saguache County (O’Brien)

September 1996

444 Sun Sept 15, 1996 at 3:00 am, Love Mesa, Western Slope CO (AN1 )

A group of five hunters notice a moving bright white light. Another light was spotted with different colors, but mostly blue. Video was taken of these lights which were hovering in a remote area an hour and a half from Delta, CO. Three other lights then joined the first two. The larger lights were observed and taped over the course of the next two hours.

Mesa County (Ryszka VIDEO)

443 Mon Sept 9, 1996 Near Penasco, NM Classic UAD

1800 lb bull found missing its anus, testicles, intestines, tongue and left ear. The bull’s heart had been removed through a hole

442 Tue Sept 3, 1996 30 miles W of Dulce, NM Classic UAD ( )

Retired San Juan County Deputy Paul Velasquez found a black yearling bull mutilated. Velasquez estimated the animal had only been dead 10 hours. Upon checking his head, he found a second bull mutilated. He believed it was dead almost a week.

Rio Arribas County (Perkins Spirit Magazine)

August 1996

441 *Sat Aug 31, 1996 5:30 am Gallina Canyon near Arroyo Hondo, NM

Jenny Meadowcroft see 3 globes of soft, luminous lights that were white in the front, blue and red toward the rear. They “had a fixed relationship with each other. . . I figured they were part of one craft.” After a moment, “. . .they took off moving south very fast without a sound.”

Taos County (Greenwood Taos News 9-5-96/Perkins Spirit Magazine)

440 Fri Aug 30, 1996 El Prado, NM UAD ( )

A cow was found missing its rectum, and had a large hole in its stomach. Investigator Gail Staehlin noticed a “puncture-sized hole in its neck. Nearby chamisa appeared smashed down and fresh branches had been broken from willow bushes.

Taos County (Staehlin/Greenwood Tao News 9-5-96/Perkins Spirit Magazine)

*439 Sat Aug 17, 1996 at 10:00 pm S Corner of Baca Chalets FB1 ( )

Woman see “string of lights” flying just over the ziggurat, quarter mile from her home.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


438 El Prado, NM Heifer found “showing the classic signs of mutilation.”

Taos County (Staehlin/Greenwood Taos News 9-5-96)

437 Thur Aug 15, 1996 at 1:15 pm Villa Grove, CO

Arlene Shovald and I see military Huey U-68 flying near Hayden Pass, then land at Bonanza turnoff. Told “DEA/County pot eradication flights.” Only federal vehicles present on the ground.

Saguache County (Shovald/O’Brien)

436 Tue Aug 13, 1996 at 10:00 pm Great Sand Dunes Nat Mon near the Amphitheater

Steve Groki observes a “vibrating utility pole.”

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

435 *Sun Aug 4, 1996 Arroyo Hondo, NM near Rio Hondo UAD ( )

Jessie Gonzales finds another cow mutilated. 4-yr-old missing rear-end, udder, and uterus.

Taos County (Perkins/Staehlin Greenwood Taos News 8-8-96)

434 First Week of Aug 1996 Just N of Monte Vista, CO

County Commisioner Bob Shaeffer discovers a “mutilated cow,” near the Rio Grande, just N of Monte Vista. Animal was missing it’s udder from smooth, exact “incisions.”

Rio Grande County (O’Brien/RGSO/Hunter Valley Courier 10-22-96

433 Thur Aug 1, 1996 at 2:30 am La Veta Pass FB1 ( )

Bo and Danny Sewell are returning from the Great Sand Dunes, back to Farisita, CO when they witness a craft they describe as “. . . . over a mile long!” Bo claims the ship “would have covered the whole town of Gardiner, CO.” The ship was lit by three large white lights, and the witnesses could make out the faint outline of a craft. They insist it was not a cloud. They could not ascertain the object’s shape. Duration: 10 minutes

Huerfano County (Perkins/O’Brien)

July 1996

432 Wed July 31, 1996 at 10:30 Great Sand Dunes MA1 ( )

Bo and Danny S. are skywatching w/ several friends when they witness a huge ball of light over the dunes.

Alamosa County (Perkins/O’Brien)

431 Tue July 30, 1996 at 2:30 am Arroyo Seco, NM

Anthony Garcia watches 2 blinking spheres for 25 minutes. One was “. . .red, white and blue, the other white and green-ish-blue.” He said they “were too low, and they weren’t making any noise.”

Taos County (Greenwood Taos News 8-1-96)

430 UNCONFIRMED Tue July 23, 1996 N End of the SLV

Multiple-witnessed sighting near Bonanza, CO.

Saguache County (Knight)

429 *Sun July 14, 1996 at 10:00 am, Hooper, CO Highway 17 MA1

Shari Adamiak and two friends see a “silver disc” glittering high in the sky in the sunlight while traveling on Highway 17, north of Hooper, CO.

Alamosa.Saguache County (Adamiak/O’Brien)


428 2:05 am Baca Grande Development

Bill B. wakes up with a “premonition/compulsion to get up.” Went outside in back and was facing the mountains to the E when he saw a “sphere suddenly appear approximately 45 degrees above the ridge line.” It descended 30 degrees from vertical “not as fast as a shooting star.” The object appeared to be “throwing off sparks,” and left a “slight luminescent trail behind it.” According to the witness, “. . . it seemed to go down this side of the mountains.”


427 2:00-2:50 am Sherman Ranch Uintah Basin, SW of Vernal, UT MA1 CE1

(Ute Indian taboo area where for the past 15 new-moons, unbelievable amounts of unexplained activity have been occurring on “100 acres” of his 480 ranch i.e: UFOs, entities, 4 UADs w/ mysterious metal rods found near the carcasses, 4 huge portals that open and “40 foot ships” fly through, extensive landing traces. . Terry Sherman, a rancher near Ft. Duchesne, UT reports that a baseball-sized blue-light, sent out by a 40 foot ship,hovering about a half-mile away flies close to the house and “checks out” several horses and cows next to the house. It also flew in close proximatey to Gwenn, his wife. Farm light and house light dimmed when light flew by.

(Uintah&Ouray Reservation Layton/O’Brien/Howe/Van Eyck Deseret News 6-30-96 VIDEO)

426 Fri July 12, 1996 10:00 pm East of Salida, CO MA1

Witness D. Sorenson “happened to be outside” 15-miles E of Salida when an object that looked like a satellite was observed. Then “something blocked out the stars.” The witness told Edwards that the craft “looked like a 200-yard long cylinderical dark object.” The craft was flying W to E. The witness could not make out any clouds.

Chaffee County (Edwards)

425 Thur July 11, 1996 10:10 pm Crestone, CO MA1 ( )

A Crestone resident observed a “backwards” flying, red cheap firework

Saguache County (O’Brien)

424 Wed July 11, 1996 Evening Gallina Canyon AN1 ( )

Jerry Gonzales sees “. . .very weird lights, blue and red, 3 or 4 of them. . .”

Taos County (Greenwood Taos News 8-1-96)

423 Mon July 8, 1996 Arroyo Hondo, NM UAD ( )

Rancher Jerry Gonzales found one of his animals “classically mutilated.” The six month -old bull was missing its genitals and a patch of skin around the lower jaw. The rectum was cored out the the tissue was pink.. An eye and the tongue were also gone. There was no additional evidence found at the scene

Taos County (Perkins/Greenwood Tao News 8-1-96)

June 1996

422 Wed June 19, 1996 at 11:00 pm Over Saguache, CO AN1 ( )

Witness, and ex-Air Forcer Tom Blunt was driving between Moffat and Saguache, CO when he saw an unusual formation of lights. He turned in the following report:

“Observed a string of lights at an altitude of 1500-2000 feet. Lights were in a stationary mode. Tops of mountains were obscured by cloud cover. Lights were above that. Lights were yellow-white and non-blinking, or flashing. Lights then moved slightly to the SW and descended approximately 250 feet. Same light pattern and position. Then smaller lights went off on a right to left sequence in one second intervals until only large light remained. Period of observation: 15-20 seconds. Large light remained on and in a stable position for approximately another 10-15 seconds, then went off. Approximately another 5 seconds went by and a small red light appeared above where the last sighting of large (orange) light was observed. Red light blinked twice and then ceased. Total time elapsed, 1-2 minutes.”

Saguache County (Blunt/O’Brien)

421 Tue June 18, 1996 around 3:30-4:00 am Baca Chalets

Three unusual lights seen. Same as night before.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

420 Mon June 17, 1996 at 12:00 am Baca Grants MA1 ( )

Nislsa A., visiting the Baca from Ft. Lauderdale, FL told me, “There were five white lights floating over the mountains. After about 4, or 5 minutes, a sixth light came on. It was red. . . They moved funny. They had an up and down movement, like they were floating.” They flew off to the W.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


419 2:45 am Baca Grants

CSETI has sightings during training session.

Saguache County (CSETI)


418 4:00 am Baca Chalets

CSETI has sightings during training session.

Saguache County (CSETI)

417 *Sun June 16, 1996 at 2:00 am Baca Grande Grants MA1 ( )

CSETI has sightings out over Valley

Saguache County (O’Brien)

May 1996

416 *Sun May 26, 1996 at 10:00 pm Blanca, CO AN1

George Oringdulph and Donald Aragon were skywatching at the Blanca cemetary. There was intermittent cloud cover and patches of fog drifting by. They observed a bright amber-red light flare well below the clouds and the top of the Blanca Massif, about 2 to 3 miles away. They raced in their car to get closer, and when they approached within 1/2 mile. the light went out.

Costilla County (O’Brien)

415 Mon May 13, 1996 Canero Pass Road, 8 miles west of Saguache, CO UAD

Two loggers noticed an agitated herd of cows on the Canero Pass Road between Highway 114 and La Gartita, CO, and stopped to investigate. The herd seemed trapped in the corner of the pasture. They found “the largest cow in the herd,” dead and “mutilated.” The right jaw was exposed by a cur that went up and over the eye. The rear-end was gone and the right-side ear. With the introduction of humans on the scene, the cows “got the courage to run past (the dead cow blocking the narrow path) in pairs.” When they returned with a load of wood several hours later, the cow was gone. Rancher would not discuss the cow-death.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

414 Sat May 7, 1996 at 8:30 am Poncha Pass/Springs

Two commercial choppers seen flying low over Poncha Pass; one toward the N and Poncha Springs, the other S over the pass.

Saguache/Chaffee County (O’Brien)

413 *Sat May 4, 1996 at 10:15 pm Moffat, CO FB1 ( )

Al Koon calls to report a “monstrous red-light fly over.” He assumed it was a conventional aircraft and it “seemed to be high in the air.”


412 11:30 pm Highway 17 AN1 E of Hooper, CO

Koon’s daughter, Alta, while returning freom Alamosa with her daughter, notice a “stationary orange light hanging to the west about 3 to 5 degrees above the horizon.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

March 1996

411 *Sat Mar 23, 1996 at 2:30 am Del Norte, CO AN1

Steve Whitehead calls and reports that he woke up suddenly, looked out the window and spotted, “a big ball of white light with a smaller red light below it.” He watched both lights slowly drift west over the mountains.

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

410 Sat Mar 16, 1996 early am before dawn Crestone/Baca Grande

Most of the areas dog population inexplicably begins to bark furiously just minutes before the areas power blinks out. No explanation for the disturbance which effected dogs up to 6-7 miles away

Saguache County (O’Brien)

409 Wed Mar 13, 1996 at 8:13 pm Greenie Mountain

Steve Whitehead (with two other witnesses) calls and reports a multiple chopper formation circling Greenie. “There were 8 of them circling in a search mode. . .” He estimated their altitude at around “1500 feet.” Four of them headed S but several minutes later returned. The weather was cloudy and the witnesses thought they could see the craft shining “spotlights.”

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

408 *Sat Mar 9, 1996 N of Questa, NM UAD ( )

Ranch manager Tom Reed finds a month old bull calf missing it’s genitals and it’s entrails had been surgically removed through a hole in it’s stomach. Tongue was missing and it’s bottom two front teeth had been “pulled.”

Taos County (Perkins)

407 Thur Mar 7, 1996 at 8:30 pm Crestone/Baca Grande

I observe three groups of blinking lights flying from S to N at least 2000 feet above the SLV.. The third group seemed to hover and wait for the first two groups. They head N and disappear over the mountains.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

February 1996

406 Tue Feb 20, 1996 at 3:00 pm Crestone Baca/Grande

I observe five huge cargo planes (C-10’s?) travel down the Sangres N to S. Formations of cargo planes a rare occurence in the SLV

Saguache County (O’Brien)

405 Fri Feb 16, 1996 at 10:05 pm Just south of Ojo Caliente, NM MA1 CE1

Nick Archuleta, his wife Lorraine and her sister, and Archuleta’s two kids were traveling north on Highway 285 when Nick stopped for a short break. After getting out of the truck, he noticed his shadow and, knowing there was no moon out that night, he looked up. Above him, “less than 50 feet overhead” was a huge ship hovering over the truck. Around the underside was a circular pattern of “50 to 75 lights” sequencing in a clockwise pattern. “It covered the whole sky, it was so big and close,” he said. Then “without a sound,” it “went straight up, maybe a mile or so, until it was about the size of a quarter.” Then the object “zoomed at the speed of light back down and hovered 50 feet over us.” He got back into the truck, and they watched the object fly slowly N, about a quarter-mile away, over a small valley. They continued N trying to catch up with the object. The object continued N, slowly curving to the NE until it was out of sight over a mesa.

Rio Arriba/Taos County (O’Brien)

404 *Sat Feb 10, 1996 at around 9:45 pm AN1 ( )

A group of students at the Crestone Healing Arts Center were outside skywatching when one of them observed about a dozen blinking lights with a solid orange light in the western sky. The orange light was several times larger than the smaller white, blinking lights. Duration: about 10 minutes.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

403 Wed Feb 7, 1996 at 8:40 pm Crestone, CO MA1

A mother of four, while in town, noticed a brilliant green orb-shaped object as she walked toward her front door. “It went straight overhead toward the mountains, then made a right-hand turn and disappeared.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

402 Tue Feb 6, 1996 at 10:30 pm North of Colorado Springs, CO MA1

Debbie C. called to report a “large triangle-shaped craft” she and her daughter witnessed while driving north of town. The craft had flashing “red, green and white lights.” They watched for several minutes before it slowly flew NE.

El Paso County (O’Brien)

January 1996

401 Tue Jan 25, 1996 at 4:30 pm Over Greenie Mountain MA1 ( )

James Armijo, while working on a fence-line off Highway 17 noticed three objects hanging in the sky over Greenie Mtn. He alerted his cousin Soccorro Guitierez and grabbed his video camera. He was able to capture the three objects for about a minute, or so, on video. The first object appears to disappear over the southern horizon. The second and third objects appear spheroid but strangely translucent. The cameras batteries run out and Armijo and Guitierez watch the remaining two objects drift to the west. Tape disappears on the way to Paramount TV’s program Sightings. Package was sent sertified, Priority mail. No signature ever collected from delivery.

Rio Grande/Alamosa County (Hunter Valley Courier 1-27-96/O’Brien)

December 1995

400 *Sat Dec 23, 1995 at 9:45 pm Baca Grande Chalets AN1 ( )

Cheap firework phenomenon reported in the Baca.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

399 Sun Dec 24, 1995 at 6:05 pm Baca Grande Chalets AN1 ( )

Cheap firework again reported in the Baca.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

November 1995

398 Tue Nov 21, 1995 at 10:00 pm Navaho Estates, N of Walsenburg, CO MA1

Several witnesses report “a large circular disc” hovering off to the east of La Veta Pass. The object appeared to have bright blinking lights around the rim and the two interviewed witnesses claim the group “watched it for 20 to 25 minutes.”

Huerfano County (O’Brien)


397 2:00 am Interstate 25 North of Walsenburg, CO AN1 ( )

Romeo, CO Mayor Gertrude Salazar and her husband were driving S on Interstate 25 when a spotlight lit up their car from above. They noted that it was overcast and the light seemed to be coming from below the clouds. It only lasted for a few seconds but it evidently “lit up the whole road.” They did not observe any lightning activity in the area.

Huerfano County (O’Brien)

396 Tue Nov 14, 1995 at 6:30 pm Highway 17 MA1

Scott Olson reports seeing a swarm of randomly blinking lights traveling W to SW less than 1000 feet off the ground. He observed that there were “24 or 25” of them, and that they appeared to be “flashing like a squadron.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

395 Mon Nov 13, 1995 at 10:50 pm Highway 17 AN1

Barry Monroe while headed north on 17 observed a pink light moving upwards too slowly to be a shooting star. Just before it disappeared “. . .it shot out a lot of sparks. It almost looked like it broke into pieces.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

394 Sun Nov 12, 1995 at Sunset Highway 17 Near Hooper, CO AN1 ( )

Tim Edwards and family photograph a pencil-shaped object in the W sky.

Saguache County (Edwards)

393 *Sat Nov 11, 1995 at 9:30 am Highway 17 Between Hooper and Moffat, CO MA1

Scott Olson was headed S on 17 when he saw a silver reflection directly ahead of him about 40 degrees above the horizon. He observed the “round object” in the southern sky “streak away” at a high rate of speed.


392 Early Afternoon

On his return trip Olson was amazed to see another strange aerial craft. “The second one looked like a huge pencil hanging in the sky” to the west. He claims it was silver in color and “darting around.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

391 UNCONFIRMED Sun Nov 5, 1995 Just before dawn S of Del Norte, CO MA1

A couple staking out their mountain property to catch trespassing hunters report to reletives of a close encounter with a large circular craft with multiple blinking lights. The craft evidently hovered right over the two and they have refused to talk with investigators.

Rio Grande County (Smith/O’Brien)

Sat Nov 4, 1995 Near Raton, NM UAD

Rancher Joe Veltry finds a dead bull exhibiting “unnatural-appearing incision-like wounds” with “cauterized edges.”

Las Animas County (Perkins/LACSO)

390 Thur Nov 2, 1995 at 6:45 pm E of La Veta Pass AN1 ( )

Bill and Barbara Howell were driving just E of La Veta Pass when they observed “The strangest shooting star we’ve ever seen.” They described the object as “red, green, white and huge.” It appeared to be traveling W to E and “let out three bursts of streamers” as it flew silently over their car. The witnesses “could have sworn” it came through the clouds.

Costilla County (O’Brien)

October 1995

389 Mon Oct 30, 1995 North of Monte Vista, CO UAD ( )

Veterinarian Bob Dugan reports a cow dead under unusual circumstances. “She appeared normal the day before. . . The tongue was gone with no frayed edges on the cut, the whole left side of her muzzle was missing below the ear. It was definetly cut away.” The animal was still warm to the touch; it was like she had died minutes before, but the wound on the face seemed a couple of days old.” Dugan performed an on-site autopsy and “could find no reason for the animal’s death.” The rest of the herd was “acting pretty strange.” There were no additional clues at the scene.

Rio Grande County (Dugan/RGCSO/O’Brien)

388 Sat Oct 28, 1995 at 8:00 pm Upper Arkansas River Valley

Hunting party see a “fireball that streaked all the way across the sky from SW to NE.” Dunc Declew, one of the witnesses, claims the object left a faint smoke trail and they heard a faint boom as it disappeared to the NE.

Chaffee County (O’Brien)


387 Afternoon North of Monte Vista, CO

Rancher/Veterinarian Bob Dugan sees a military-style helicopter fly low over his ranch.

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

386 Fri Oct 19, 1995 at 6:00 pm La Veta Pass FB1 ( )

Myself and two band members were returning from Denver when I noticed 7 lights blinking in close proximity (5 degrees) over the Huerfano. I alerted everyone to keep their eyes open. Three, or so minutes later Lyman Bushkovsky who was in the passenger seat, noticed a small reddish-orange light, moving rapidly, traveling W to E directly overhead and fairly low. An 8th blinking white light hovered over Blanca. Group of lights became obscured by the mountains, red light disappeared east and the 8th light just hovered over Blanca.

Huerfano/Costilla County (O’Brien)


385 Fri Oct 19, 1995 at 6:00 pm Saddleback Mtn east of Sanford, CO. CE1 or AN1 ( )

30 miles southwest Chris Medina and Roy Cisneros were traveling from Capulin, CO toward the east when they “couldn’t help but notice,” three groups of bright lights on the hillside about a mile behind Sanford. They drove to the foot of the hill and were able to find a dirt road that took them “within a quarter-mile” of the lights, which were several hundred yards apart. The lights were “flashing real fast in sequence” with one another and looked like “football stadiums all lit up.” Roy wanted to get close enough to “throw rocks at it to see if they could hear metal,” but Chris declined to drive any closer. They left and observed other locals driving up the dirt road for a closer look. No other additional reports of the unusual lighting display were logged.


Afternoon Rancher/Veternarian Bob Dugan see “two dark-colored military helicopters” fly in from the west and circled dover his ranch at low altitude.

Rio Grande County (Dugan/O’Brien/RGCSO)

383 Mon Oct 8, 1995 San Luis, CO UAD

Rancher Bernie S. discovers a cow “missing her rear-end and bag” and figured she was killed Sunday night. Animal was just outside the house in an adjacent corral. Sanchez’s nearby dogs “never barked.” Cow was buried before samples could be obtained. Sanchez claims the county told him to bury it, that it was a “health hazard.”

(O’Brien/Barto/Perkins Spirit Magazine)


382 *Sun Oct 7, 1995 at 7:15 pm Highway 160 E of Alamosa MA1

Witnesses driving east on 160 10 miles from Alamosa see “3 white-lights in a pyramid formation” hovering over “The Taylor Ranch,” about 20 miles east of their vantage point. After 2 or 3 minutes, they claim one of the lights “streaked instantly” north to Blanca Pk., where it hovered for several seconds before streaking to the north.

Costilla County (O’Brien)]


381 7:15 pm Baca Grande Development AN1 ( )

Two witnesses report a “full-moon-sized. . . bright-green solid-looking object with no tail” that traveled 20 degrees from E to W.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


380 12:05 am

Same two witnesses observe 2 cheap fireworks descend into the Sangres.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

379 *Sat Oct 6, 1995 Aguilar, CO UAD

David Perkins investigates a UAD claim between Aguilar and Trinidad

Huerfano County (Perkins)

378 Tue Oct 2, 1995 at 10:50 pm Moffat, CO FB1

A “weird white light” is observed by three witnesses traveling north on Highway 17. It was non-blinking and appeared low in the sky west of town and traveled “very rapidly” to the north. The witnesses stopped and got out of their car and noted that the object was silent.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

September 1995

377 Tue Sept 26, 1995 Farasita, CO UAD ( )

Huerfano rancher Larry Chacon discovered his horse Whiskey dead with a 6-inch diameter perfect circle rectum coring; half the tongue had been removed with a clean diagonal slice; the upper eye was sucked out; hair and hide was blackened and stiff as if heat had been applied. No additional physical evidence was noted. The UAD occurred 15 miles north of the location of the Sept 22 “barge” sighting. Deputy Dave McCain investigated for the Huerfano County Sheriff.

Huerfano County (Perkins/McCain)

376 Mon Sept 25, 1995 at 9:30 am Salida, CO MA2 ( )

Tim Edwards mother spots several silver objects by the sun. Tim calls the Sheriff and a Deputy Chester Price arrives at the Edwards home and watches with the family and six others warching in the yard and described the sighting later as “10 bright and shiny silver objects traveling from N to S around the sun.” During the 45-minute am sighting the local radio station KVRH’s transmitter ceased to function. The nearby Cellular One tower inexplicable “went down” for over four-hours. Four other calls were made reporting the objects.

Chaffee County (Edwards/Price/O’Brien/Shovald)

375 Fri Sept 22, 1995 at 8:45 pm Navaho Estates, E side of La Veta Pass MA1 ( )

Jeannie Shaw, her 52-year old sister and two grown children in there 20’s hear a “low humming sound,” coming from over the house. The rush outside and are astounded to see, “a 100 yard-wide rectangle,” flying west to east, a mere “60 to 80” feet overhead.

Shaws son actually ran down the driveway in an effort to get a better look. It was traveling extremely slow. Jeannie Shaw said, “There were yellow and white lights occillating around the front which was rounded. . . As it moved away from us we could see red lights on the rear. They looked just like giant Cadillac tail-lights” The watched it fly E then loop around to the W where it disappeared behind a ridge. A bright white light was then seen rising over the ridge where it flared and went out. 8-10 blinking lights were then seen flying a criss-crossing pattern. At least six other known witnesses to the craft and another unknown number who reportedly “heard something.” Huerfano Sheriff tells people “it was just a helicopter,” but as Shaw puts it, “That was THE mothership!” 8-10 minute duration.

Huerfano County (O’Brien/Perkins Pueblo Chieftain)

August 1995

374 Sun August 27, 1995 at 9:30 am, Salida, CO MA1 ( )

Tim Edwards captures (his now-famous) cigar-shaped object on video. Daughter first observed and brought Tim’s attention to it, Edwards called his resteraunt where a cook also observed it.. Six minutes of videotape were obtained. Since the initial sighting over 12 witnesses have mentioned seeing a similar object that day in Colorado. These completely unrelated reports include: 2 DJ’s jogging in Grand Junction see an object “disappear into a mountain” around 8:00 am, Two women driving over Poncha Pass report seeing a cigarette-shaped object that early afternoon. A family driving on 114 near Cochetopa see a “cigar-shaped” craft and report it to the Sheriff. At 4:00 pm A maintainace man at the Baca golf course claims to have seen a cigar-shaped craft which “went straight into the mountain. . .either that, or it just disappeared.”

Chaffee County (Edwards/Hunt/O’Brien/Chaffee County Sheriff’s office/Curta/Delatosa/Perkins/Seino/Maccabbee et. al. VIDEO Five regional TV News segments, Sightings, UPN Borderline, Inside Edition. Radio and print too numerous to mention)

373è Aug 16, 1995 Northern Sangres S of Howard, CO

Resident, the day after an alleged “abduction”/missing-time episode has occurred, observes, “. . . at least 15 army helicopters were buzzing all over the place” where witness claims abduction experience took place. Asserts that he has been seeing helicopters practically all summer after sightings.

Fremont County (Edwards/O’Brien)

372 Aug 15, 1995 at 10:00 pm Highway 160 10 miles east of Alamosa MA1 ( )

George Oringdulph, Donald Aragon, his wife Marianne and thier three kids were returning home from Alamosa after a movie. They noticed an unusual amount of aerial activity around Blanca. They stopped the car, got out and then witnessed a “huge, bright light” come on. They watched “a gigantic shadow” fly east surrounded by the much smaller blinking lights. The kids at one point became so frightened that they began to cry in fright.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

371 Aug 15, 1995 at 8:40 pm Northern Sangre’s S of Howard CE2 ( ) ABDUCTION

A Vietnam “vet” is tracked down (after a “tip” from Tim Edwards) and admits to having seen a large boomerang-shaped object appear from the N and hover over his high-mountain property. He claims to be missing “40 minutes” of time and that his trailer and truck were moved “6 inches” (based on the altered location of the building and truck tracks) during the alleged experience. He claims he had a “4 inch rectal welt” after regaining consciousness. He further asserts that he has lost 20 lbs in two-weeks and that his “. . . pet black bear is (now) missing.” The man claims that strange sightings have been occurring since the Middle of June, 1995, and that he has discovered “piles of carcasses” up-slope from his 9,000 foot-elevation land. He claims the carcasses have been in various stages of decay, and that they are comprised of mostly cattle, but also horse, fox, raccoon and “every type of animal” found here. He also said that two weeks before, he found “tiny 4-toed human tracks” around the perimeter of the area his trailer sits. He has noted attendant military activity as well. Often, after sightings, he notices unusually heavy military aerial-activity, and is convinced the “government is involved.” After one sighting episode where he was able to photograph the craft. “The next day while I was gone, somebody rmsacked my house, and took all my film and camera equipment.”

Fremont County (Edwards/O’Brien)




April 1995

370 April 17, 1995 11:00 to 11:30 pm Baca Grants

Gary O. reports hearing a “low-pitched sound almost below an audible level,” while driving out in the Grants. He drove “for a couple of miles” and still could/feel the sound. He “had a sense” that it originated underground.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

March 1995

369 March 22, 1995 11:45 to 1:30 pm Greenie Mtn/Bishops Rock AN1

Rio Grande Undersheriff Brian Norton received a call from a Rock Creek Canyon reporting some “lights over Greenie.” Then he received a second call from a witness of the light from over near the State Veterans Home. He thought it may have been “a downed plane,” and dispatched himself, a deputy, a FD volunteer, a Search&Rescue volunteer and his son, and two Monte Vista cops. The light were in plain view as they started out on the 15 trip up the mountain. He described the first light, 100 yards above treetops at the top of the ridge, near the SE crest. “It was lighting up the trees a whitish-yellow.” Then it turned “blue, red, amber”, flared up and turned all different colors. “It blew my mind and darned near scared me to death when it turned that really bright amber color.” Then a “beam shot out the side real quick like a flashbulb.” When it was lit up, they could see the object/craft was “gumball-sized.” They also observed a second light NW of the first light over by Bishop’s Rock. They event lasted some time with the witnesses not being able (or willing) to get any closer. Lights finally went out, or left. (?)

Rio Grande County (Norton/O’Brien)

Mar 6, 1995 Del Norte, CO Rio Grande County UAD

Bob Kernan discovered a month-old female was missing its spine from the hips to the skull, the brain was gone. Also missing were the right front leg, all but two ribs, both eyes plus a two-inch circle of hide around the upside socket, both ears, the intestines, reproductive track, lungs, and a small two-inch diameter coring out of the rectum. The heart and liver, scavenger favorites, were left intact. The spine appeared to have been savagely torn out. The animal was found in a field that had been dusted with several inches of snow the prior day making the absense of tracks obvious.

The rancher’s dogs had never barked, there was no blood, tracks or signs of scavengers, and a strange cloying smell emanated from the body cavity. Kernan had put the calf in his garage on a piece of plastic and after five days there wasn’t even a hint of decay. The closest description I can think of to describe the unusual odor would be “a sweet, pungent, earthy smell.” Not everyone agreed. Visiting Colorado Springs, investigator, Ed Burke observed it smelled “just like a bathroom disinfectant.” Kernan also lost another calf during these two days. “It just plumb disappeared,”


Another rancher, half-a-mile away, reported to the sheriff’s office, that he had watched a strange beam of light shining straight up in the air, just north of his ranch, at 3:00 a.m., around the night the the calf was killed. A motorist driving on highway 160, west of Del Norte, also reported a strange light coming out of the pasture, near where the calf was found. We never did find any trace of it.”

Del Norte Calf March 7, 1995

February 1995

Feb 4, 1995 Moffat, CO Archaeological Discovery revealed as a HOAX

Rancher and caretaker of rancher’s new ranch claim finding a 6 inch glass-skull that resembles what the rancher calls, “an ant-person.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

January 1995

367 Mon Jan 23, 1995 10:00 Highway 17, N of Alamosa FB1 ( )

I see a rapidly sequencing line of bright lights heading NW toward Saguache. The tight formation of lights flashed with a machine-gun-like precision from right-to-left.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

366 Wed Jan 18, 1995 at 9:35 pm

Pat Mascarenas, father of Amy, reports a “line of brilliant strobe-lights, flashing in exact sequence with one another, flying (over his house) west toward Greenie.” He thought he could hear a roar of jet engines. “They were flying real low, with a yawing motion, at great speed. They were flat cookin.'”

Alamosa County (O’Brien-TMV)


365 9:40 pm 2 miles west of the Mascarenas

Georgia and Steve Van Iwaarden call and report the same aerial configuration of flashing lights, headed toward Greenie, but report a random flashing pattern. She said “the lights are brighter than anything I’ve ever seen fly around here.”

Alamosa County (O”Brien)


364 10:00 to 10:15 pm Baca Grande AN1 ( )

A dinner party in a home in the Baca Grande observe, “. . .a bright glowing band of of blue light headed (E) across the valley.” She described it as looking like a “wave at the beach in the moonlight.” As they watched, successive light waves swept across the sky with “3 to 5 minute intervals.” As they progressed they became brighter and more pronounced.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

363 Tue Jan 17, 1995 at 6:15 pm Highway 160 near the Comnet tower MA1 ( )

Dept of Interior anthropologist Kenny Frye was driving west on 160, just NW of Greenie Mtn., when he observed a “large triangle-shaped” craft hovering near the comnet tower, between Del Norte and Monte Vista. The ship appeared to Frye to be about 200 feet up and between 40′ and 50′ in length, and was shining a bright bluish-white strobe light. He pulled over and watched the craft for approximately 12 minutes as the object slowly began travelling SE. Then “it suddenly disappeared at great speed.”

362 Mon Jan 16, 1995 at 10:10 pm Intersection of Highways 285 and 368 MA1 ( )

Amy Mascarenas, returning from classes at ASC witnesses a “small house-sized” craft that looked like “the top half of a slightly oblong bubble,” hovering in front of a grove of cottonwood trees. She estimated its altitude at around 70 feet. “It was glowing a yellow-ish color” and had randomly blinking yellowish-orange and bluish-green lights.” She said, “The bottom was flat as a pancake.” When she pulled into a driveway, “it went and hid behind the trees!” After watching it light up the trees for several minutes, the craft headed to the southeast.

361 Mon Jan 8, 1995 between 4:00 and 4:30 am E, S and over Alamosa MA1 ( )

A couple driving on Highway 285, north of La Jara noticed an “unusually bright light” just east of them, moving south pacing them. After a stop in La Jara they headed back north toward Alamosa. The light appeared to move closer and again began pacing them, this time headed north. They became “a little nervous” for no one else was on the road. They sped up and arrived at thier home in Alamosa. They craft continued off to the north.

360 Sun Jan 1, 1995 at 4:00 am Baca Grande Grants AN1 ( )

Baca Grants resident awakens suddenly, just in time to see “a brilliant-white 2 to 3 second flash of light.” Right after the flash, a blinking white appeared in the area where the flash seemed centered. Witness assumed this 2nd light to be a helicopter.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

December 1994

359 Tue Dec 27, 1994 at 4:00 am Osier Park, W of Antonito MA1 ( )

Dave Jaramillo films a large object hovering over Osier Canyon. Light/craft was silent and did not appear to be moving. Jaramillo filmed the object for 20 minutes over an hour-long sighting. Footage shows some interesting EM-type interference.

Conejos County (O’Brien VIDEO)


358 5:42 pm Crestone MA1

Crestone residents observe a “slowly falling fireball.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

357 Mon Dec 19, 1994 at 1:00 am Dulce, NM FB2 ( )

According to Apache Public Saftey Director Hoyt Velarde, a “clear light flew over Dulce and dimmed the lights in town as it passed over.” He noted that it was cloudy and the craft appeared to be about 800 feet off the ground

356 Wed Dec 7, 1994 at 5:00 pm Greenie Mountain AN1 ( )

Courier editor Mark Hunter sees a green “cheap firework,” descend over Greenie while traveling on State Highway 160


355 10:12 pm

An Adams State College student observes an “orange light over Greenie that moved in “fits and starts.”

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

354 Tue Dec 6, 1994 at 6:45 pm Sangre De Christo Mountains AN1 ( )

Two reports were logged of a “reddish-orange light hovering over the mountains, east of the Great Sand Dunes.

Alamosa/Saguache County (O’Brien)


353 10:45-11:00 pm Over the Sangres AN1

While traveling on Highway 17, just north of Mosca, I see an orange-red object about 2 to 3 times the size of Mars hovering over the Sangres. Looked up from the road and it was gone.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)


352 11:00 pm Burnt Gulch-just NE of Crestone AN1

Two campers report that a formation of jets flew right over their camp then “seconds later” a blue spotlight shown down on their site, illuminating the entire area. They then heard “8 to 10 thumps” emanating out of the ground around them. There was an 8 second interval between thumps that they “could hear in the ground.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

351 Fri Dec 2, 1994 at around midnight Highway 17 south of Moffat, CO AN1 ( )

Barry Monroe was driving back from Alamosa when he observed a large “ball of light,” northwest of Moffat. “It appeared and moved parallel to the ground. It had a tumbling effect and last about 4 seconds.” The colors were “different from somethingjust on fire.” The object was “below the clouds,” and was “too big to be a shooting star.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

November 1994

350 Wed Nov 23, 1994, Just after 10:00 pm Antonito Area FB1 ( )

A Conejos County deputy reports seeing a “two weird-looking planes fly over” him. Another witness, Joe Taylor Sr., described them as having two rows of lights and that they were “odd-shaped and real quiet.”

Conejos County (Taylor/O’Brien)

349 Tue Nov 22, 1994, at 9:09 pm La Veta Pass Area FB1 ( )

A La Veta Pass family called to report a “flying triangle” had just flown over (their) house. They insisted that it wasn’t a “stealth aircraft,” and claimed it was “silent.”

Costilla County (O’Brien)

348 Fri Nov 18, 1994 9:45 pm Greenie Mountain Area

Rio Grande County Captain Bob Peno and several other witnesses spot 7 choppers circling Greenie. Two appeared to be shining bright spotlights at the ground. Duration: 45 minutes.

Rio Grande County (Peno/Norton/O’Brien)

347 Mon Nov 14, Between 8:00-9:00 pm Central SLV/Greenie Mountain FB1 ( )

A large group of aerial craft are seen and reported circling the Greenie Mountain/San Francisco Creek area. Two lights separated from the main group and headed to the north.

Rio Grande County (Norton/O’Brien)

346 SAME NIGHT 9:00 pm

Linda M. Howe, David Perkins and myself observe 2 lights coming from the Greenie Mountain area and flying N over the Sangres.

Saguache County (Howe/O’Brien/Perkins)

345 SAME NIGHT 10:00 pm

Adams State College student Robbie Trujillo and friends observe “10 -15 planes chasing 3-4 rapidly flashing strobe-lights, west of Alamosa

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

344 Thur Nov 10, 1994 Evening Del Norte Peak Area MA1 ( )

Rio Grande County Deputy, Terry Sinclair and two hunting partners observed a “huge craft” they thought might be a “sky-crane” helicopter accompanied by another group of choppers in the same area as the previous night’s sighting.

Rio Grande County (Sinclair/Norton/O’Brien)

343 Wed Nov 9, 1994 at 11:00 pm Central-northern SLV MA1 ( )

George Oringdulph, Chris Medina and myself observe a picket-line of 8 small blinking white lights stretching from La Garita, north to the Saguache, CO area that we assumed to be military craft. They were approximately 3 to 4 miles apart and did not appear to be moving. A ninth light appeared after several minutes that was orange, unblinking and at a lower altitude. It seemed closer to our vantage point (just south of Villa Grove, CO) than the other lights. This light was definetetly moving and it slowly disappeared in the west.

Saguache County (O”Brien)


Del Norte Peak Area 10:30 pm

Rio Grande County Deputy, Terry Sinclair and two hunting partners observed a group of helicopters.

Rio Grande County (Sinclair/Norton/O’Brien)

341 Tue Nov 8, 1994 10:00 pm, Alamosa, CO MA1 ( )

Adams State College student John Finehart called he and several friends were watching 5 bright lights, (four blinking white lights and one unblinking red light) wheeling around the sky over Alamosa. He said “they were in a dogfight with each other,” that the “white lights are chasing the red one which was “out-maneuvering” the white lights. Five minutes later I received a second call reporting the aerial display. Rio Grande Deputy Bobby Peno reports seeing a “bright light over Greenie.”

Alamosa/Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

340 Mon Nov 7, 1994 Antonito, CO FB1 ( )

Deputy Steven Gottlieb reports that several Antonito residents called the Sheriff’s office to report “a 200 yard-long saucer flying over Antonito,” accompanied by as many as “a dozen jets” Gottlieb himself claims to have seen the craft.

Conejos County (Gottlieb/Taylor/O’Brien)

329 Sun Nov 6, 1994 at 11:15 pm Highway 285 north of Antonito, CO FB1 ( )

Isadora and I see a bright light on the eastern horizon that heads west across the valley, just north of the CO/NM border. Light flies overhead and consists of a triangle pattern of three non-blinking lights. We never heard any sound.

Conejos County (O’Brien)


Sun Nov 6, 1994 at around 9:30 pm Antonito, CO

Ranch hand at the Max Crowther ranch reports seeing “10 or 12 jets” flying in formation over Antonito, CO.

Conejos County (Gottlieb/O’Brien)


327 At Dusk Crestone, CO AN1

“Two large iridescent lights over the western horizon” are seen by two Crestone residents for “several minutes” before blinking out.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

326- Sat Nov 5, 1994 at around 1:00 pm FB1

A very puzzled witness (County Sheriff) heard a “roar” above him and observed several helicopters escorting a “triangle-shaped craft.” His attention was diverted “for a second, or two,” when the roar stopped. He looked back up and “the craft just plain disappeared!”

Rio Grande County (Norton)

325 Fri Nov 4, 1994 at 7:00 pm Greenie Mtn. MA1 ( )

Sharon C. reported to the RGSO see “something glowing landing near Greenie (Mtn).” Compton and “other witnesses” watched the object for several minutes.

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

324 Wed Nov 2, 1994 at 7:00 pm Forbes Trinchera FB1 ( )

June M. sees a “wedge-shaped craft” flying E to W over the La Veta area. She could not hear the craft and described it as “noiseless.”

Costilla/Huerfano County O’Brien)


323 11:00 pm Moffat, CO AN1/MA1

As the Koon family was arriving home in Moffat, they witnessed “three bluish balls of light” descend separately in a 4 or 5 secong time period. Last one zig-zagged.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

October 1994

322 Sat Oct 29, 1994 around 10:00 am

“A military convoy” spotted on Highway 50 headed E to W by two Crestone residents. No insignias or license plates. Seven Humvees, two CU-vees

Chaffee County (O’Brien)

321 Fri Oct 28, 1994 around 10:00 pm, Forbes Trinchera MA1 ( )

Trinchera resident June M. sees and reports “a large disc-shaped craft.” It appeared to be shining a spotlight at the ground. A short time later, choppers were seen” buzzing” the area.

Huerfano County (O’Brien/Adkins)

320 Wed Oct 26, 1994 at 1:00 pm Blanca, CO MA1 ( )

Blanca resident Marianne A. observed what she described as a “large silver oval,” hanging in the cloudless sky above Mt. Humpheries. The object was “completely silent,” when it flew out of sight after being visible for about five minutes.

Costilla County (O’Brien)

318-319 Wed-Thur Oct 26-27, 1994 between La Veta Pass and town UADs ( )

Erminio Andrietta discovers two more UADs. Linda Howe conducts on-site investigation. DOW officer Brown was quoted as saying, “a fist sized dark spot was visible on the chest of each of the dead cows.”

Huerfano (L. Howe/David Perkins/DOW Mngr L. Brown La Veta Signature Nov 3, 1994)

317 Mon Oct 24, 1994 between La Veta Pass and and La Veta, CO UAD ( )

Erminio Andrietta discovers first cow mutilation. Cow was missing rear-end, reproductive tract and the left-side teats were removed. Animal was found “half submerged” in a small creek.

Nearby were several 9 foot-wide discolored circles in the grass.

Huerfano (David Perkins/Linda M. Howe/District Wildlife Mngr L. Brown La Veta Signature Nov 3, 1994)

316 Wed Oct 19, 1994 at 7:00 pm Cimmeron Hills, E of Co Spgs FB1 ( )

Residents of Cimmeron Hills reported to Front Range investigator La Veta Frazier two reddish-orange “UFOs” heading from E to NE over the city together. UFOI received reports as well.

El Paso County (Frazier)

315 Tue Oct 18, 1994 at 11:00 pm between Hooper-Moffat, CO MA1 ( )

George Oringdulph, Chris Medina and myself were traveling north toward Moffat when Chris noticed an unblinking orange light traveling NW, off to our left, in the center of the valley. The three of us watched for about one minute before it banked to the N and headed over the mountains. Duration around 4 minutes.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

314 Sun Oct 9, 1994 at 11:15 pm Casita Park/Baca Grande AN1 ( )

Visiting massage therapist and friends witness a “glowing ball of bluish-white light” slowly arcing over the Sangres near Mt. Adams. Traveled about 70 degrees with a duration of “15 or so seconds.” Headed SW to NE.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


311 4:30 am

NM rancher Tom Reed sees a “bright blue floodlight” lighting up the forest in the (Sangre) mountains. Occurred around the NM/CO border

Taos County (O’Brien)

310 – Fri Oct 7, 1994 Sanford, CO UAD ( )

Rancher Max C. reports a “mutilated” steer found on his ranch. Ears and testicles had been removed and a “front-leg was boned-out” A neighbor, Mrs. Warren R., claims to have seen “weird green floodlights” in the hiss pasture the night the steer was apparently killed. Fresh tire tracks were observed by investigating officers heading out into the pasture, but stopped cold and disappeared without turning around. He lost three more animals the following week, in a manner similar to the first case.

Conejoes County (Conejos County Sheriff’s Office/O’Brien)

309 Sun Oct 2, 1994, at 9:30 pm Highway 17 AN1 ( )

MUFON State Director Michael Curta and his family were returning home to Denver when they witnessed an “odd irridescent green light over Crestone. . . half way up the mountains.”

Saguache County (Curta/O’Brien)

September 1994

308- Sat Sept 31, 1994 Between Center and Saguache, CO UAD ( )

James N. discovers a mutilated cow and calf on his ranch on the former Triple L Boy’s Ranch. Rancher thinks the animal was killed night of Sept 30. Both animals were missing their udders, rear-end, and ears. The hair “fell off the faces” unusually fast, and cuts and were done by a “pinking-shear-type cutting instrument. The calf’s front right leg was “boned-out.” Nearest house to site was rented by Center, CO police officer and a Saguache County deputy. First UAD reported in Saguache County since June, 1980

Saguache County (O’Brien Center Post-Dispatch)

307 Fri Sept 30, 1994 at around 10:00 pm Highway 17 AN1 ( )

Three Pagosa Springs residents observe “a red pulsing light” off to the west, north of Center. Witnesses said that it wasn’t the Center airport beacon, which they also observed.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

306 Mon Sept 26, 1994 at 9:50 pm Baca Grande AN1 ( )

A sizeable cheap firework descending below the mountains to the east was observed by myself and visiting Texas investigator, Gary Massey (who claims “. . . everywhere I go, I scare phenomena away”). Even Massey agreed that it “wasn’t a shooting star.”

Saguache County (Massey/O’Brien)


304-305 Mon Sept 26, 1994, Near Clayton, NM UADs

Two cows discovered and reported as “mutilated.” Forensic testing show “predators.”


303 Sat Sept 24, 1994, Evening near Antonito FB1 ( )

Conejos County deputy Jeff M. observes a “wedge-shaped perfect triangle” fly overhead.

Conejos County (Mays/O’Brien)

302- Tue Sept 13, 1994, at 7:30 pm Between Del Norte and Monte Vista ( )

A woman and her son were driving on State Highway 160 when the observed “two flourescent orange streamers fly in tandem right in front of their van’s windshield. They estimated the the streamers length at about “4 to 6 feet.”

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)


301- Tue Sept 13, 1994 at 4:30 pm, Chacon, NM UAD ( )

Bear hunter Larry Gardea hears a loud “humming sound” that seems to be coming from a stand of dense bushes in an aspen grove and watches a small herd of cattle run down a hillside away from the sound. He observes a mutilated cow lying in some aspen trees and watches while another cow is dragged “by the sound” up a slight slope into the bushes. He notes that the cow is struggling to get away and is making a sound “like it was being tortured.” He fired several shots into the bushes, and the sound stopped. He immediately goes and makes a report to the sheriff. They return and find the mutilated cow, but there is no sign of the cow that was apparently dragged up the hill by the sound.

(Linda M. Howe/O’Brien/Perkins/Staehlin Taos County Las Vegas Newspaper)

300 Wed Sept 7, 1994, at 8:25 pm, Moffat, CO MA1 ( )

Six witnesses see and report what they described as a pulsing satellite moving in a zig-zagging motion across the sky.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

299- Fri through Tue Sept 2-6, 1994, Farasita, CO ABDUCTION CLAIM

Hunter claims to have been abducted and held hostage by camo-clad, human-looking “aliens” while hunting on Greenhorn Mtn.

Huerfano County (Perkins)

August 1994

298 Tue Aug 30, 1994, Moreno Valley/Eagle’s Nest NM UAD ( )

Eli Hronich reports another “mutilated” cow. “I wish I knew why they are picking on me,” he said.

Taos County (O’Brien/Staehlin)


297 *SAT Aug 21, 1994, midnight, Lookout Mountain a.k.a. “D” Mountain MA1 ( )

Twenty witnesses in Del Norte watch a formation of 12 lights hovering over “D” Mtn. Objects appeared to create the letter “G,” then a circle, then a triangle. One of the objects separated from the main group, descended toward the witnesses and they observed a spherical shape and sequencing “red and blue lights,” that reminded them of “Christmas lights.” Duration, almost one hour.

Rio Grande County (Mark Hunter ValleyCourier/O’Brien)

296 *SAT Aug 21, 1994, at 9:15 pm, Highway 17 & Moffat, CO MA1 AN1 ( )

Two witnesses driving north on 17 witness a “low flying flashing light moving parallel to the highway. Later they see a an orange light moving east toward Crestone.

Saguache County

July 1994

295 *Sat July 30, 1994, just after midnight, La Veta, CO AN1 ( )

Barbara Adkins again reports an “orange light with a tail,” moving “really fast” S to N.

Huerfano County (Adkins/O’Brien)

293-294 Tue and Fri July 26 & 29, 1994 Northern SLV

Choppers (including a huge white chopper) observed over the northern portion of the SLV by numerous witnesses

Saguache County (O’Brien)

291-292 *Sun July 24, 1994, Moreno Valley/Eagles Nest NM UAD

Eli Hronich finds another “mutilated” cow. As he examined the animal, a military-style chopper hovered over him. Occurred five days after Hronich was interviewed by “Sightings.”

Taos County (O’Brien/Staehlin)

290 Wed July 20, 1994 mid-morning La Veta, CO

Barbara Adkins observes helicopters in the area where a red pulsing light was seen the night before.

Huerfano County (Adkins/O’Brien)

289 Tue July 19, 1994 at 9:30 pm La Veta CO, AN1 ( )

La Veta resident Barbara Adkins reported a “red pulsing light” near the Spanish Peaks.

Huerfano County (Adkins/O’Brien)


297 TUE JULY 19, 1994 at 3:23 am Chama, NM VISITATION CE3

Woman awakes and sees a “gray” standing by baby in her bedroom. When she looked at it “it shuffled out of the room.” She went to a sliding glass door and sees a “sliver disc outside.”

Taos County (Staehlin/O’Brien)

296 Wed July 13, 1994 at 8:42 am Wyoming to New Mexico

Loud boom heard across most of central Colorado. Windows were reported broken in Denver. FEMA spokesperson John Spann claimed the boom was caused by a “NASA SR-71 Blackbird,” on a “classified mission.” State MUFON Director, Jim Nelson claims all 12 NASA SR-71’s had been grounded two-weeks ago because of “cracked tires.”

Colorado-New Mexico (Various regional media/FEMA/O’Brien)

294-295 Thur July 7, 1994 at 10:00 pm Baca Ranch AN1 ( )

4 witnesses in Crestone observe an “orange fireball” descend for 8 to 10 seconds W to E, through the clouds, over the Baca Ranch. 17 minutes later they called back to report two small unblinking white dots flying over the area where the fireball apparently went down.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

293 Wed July 6, 1994 11:00 am Highway 17 FB1 ( )

Two women witnesses traveling on 17 see and report a daylight sighting of a “bell-shaped sphere.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

291-292 Mon & Tue July 4 and 5, 1994 Evening Crestone/Moffat MA1 ( )

Objects that appeared to be “satellites” are observed traveling W to E with “jerking” motions.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

290 *Sun July 3, 1994 at 10:30 pm, Great Sand Dunes Oasis Alamosa County MA1 ( )

A Great Sand Dunes Oasis was returning home from work when she observed an orangish-white light traveling slowly S to N at less than 500 feet in altitude. She stopped and watched it fly away.


June 1994

289 Thur June 30, 1994 at 10:00 pm, Baca Grande MA1 ( )

Dan and Jonie Retuda and two friends observe 6 small lights traveling E to W traverse the sky with a “pulsing, zig-zag motion.” They were really high up but, “didn’t appear to be satellites. Two of the objects performed the motion “in tandam.”


Visiting UFOlogist, Gary Hart, audio tapes a vibrating utility pole at the junction of Highway 17 and Rd. “N.” Tape indicates complex multi-timbre sounds.

Saguache County (Hart)

287 Mon June 27, 1996 at 11:00 pm, Mofatt, CO and Highway 17 FB1 ( )

Six witnesses (including Al and Donna Koon) witness “a triangular ship with no lights,” fly slowly overhead E to W. One witness stated, “It was so big, it blotted out the stars!” The craft seemed to be almost 15 degrees long in the sky. They claim they observed a smaller triangle following the first one. There were no clouds out and the object was “. . . well over 1000 feet up.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

Tue June 21, 1994 Colorado Airspace Initiative test at Medano Ranch

Air Force and Air National Guard conduct noise test on Medano bison herd. Unauthorized flight of two fighters.scares “brass” just after A-10 Warthog test craft had conducted testing at 200 feet over herd.

Alamosa County (Mark Hunter Valley Courier)

286 Thur June 16, 1994 at 2:00 am Great Sand Dunes Rd. 151 MA1 ( )

Mike M. and Laura L. were driving north toward the Great Sand Dunes when they saw an “unusual orange light” directly ahead of them about 3/4 of a mile away. They stopped and watched it fly out over the valley and “vanish” to the NW. Muir said, “it was real close at one point, less than a mile away.”

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

285 Thur June 9, 1994 at 10:30 pm, South Fork, CO near Rio Grande River MA1 ( )

Several residents of South Fork see and report to the Rio Grande County Sheriff a reddish light “zig-zagging over South Fork.”

Rio Grande County (Norton/O’Brien)

284 Sun June 5, 1994 at 10:00 pm Crestone, CO AN1 ( )

Two witnesses report a sizeable cheap firework display over town traveling E to W. It was reported as brilliant white and left a visible streak behind it

Saguache County (O’Brien)


283 2:30 am North of Monte Vista, CO MA1 ( )

3 Saguache residents were traveling late up Highway 285 when they observed a”bright strobe-light pacing them to the west. Object appeared to be 50′ off the ground and traveling at least “60” mph. They stopped and watched as it disappeared off to the northwest.;

Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

269-282 Wed through Fri, June 1, 3, 8, 1994 Valley-wide

14 different helicopter reports filed by SLV witnesses. Most of the activity was reported as traveling N to S, or S to N up and down the Valley. One report featured a “huge white single-propped chopper” with a large rectangular box slung underneath. The box had several odd-looking antenas sticking out the front.

268 11:15-11:30 pm

George Oringdulph and myself observe a picket-line of four faint blinking lights over the Sangres, near Crestone, CO. while headed north on Highway 17. First observed lights near Rd. B. Three lights moved in a line west out into the valley. Fourth light remained behind over the mountains. Three minutes later a larger fifth light comes on and follows fourth light west along ten, or so miles behind the first three. After three or four minutes fifth light extinguishes like “in slow-motion” just east of Mofatt, CO.

Saguache County (O’Brien)


267- 2:00 am George Oringdulph is awakened by the continuous roar of a large helicopter hovering low over his house. After going outside, chopper departs

May 1994

266 May 30, 1994 early am, north of Questa, NM UAD ( )

Rancher finds three year-old heifer “mutilated'” and reports it to NM State Cattle Inspector Jerry Valerio. Rancher may have noted occult-related circumstantial evidence.

Tao County (Valario/O’Brien)

265- Wed May 25, 1994, at 9:35 pm Baca Grande Development FB1 ( )

While on my second-story roof, I observe a beach-to-medicine ball-sized, white-ish-blue cheap firework while looking directly south out over the valley. Light appeared 30 degrees below the horizon and flared a mile and over Willow Creek light the tops of the trees at an altitude well below my vantage point. Uniform overcast clouds over entire central and northern part of the SLV. Duration 2 seconds.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

264 Tue May 24, 1994, from 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm South Fork and Creede CO MA1

The Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office receives a report of a 20-30 minute sighting of a large silver sphere over the Rio Grande river. The witness claimed the object had light sequencing around the rim.

Rio Grande County (Norton/O’Brien)

263- Tue May 17, 1994, at 9:30 pm, over Greenie Mountain, S of Monte Vista MA1( )

Monte Vista residents, Stephanie Malouff and Debbie Jiron report seeing a “huge bright light with lots of little bright lights around it.” They watched the larger object, which was “far too large” to be a conventional craft, flying in a northerly direction south of Monte. They noted that the larger object was being chased by a second smaller object at high speed. As the smaller object closed in on the larger one, it appeared to turn from bright white to red, as it “all of a sudden made a 45 degree turn to the west and disappeared over the mountains near Greenie.” Although both witnesses claimed the objects were silent, they heard a “pinging sound” like bullets “ricocheting” off metal. Although the witnesses didn’t care to speculate, Malouff said, “I heard what I heard.”

Rio Grande County (Hunter O’Brien Valley Courier)

262 Mon May 9, 1996, at 9:30 am, Maxiville area, north on Monte Vista.

Brian Norton, while investigating the Maxiville area, sees a “dark unmarked helicopter” buzzing the area were a strange strobe light was seen on two preceding nights.

Rio Grande County (RGSO Brian Norton)

257-261 Sun May 8, 1994, at 10:30 pm Rd 4N and 3W-north of Monte Vista MA1 ( )

Four more calls from witnesses of a “fast moving strobe light just above the trees and really moving.” According to Mark Hunter, “Cars were lined up (Highway 285) watching it.”

Rio Grande County (Hunter/O’Brien Valley Courier 5/9/94)

255-256 Sat May 7, 1994 at 10:30 pm, Rd. 4N and 3W-north of Monte Vista MA1 ( )

Two seperate calls by Monte Vista residents reporting a “fast moving strobe-light” north of Monte, near the Maxiville area. Undersheriff B. Norton observed light which appeared to “mirror” his actions.

Rio Grande County (Mark Hunter/O’Brien Valley Courier 5/9/94)

254 Thur May 5, 1994 at 8:00 am, Baca Grande Development MA1 ( )

While in the Baca to conduct a CSETI training session, Dr. Steven Greer observed “a bright silver sphere” hovering over the Sangres while jogging. The object did not leave a vapor trail. The object hovered silently for “several minutes” before heading east over the mountains.

Saguache County (Greer/O’Brien)

April 1994

253 *Sat April 30, 1994, 10:00 pm (5after FM) CE2

Local historian 75+yr old Jack Harlan sees “a large silver sphere” hovering over N. Crestone. He saw sequencing red and green lights that lit up the underside enough to show its shape and to reveal two raised ridges on the underside of the object. A second witness across the street saw a bright object streaking up and out to the SE at a 45 degree angle “just after 10:00 pm. Harlan claimed to be “unusually lethargic” the next day.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

252 *Sat April 9, 1994 9:30 pm (2 before NM) AN1

Koons see bright-orange light now joined by 3 others, same location as 2 nights prior. Moffat Saguache County (O’Brien)

251 Thur April 7, 1994 10:00 pm (4 before NM) AN1

Koon family sees a “large bright-orange light ” rising above the horizon in the west, just north of La Garita that hovered about 30 degrees above the horizon before “blinking out.” Mofatt, CO

Saguache County (O’Brien)

250 Fri April 2, 1994 around 10:00 pm (5 after FM) AN1

Two witnesses report an unusual “streak” very close to their location in the Baca Development.

Baca Grande Saguache County (O’Brien)

249 Thur April 1, 1994 around 10:00 pm (4 after FM) AN1

“Cheap fireworks” reported by Crestone resident. Said object came down from the east at a steep angle within feet of his house.

Crestone Saguache County (O’Brien)

March 1994

248 Wed March 30, 1994 10:45 am (3 after FM)) AN 1

While driving south on Highway 17, four miles south of Mofatt, CO, I observed a bright silver reflection 45 degrees above the horizon directly south over Hooper. I estimated its distance at about 10 miles away. The object was only 12 degrees west of the sun and at that angle it had to have been round or rounded to reflect the morning sunlight. I observed it for 15 or so seconds before it blinked out. After 5 or 6 seconds it was back, however it seemed to be twice as far away. It hovered for another 5 or so seconds before disappearing extremely fast directly south. Candice Powers, a researcher from Denver, traveling in a car behind me also saw it when it first appeared. Richard Copeland, another witness, missed it.

Saguache County (O’Brien/Powers)

247 *Sun March 6, 1994 10:05 pm (6 before FM) AN1

Cheap firework display seen going from vertical E to W over Crestone. Described as “less than 100 feet above the ground.” Appeared to fall straight down, becoming visible well under the clouds.

Crestone/Saguache County (O’Brien)

246 *Sun March 6, 1994 8:30 pm (6 before FM) AN1

A red and blue light is reported by Isadora Storey hovering on the western horizon. When witness went to get someone to also look at it, it was gone

Baca Development/Saguache County (O’Brien)

245 Wed March 2, 1994 10:00-10:00 pm (4 after FM) AN2

A witness, while visiting from Seattle, witnessed red lights over the Great Sand Dunes. A photographer, she said the lights “mezmerized her” and that she was unable to photograph the lights because she “felt paralyzed”

Baca Development /Saguache County (O’Brien)


239-240 Fri February 4, 1994 9:30-9:45 pm (7 before NM) AN1

2 reports of “cheap firework” displays. Both reports mentioned very low altitude of whitish-blue streaks near Crestone

Saguache County (O’Brien)

238 Fri February 4, 1994 8:30 pm Mofatt, CO Saguache County (O’Brien) AN1

Swarm of glowing lights seen east of Moffat

Saguache County (O’Brien)

January 1994

241-244 Wed through Fri Jan 19 – 21, 1994 8:30 pm to 8:40 pm (8 – 11 after NM) AN1

Multiple reports over three nights of two lights seen over the Sangres, south of the Baca over Music Pass. Lights exibited radical altitude changes of several degrees instantly. Duration: around five minutes RUMOR of “glowing reddish-green light sighted hovering low over Sangres from Casita Park trailer court, 5 miles west of Crestone/Baca Development

Saguache-Huerfano County (O’Brien)

235-237 Wed through Fri Jan 26 – 28, 1994 early evening (1before, FM, 1 after) AN1

Multiple reports of cheap fireworks over Baca Ranch and development.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

234 Tue January 18, 8:30 pm (7 after NM)

Three choppers seen by Rio Grande sheriffs Deputy Mike James over Greenie Mountain. Two had large blue strobes and the third several lights. No knowledge was admitted by “any (government) agency known to be working in the valley.”

Rio Grande County (Dick Foster Rocky Mtn News 1-25-94)

232233 Mon January 17, 1994 8:13 pm (6 after NM) AN1

Three Rock Creek Canyon residents call in a report of a “Blue flare arcing over the area.” Search until 12:30 am by Rio Grande officials and S and E volunteers found nothing. Three B-52s seen making low pass over Greenie Mtn

Rio Grande County (Mark Hunter Valley Courier 1-19-94, Brian Norton)


231 Mon January 17, 1994 6:45 pm (6 after NM) AN1

Family of three, while driving south on Highway 17, see an “orange ball” descend straight down over Hooper CO. Duration: 2 or 3 seconds

Saguache County (O’Brien)

230 *Sun January 16, 1994 9:10 pm (5 after NM) AN1

Cheap fireworks seen over Northern Baca Ranch area. White colored and traveled 40 degrees in an arc. Duration 2 seconds. Traveled NE to SW.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

228-229 *Sat January 15, 1994 “just after dusk” (4 after NM) AN1

Dale Vigil sees bright orange object over San Luis High School gym. 1st object shortly joined by second light, coming from the west over the San Luis and Brown Hills. Both lights then hovered for a moment, then shot straight “up and out” Witness said moved to fast to be a conventional craft. Claims he and a friend saw a single bright orange light hover over the Sangre Mountains “around New Years”

Costilla County (O’Brien)

227 *Sat January 15, 1994 around 6:00 pm (4 after NM) MA1

Three Capulin, CO men see “two large orange glowing lights” traveling down from the Rock Creek Canyon/Greenie Mountain area. The objects then descended to less than 200 feet above the witnesses standing in town of Capulin. After hovering momentarily the objects instantly streaked west across the valley past Manassa CO 20 miles away and disappeared over the San Juan Hills.

Conejos County (Medina/O’Brien)

226- Wed January 12, 1994 3:41 pm (1 after NM) IAN2

NORAD calls Rio Grande County Sheriff concerning a “significant explosion” and resulting heat bloom at 37 degrees, 30 minutes longitude and 106 degrees 18 minutes latitude (NO SECONDS GIVEN) Event time: 2:55 pm. 3 witnesses 12 miles SW of Monte Vista CO., near Greenie Mtn, (which extends from the main group of mountains east out into the Valley, see “a glowing orange sphere” descending towards the Rock Creek area. Two day search of 100 square mile area by a dozen sheriffs, deputies and Search and Rescue personnel and two aircraft reveals no sign of fire or heat.

Greenie Mountain Rio Grande County (Brian Norton/Mark Hunter, Valley Courier 1-15-94/O’Brien Sightings, Denver Post, UFO Universe, radio, print)

– Tue January 11, 1994 AM


Rio Grande County (NORAD)

– Wed January 12, 1994


Rio Grande County (NORAD)

225 Tue January 11, 1994 8:15 pm (NM) AN1

Cheap firework phenomenon observed over southern Baca Development.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

224 Fri January 7, 1994 6:45 pm (4 before NM) AN1

Scott Olson while driving south on Highway 17, 6 miles south of Moffat, CO. sees “12 to 15 rapidly lights that looked light a swarm of bees” headed west at a constant height at about 500-1000 feet up. They appeared to move slowly in a very tight group. He stopped his car and could not hear a thing . Duration: 6 or 7 minutes

Saguache County (O’Brien)

223 Fri January 4, 1994 5:30 am (4 before NM) AN1

Pam LaBord while driving towards Blanca on Highway 160 eastbound see an orange fireball slowly descend straight down through the clouds towards the top of the peaks. It blinked out. Duration: “10 to 15 seconds

Dry Lakes Alamosa County (O’Brien)

December 1993

215-222- Wed December 29, 1993 through Wed January 5, 1994

Seven reports of Bigfoot sightings/encounters within a seven-square mile radius of the Colorado/New Mexico border near San Antonio Mountain.

Taos County (Undersheriff Joe Taylor Jr /VIDEO TRACKS)

214 Wed December 29, 1993, 2:00 pm (1 after FM)

White helicopter seen coming down Burnt Gulch. Had “jet on the back.”

Crestone Saguache County (O’Brien)

213 Mon December 20, 1993, 10 : 47pm to 11:00 pm (7 after NM)

Woman in Chalets hears “loud, low, humming sound hovering outside.” Lasts for 13 or 14 minutes.

Baca Grande Saguache County (O’Brien)

*Sun December 19, 1993 (6 after NM)

6 black, “silent” choppers seen in formation near Eagle, CO. No apparent markings. Witnesses got within 400 yards of them, landed in “a crater.” Mile marker 143, south of the road, 2 miles west of Eagle, CO.

Eagle County (Kicia/Mitchell/O’Brien)

Fri December 17, 1993, 9:35 pm (4 after NM)

Brilliant bluish-white flash seen in sky near Glenwood Springs.

Eagle County (Kicia/Mitchell/O’Brien)

212 Thur December 16, 1993 (3 after NM)

Three choppers (?) seen in triangle over Hooper. Estimate Elevation at 3000 feet.

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

Tue December 14, 1993 (1 after NM) UAD

Mutilation #2 at Bill B. ranch. Animal found with 8″ brisket plug removed. Internal organs might have been taken. Cow #1 was missing a 10 X 10 X 10 triangle of hide on the animals side where it lay on the bone pile.

Eagle County (O’Brien)

Vigil Bull Case

211 – Tue December 14, 1993 (1 after NM) UAD

Mutilation on Vigil Ranch Chama Canyon. (see April 28, 1993 ) A large red limosine bull was found missing testicles and rear-end. Found under scrub willow with evidence of broken branches above and to the east of animal. Hair found on branches up to the 5 1/2 foot level. One bunch of hair and pointed branch had a small drop of blood. High-heat used. Possibly done at dawn. 15 degrees that night.

Costilla County (O’Brien/Rhodes FORENSIC /VIDEO)

210 December 13, 1993, 9:35 pm (NM) AN1

Faye F. sees a moon-sized glowing orb go straight down and “disappear underground.”

Duration 2 to 3 seconds. Appeared to go down between “The Grants and Highway 17 north of Hooper.”

Saguache County (O’Brien)

208-209 *Sun December 5, 1993, 5:30 pm (6 after FM) MA1

2 orange/amber, unblinking lights seen over Sangres to Deadman Creek area. Estimate elevation at 4 to 5000 feet. First one hovered for 2 to 3 minutes before heading west. Second one, 5 minutes later, did same maneuver, but headed south towards Blanca.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

206-207 Fri and *Sat December 3 and 4, 1993, 9:30 pm (4 and 5 after FM)

Helicopters (?) were videotaped over Center/La Garita area. Appeared to be set up in a line across the western side of the valley. One witness sees a chopper land at old, closed, Crestone Airport.

Saguache and Rio Grande County (O’Brien/Rhodes VIDEO)

206 Thur December 2, 1993, Just after sunset (3 after FM)

Ray and Lucy J. and 4 others see large fire and smoke on hillside west of Antonito, CO. Witnesses observed large 30 foot flames through binoculars. Made report to sheriff, who with 4 others, could not locate the fire which blinked out at their approach.

Conejos County (O’Brien)

205 Wed December 1, 1993 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm (2 after FM) FB1

Large formation of helicopters (?) videotaped criss-crossing the valley in a search-type pattern. Elevation 5 to 6000 above valley floor. Choppers were completely silent. Estimate their distance from us at 5 to 6 miles at their closest. 4 choppers seemed to be concentrating on the La Garita area. One fired flare at lower two, which appeared to descend to the ground. Another blinking light appeared to land near the Russell Lakes and stayed on the ground for 10 or so.


At 10:00 pm

3 helicopters were seen escorting a large unblinking light from Poncha Pass towards Gunnison. Estimate its speed at under 200 miles per hour..

Rio Grande, Saguache Counties (O’Brien/Rhodes VIDEO)

November 1993

203 – Tue November 30, 1993, 6:05 pm (1 after FM) FB1

Multiple witnesses in Saguache, Costilla, Huerfano, Alamosa Counties see a “large full-moon sized object” enter over the Baca, streak across the sky, instantly grow to 20 X its original size, make a 90 degree turn and float slowly to the ground. One witness, a trained observer from Naval aviation, and another witness, swear it “went down in the valley.” Both trained observers agree that it could not have been a meteor, it changed shape, direction, velocity, size, and color. Duration 7 to 8 seconds

Entire San Luis Valley (O’Brien/Smith Pueblo Chieftain)

Thur November 25, 1993 (6 before FM) UAD

Bill B., and a neighboring Gypsum, CO rancher find a cow with the side of its face peeled away in a locked potato barn.

Eagle County (Scott Miller/O’Brien Eagle )

202 Wed November 17, 1993 1:00 am (4 after NM) AN1

Amber light seen north of Hooper. Hovered over Medano Ranch for 4 to 5 minutes. Seen from Highway 17. Saguache County (O’Brien)

201 Wed November 17, 1993 1-2:00 am (4 after NM) AN3

Local sensitive Kimmy Martin is visited (in the etheric?) by “30 35 of the little guys.” They didn’t seem to have any emotion or reason for their presence. She asked them to leave after an hour.

Cottonwood Creek Baca Chalet II

Saguache County (O’Brien)

200 *Sun November 7, 1993, 1:45 am (7 before NM) CE1

2 witnesses see 12′ craft 35 feet off Road T. A 3rd witness also sees a smaller orb. Duration 4-5 seconds.

Saguache County (CSETI/O’Brien)

199 Fri November 5, 1993 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm MA1

Dr. Steven Greer, Sherri Adamialk and Marc Barrish see formation of lights 4 miles south of Fairplay, CO. Lights form into geometric shapes, perform non-ballistic movements.

Park County (CSETI/O’Brien)

October 1993

198 Fri October 1, 1993 (1 after FM) UAD

Cow reported in mutilated condition, just west of Mineral Hot Springs. Cow had been shot after being hit by car and Sheriff had been notified and responded at 6:00, September 30.

Saguache County (O’Brien VIDEO FORENSIC)


197 *Sat October 9, 1993 9:00 pm (6 before NM) AN1

Dinner party of 5 witness “unusual lights” over Blanca Pk

Crestone/Baca Saguache County (O’Brien)

196 *Sun October 17, 1993 6:00 pm (2 after NM)

Three dogs “flip-out” (at two houses) and bark at the sky, phone “Fades out.” Dogs became very ill next day. Bob M. sees “something weird just after dusk” and dentist John Short also has phone fade out. aca Chalets Saguache County (O’Brien)

193-195 *Sun, Mon, Tue, October 17, 18, 19, 1993 AN1

Multiple reports of lights over Baca Ranch. Descriptions range from streaks of white light to fast points of light.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

192 Thur October 14, 1993 10:40 pm (1 before NM) AN1

I see vivid cheap fireworks, curved glowing disc over Northern Baca Ranch 2 second duration

Crestone/Baca Saguache County (O’Brien)

September 1993

196 Thur September 30, 1993 10:40 pm (FM) AN1

Lights seen on the ground north of Rio Alto from White Eagle Inn. Appeared to be spotlights “wheeling around.” Duration 7-8 minutes

Saguache County (O’Brien)

191 Fri September 17, 1993, 8:30 pm (1 after NM) AN1

Ken and Mary S., “avowed skeptics” while driving west on Rd T see large cheap fireworks decend at 45 degree angle and “crash into the ground and glow for a moment.” Seen in the Cottonwood Creek/Deadmans Creek area. Thought it was a plane crash.

188 Wed Sept 8, 1993 10:30 pm (7 after FM) AN1

Locomotive light videotaped from road T looking south east over Baca Ranch

Saguache County (O’Brien/Rhodes)

August 1993

190 – *Sun August 8, 1993 10:30 pm – 12:00 am (6 after FM) AN1

6 pairs of the “bigfoot truck” lights seen by Ken K. and ranch hand, no tracks, no sound

Medano Ranch, Alamosa County (O’Brien/Rhodes)

189 Mon August 16, 1993, 3:30 am 4:00 am (1 before NM) AN1

Two bright amber lights seen over Crestone/Baca by 5 witnesses.

Saguache County (Adamiak/O’Brien)

187 Thur August 5, 1993 2:30 am (3 after FM)

2 black helicopters seen hovering over our house. A red beam of light connected them

Crestone, Saguache County

185 Mon August 2, 1993 UAD (FM)

Cow found mutilated on Sheep Mtn, near Red Wing

Huerfano County (Perkins/O’Brien)

184 Mon August 2, 1993 (FM) UAD

Bull found mutilated on Silver Mtn. Jerry W. Ranch,

Huerfano County (Perkins/O’Brien PHOTO)

181-183 Mon. August 1 through Wed. August 3, 1993 (FM 1, 2, after)

Helicopters seen all over Saguache, Huerfano and Alamosa Counties. DEA Flights?




May 1993

180 Sat. May 29, 1993 at 10:00 pm

3 witnesses see 9 helicopter gunships in formation coming from Bonanza area to the north heading south over Moffat. ID# Numbers but no other markings. Small old fashioned yellow helicopter seen following Army vehicle south to north on Highway 17, two hours later.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

179 Fri. May 28, 1993 7:40 pm (7 after FM) MA1

Myself and Isadora Storey see 30 to 40′ boomerang-shaped object heading NW from SE that appears to be 4 or 5 miles away. Appears to land between T Road and San Isabel Creek with a fast falling-leaf pattern. 6 miles west of Crestone. Duration 5 to 6 seconds

Saguache County (Storey/O’Brien)

178 Tue. May 11, 1993 (5 before FM, 2 before S/E) UAD

Fisherman finds mutilated cow south 4 miles from Fairplay.Cow is missing left eye. When Corbin talks to sheriff, who claims only one mutilation has occurred, shows him mute photo WITH left eye intact.

Park County (Corbin PHOTO / Park County Sheriff /Rocky Mtn News 5-14-93)

April 1993

Vigil Ranch Case UAD #1

177 Wed. April 28, 1993 3-5 am (7 after FM) UAD

Mutilation on Dale Vigil ranch, next to Taylor Ranch, Chama Canyon. Found 140 feet from the house. Cow had calf at 3:00 am, was dead by 5:00 am. Unusual yellow-colored, jelly-like substance found on the neck of cow. It dissolved after being collected into a film container.

Costilla County (Costilla County undersheriff Benton/O’Brien/Clemens VIDEO/ PHOTO/ FORENSIC DATA)

175-176 Tue. April 27, 1993 (6 after FM) AN1

Costilla County Sheriff gets call from Questa N.M ranch manager who chased a bright light that flew out of his field where a bull was found mutilated, all the way to Costilla County. Classic

Taos County NM (O’Brien / Questa Police Dept / Costilla Sheriff)

March 1993

172-174 Last week of March or 1st Week of April, 1993

Two cows and one horse found near Mesita on a back-road through unfenced land. One cow had been mutilated, all had been dropped from a great height.

Costilla County (O’Brien /Clemens/Hill)

171 Wed. March 31, 1993 (8 after NM) UAD

Mutilation on the Baca Ranch confirmed by Alfredo Rascon, cow hand who found it. Ranch management denies and refuses to return inquiries. Classic

Crestone /Saguache County (O’Brien)

170 Tue. March 16, 1993 8:35 pm (7 before NM) MA1

Multiple witnesses see small lights “bouncing around” over the south end of the Baca Ranch

Crestone /Saguache County (O’Brien)

159-160 Tue. March 16, 1993 9:25 to 9:40 pm (7 before NM) FB1

Multiple witnesses, including myself see two reddish balls of light 20 -25 miles to the west of Crestone, travel north to south down western side of the valley. 8 minutes later, 3 jets on after-burner come over the mountains from the east a head in the SW directions the objects were going. Jets heard by Saguache Under-Sheriff Lynn Bogle.

Saguache County (O’Brien / Bogle)

February 1993

158 Wed. February 24, 1993 10:35 am (3 after NM) MA1

2 witnesses see same bell-shaped object but near Mosca. Traveled west to east towards Blanca Peaks

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

157 Sat. February 21, 1993 10:30 pm (NM) CE2

Witness, Mike M., parked at entrance to the closed North Crestone Campground had car “illuminated from above by bright spotlight.’ Light tried to “get him out of the car,” but witness “resisted.” Second beam, smaller than the first lit up 4 or 5 circles around the car sequentially. Episode lasted 10 or so seconds.

Crestone/Saguache County (O’Brien)

155-156 Thurs. and Fri. February 11 and 12 9:30 pm (5, 6 after FM) MA1

Multiple witnesses see “bright white light descend through clouds to tree-top level in the Sangres” they hover and “zip (north) up the range. Crestone

Saguache County (O’Brien)

January 1993

154- 2nd Week of January, 1993 12:30 pm

I see yellow whirly-bird type helicopter the day after rancher describes the same helicopter that his family had seen in his field where a bull was mutilated 13 years ago! Crestone

Saguache County (O’Brien)

153 2nd Week of January, 1993 4:30 pm

Moffat rancher sees “small two-man helicopter harassing his herd of horses.” Rancher is ex-Air Force, said ID # on craft was partially covered.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

December 1992

152 Mon. December 21, 1993 2:30 pm (3 before NM) MA1

Two witnesses see “silver bell-shaped objects” against the Sangre De Cristo Mountains near the town of Hooper while driving on Highway 17.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

149-151 *Thur. through Sat. December 10, 11, 12 1992 (2,3,4, after FM) AN1

Multiple witnesses of small objects/lights over Baca Ranch. Parents brought the kids and bags of popcorn to watch. Saguache County (O’Brien)

147-148 Wed. December 9, 1992 (L/E 1 after FM) MA1

2 silent, “large laser-like ovals” seen by multiple witnesses over Crestone/Baca Grande. Objects seen by witnesses up to 35 miles away. “small glimmering lights seen over south end of the Baca Ranch.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

November 1992

145-146 3rd Week of November, 1992 UAD

Small lights seen over Baca Ranch, low to the ground, silent

Saguache County (O’Brien)1 possibly two cows mutilated near Farisita

Saguache & Huerfano Counties (David Perkins)

143-144 Tue. November 24, 1992 (NM) UAD

2 cows were mutilated in Las Animas County. One near town of Stonewall, 2nd near town of Kim.

Los Animas County (Los Animas County Sheriff / O’Brien / Torres)

142 Tue. November 24, 1992 (NM) UAD

Mutilation on Manuel Sanchez Ranch San Luis. Classic

Costilla County (O’Brien / Costilla County Sheriff)

141 Thur. September 17, 1992 1:30pm (5 after FM) FB1

Isadore Storey and I see a small 12′ hybrid plane/UFO north of Gardiner, in the Wet Mountain Valley. Object was headed east to west towards Blanca Peaks

Huerfano County (O’Brien / Storey)


140 2nd Week of April 1992 MA1

E.M.T. Marsha L. sees 150′ silvery object over Monti Vista. Same object reportedly chases two kids. Rio Grande County (O’Brien)

134-139 April 1992 UAD

5 cows mutilated in two weeks on the Elmer V. ranch. Only 2 were reported to authorities. Lights seen around ranch. Costilla County (O’Brien / Costilla County Sheriff)

128-133 All Summer

Medano Ranch foreman chases bright lights that were seen from Sand Dunes to the location of thje Sipapu. 3 times in one week in August. Lights appeared to “play with him.”

Alamosa County (O’Brien)

126-127 May through June 1991

Mofatt rancher notices that his horses ears are being slowly clipped off. Last frost had passed and one horse ended up with no ears left.

Saguache County (O’Brien)

110-125 Entire Summer 1989

Numerous helicopter sightings. Sheriff gets dozens of reports centered around Kerber Creek and Bonanza area of northern Saguache County. Several were chased by Sheriff and Deputies.

Saguache County (O’Brien Dep. Lynn Bogle)

109 July 1989 CE1

Family of ten observes 150′ disc with sequencing lights around rim of silent object hover over their ranch in Chama Canyon Costilla County (O’Brien / Clemens)

108 February 24, 1989, 9:00-9:30 pm Saguache County

Pilot Francis Rozinsky and co-pilot Mark Calkins plus two passengers in Lear jet flying at 41,000 feet observe a “brilliant bluish-white flash that illuminated the plane and surrounding airspace. Cooroborated by a United flight, 20 miles behind them

San Luis Valley (Sprinkle/O’Brien)

UNCONFIRMED September 1987

Unconfirmed reports of three mutilations

Huerfano County (Perkins)

104-107 Late August 1986 UAD

Bull mutilated north of Trinidad Unidentified light seen several nights in the area

Los Animas County

103 Mon February 10, 1986 (NM) UAD

Bull found mutilated near Pinon Canyon Military base

Huerfano County

Winter 1985-86

Helicopters seen in area around Pinon Canyon Military base daily. Also UFO/strange craft reports

Huerfano County

102 Wed October 26, 1983 (5 after FM) UAD

Cow mutilated, bright spotlights seen

Huerfano County

101 Tue October 25, 1983 (4 after FM) UAD

Cow mutilated Wet Mountain Valley, UFO sightings near Greenhorn Peak

Huerfano County

100 *Sun October 23, 1983 (2 after FM) UAD

Cow mutilated near Gardiner

Huerfano County

99 Late Summer 1983

Ft. Carson troops conduct maneuvers in the Upper Sand Creek Lakes area.

Huerfano/Custer County (Confirmed by Buddy Whitlock, then Superintendent, Rio Grande Nat. Forest)


98 Fri June 6, 1980 (6 before FM) UAD

Bull found mutilated Moffat at Sutherland Ranch Unmarked “yellow whirly-bird type helicopter” seen flying out of field where bull was found. Sutherland Ranch

Saguache County (C. O’Brien / Gene Gray / Sutherland

97 June 1- 2, 1980 ABDUCTION

Hank Blair / Bob Dratch abducted Cottonwood entrance of the Baca Ranch after seeing pile of “mutilated cattle.” Also claim to have seen an antena farm in the Sangres

Near Crestone, Saguache County (Adams / Blair)

84-96 November through December 1979

Numerous dogs vanish from SE Alamosa

Alamosa County

83 Mon October 1, 1979 (5 before FM) UAD

2 year old steer mutilated Larry Martinez Ranch La Valley

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 10/3/79

82 Thur August 17, 1978 (1 after FM) UAD

Mike M. loses another cow classic

Costilla County (SHERIFF REPORT)

81 Second week of August, 1977 UAD

Bull mutilated near San Luis

Costilla County (SHERIFF REPORT / PHOTOs)

78, 79, 80 Wed through Fri June 3 through 5, 1978 (NM 1, 2, before) UAD

Three mutilations, cowboy sees unmarked green helicopter near one of the dead cows

Huerfano County

77 Thur December 1, 1977 (6 after FM) UAD

Cow mutilated Harry Carpanter Ranch Classic

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 12/6/77)

76 Wed November 30, 1977 (5after FM) UAD

E. Smith loses another cow classic

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 12/6/77)

74-75 Wed November 30, 1977 (5 after FM) UAD

3 year old cow mutilated classic near San Pablo Wilbert Maestas Ranch Helicopter seen with bright revolving lights Costilla County (The Valley Courier 12/6/77 / SHERIFF REPORT)

73 Wed November 30, 1977 (5 after FM)

Multiple witnesses of silent helicopters near sites of three mutilations

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 12/6/77)

71-72 Sun November 13, 1977 (2 after NM) UAD

Pat S. loses two more cows classic

Costilla County (SHERIFF REPORT)

70 Sun November 13, 1977 (2 after NM) UAD

Black Angus cow mutilated Mike M. ranch Classic

Costilla County (Sheriff REPORT)

69 *Sat October 8, 1977 (5 before NM) UAD

Cow mutilated 3 miles west of San Luis Classic Mike M.

Costilla County (SHERIFF REPORT)

68 Mon September 12, 1977 (1 before NM) UAD

Pat S. again loses cow classic

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/13/75)

67 Fri September 9, 1977 (4 before NM) UAD

Pat S. again loses cow classic

Costilla County (Costilla County Free Press)

66 Mon June 13, 1977 (2 before NM) UAD

White faced steer mutilated classic Jim Corckrum Ft. Garland “pro looking”

Costilla County (SHERIFF REPORT)

65 Wed June 1, 1977 (2 before FM) UAD

Bull mutilated San Pablo, Alfred Manzanares Dogs barked at night

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 6/1/77)

64 Wed June 24, 1976 5 after L/E, 5 before NM)

Ranchers files report with sheriff concerning unmarked military helicopter harassing his herd

Huerfano County

Snippy owner Nelly Lewis found dead at mothers grave site. Carbon monoxide suicide

Alamosa County

55-63 Entire month of December

Helicopters seen nightly all over Alamosa County. Sightings to numerous to list.

Government denies any knowledge of flights

Alamosa County Valley Courier

54 Tue October 23, 1975 (3 after FM) UAD

2 Cows mutilated again on Pat S. Ranch

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 10/27/75)

53 *Sat through Wed October 13 through 17, 1975 (3 through 7 before FM)

Army green double prop helicopters seen during the day with loads suspended underneath near Mosca Pass. Witnesses claim craft sounded like “rockets” Alamosa, Huerfano Counties

52 Fri October 12, 1975 (7 after NM) UAD

2 cows found mutilated, Pat S., 2 miles west of San Luis Alfredo S., San Pablo

Costillla County (The Valley Courier 10/13/75)

51 Tue October 9, 1975 (4 after NM) UAD

Calf found mutilated Chama Canyon, another 2 cows found dead, not mutilated E. Lobato

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 10/10/75)

50 Mon October 8, 1975 (3 after NM) UAD

Deputies watch helicopter fly out of field where mutilation found

Costilla County

48 Mon October 8 1975 (3 after NM)

Helicopter with bright red light seen by several witnesses

Costilla County

47 *Sat October 6, 1975 (1 after NM)

Helicopter with bright white light seen by several witnesses landing on Wild Horse Mesa after flying out of field where cow was mutilated

Costilla County

46 *Fri through Tue October, 5 through 8, 1975 (NM 1 through 4 after NM)

Numerous helicopter sightings all over Alamosa County. Some with regulation lights, some with “very powerful searchlights” some silent, some with bright red or green lights

Alamosa and Costilla Counties

45 Fri October 5, 1975 (NM) UAD

Sheriff chases helicopter shining bright light SE of Alamosa

Alamosa County (The Valley Courier 10/7/75)

44 Fri October 5, 1975 (NM) UAD

Steer found mutilated Chama Canyon E. Lobato

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 10/7/75)

43 Tue October 2, 1975 (3 before NM) UAD

Steer found mutilated in Chama Conyon Bonnie Lobato. Helicopter seen on Wild Horse Mesa

Costilla Canyon (The Valley Courier 10/1/75)

42 Fri September 26, 1975 (6 after FM) UAD

Bull found in abandoned house on table, classic, helicopter seen near Taylor Ranch Andy Manzanares

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/30/75 PHOTO)

41 Thur, Fri September 26, 27, 1975 (5, 6, after FM) UAD

5 cows mutilated in Chama Canyon. Ernest Maes classic Bright light seen. 6th cow taken 2 miles west of Chama

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/29/75)

40 Thur September 25, 1975 (5 after FM)

Unidentified helicopter seen with light suspended underneath 10-20 feet by two deputies

Costilla County

39 Wed September 24, 1975 (4 after FM) UAD

Cow mutilated near Hoehn Colorado Toxic substance found in liver, spleen and kidneys

Los Animas County (The Valley Courier 9/29/75)

38 Wed September 24, 1975 (4 after FM) UAD

Calf mutilated 11 miles north of Alamosa near Pot Hole Lks classic

37 Mon September 22, 1975 (3 after FM) UAD

2 year old heifer mutilated, classic Taylor Ranch

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/24/75)

36 *Sun September 7, 1975 (2 after NM)

Deputy sees helicopter with “litter” slung underneath

Rio Grande County

35 *Sat September 6, 1975 (1 after NM)

Several unidentified Helicopters seen near sites of three mutilations

Park County

34 Fri September 5, 1975 (NM)

Two telephone employees working on mountaintop relay system see helicopter land in field . Deputy sees unmarked helicopter fly from SLV at treetop level

Huerfano County

33 Fri September 5, 1975 (NM) UAD

Steer found mutilated Medano Ranch Classic Ted Carpenter

Alamosa County (The Valley Courier 9/8/75)

32 Fri September 5, 1975 (NM) UAD

Black calf mutilated John Catalano ranch, 6 miles south of Alamosa Heel print found

Alamosa County (The Valley Courier 9/8/75 PHOTO)

31 Tue, Wed, Thu September 2, 3, 4, 1975 (1, 2, 3, before NM) FB1 UAD,

Helicopter and UFO reports near mutilation sites, 2 deputies unable to ID craft.

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/8/75)

30 Wed September 3, 1975 (3 before NM) UAD

Mutilation 6 miles south of San Luis Dr. Joseph Vigil Classic

Costilla County (The Valley Courier 9/4/75

29 Tue September 2, 1975 (4 before NM) UAD

White-faced cow mutilated near La Jara, Tommy Hamilton classic,

Conejos County (The Valley Courier 9/3/75)

28 Mon August 25, 1975 (4 after FM) UAD

5 cows mutilated near La Jara Revervoir. Max Brady Manassa, Farron Layton, Romeo, Jim Braiden, La Jara, Classic, 5th unidentified

Conejos County (The Valley Courier 8/29/75)


27 2nd week of August UAD

Horse mutilated La Garita Eugene Loman Ranch, tar substance found

Saguache County (Eugene Loman/Gene Gray PHOTO)

26 Thur August 21, 1975 (FM)

Unidentified helicopter seen near mutilated cow Los Pinas Pass

Gunnison County

23, 24, 25 Tue, Wed,Thu August 19,20,21, 1975 (4,3,2 before FM) UAD

Mutilations on three consecutive nights. Sheriff Ernest Sandoval sees helicopter with three men landed in remote field. Costilla County

22 Sat August 16, 1975 (7 after NM)

Unidentified helicopter seen near Spring Creek mutilation site

Gunnison County

21 Wed August 13, 1975 (4 after NM)

Unidentified, unmarked helicopter seen near Marshal Pass

Saguache County

20 Sat August 9, 1975 (2 before NM)

Helicopter chased off ranch after being seen hovering over a hog. Hog reported missing from nearby ranch.

Gunnison County

Hollenbeck Ranch Case

19 Fri August 8, 1975 (3 before NM) UAD

Cow mutilated on eastern border Saguache County, Hollenbeck ranch classic

Saguache County PHOTO

18 Wed July 9, 1975 (NM)

Unmarked silent helicopter seen near mutilation site

Gunnison County

17 May 7, 8, 9, 1975 (S/E on the 7th, 4,3,2 before NM)

Helicopter with red, green, white lights seen 10:00pm over the Great Sand Dunes

Alamosa County

16 April 19, 1969, Great Sand Dunes

Two archaeologists watch jets force down disc-like craft into dunes where it crashes. Recovery by unknown branch of military the next day. Needed “seven half-tracks to pul;l craft out of dune field.

Alamosa County (Beck/Clemens)

15 Tue May 7, 1968 CE1

Town Marshal Felix Gallegos sees “3 red balls of light” take off from a neighbors field. No evidence on the ground. Conejos County (APRO Bulletin July, 1968)

14 Sun April 14, 1968 (1 after FM) CE1

Witness sees disc land during the day in a field Conejos County

(The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

RUMOR 2nd week of April, 1968 UAD

2 bison mutilated on the Zapata Ranch

Alamosa County (Verl Holmes / Bill Brown)

13 Sun April 10, 1068 (3 before FM) MA1

3 witnesses see flashing red lights hover 50′ above the ground near Estella Conejos County

(The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

12 Mon April 1, 1968 (4 after NM) MA1

3 witnesses see flashing red lights hover over the ground near Stanford

Conejos County (The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

11 January 1968 MA1

3 witnesses see flashing red lights hover over the ground Conejos County

(The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

10 2nd week of February 1968 MA1

Max Gumper sees red and green light 5 miles north of La Jara hover over the town, then fly off at great speed. Conejos County (The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

Fall of 1967 CE3

Two witnesses see object on the ground on east side of Blanca on the Trinchera Ranch Humanoid seen outside 50′ saucer Costilla County (The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

9 Tue. October 17, 1967 (1 before FM) MA1

Bill McPhedries/Edward Boggs photograph UFOs over Dry Lakes and Dunes with APRO Researcher Don Richmond Alamosa County (The Kansas City Star 11/17/68)

8 Sun. October 8, 1967 (3 before FM) CE4

Dr. John Altshuler examines Lady, is abducted that night at Sand Dunes Alamosa County

(Dr John Altshuler / The Valley Courier 10/9/75)


7 Thur. September 7, 1967 (3 before NM) UAD

Snipp (Lady) is mutilated Alamosa County Thur. September 7, 1967 (3 before NM) UAD

Another horse found dead a quarter mile from King Ranch Alamosa County

Berl Lewis / USFW/Alamosa Sheriff/Condon/Altshuler/Don Richmond APRO)

6 September 7, 1967 (3 before NM)

Harry King has bull and calf blinded, calf is genetically altered Alamosa County

(Don Richmond APRO / Berl Lewis)

5 Wed. May 17, 1967 (5 after NM) MA1

Stephen Hardwicke sees a red-orange, cigar-shaped “mass of light” near the sand dunes, seen similar objects 8 times since Easter Alamosa County (The Valley Courier 5/18/67) Thur.

4 Wed. May 17, 1967 (5 after NM) MA1

Ben King a separate witness, Mrs. Ralph Sloan see bright red light on the Sand Dunes Road, light follows King Alamosa County (The Kansas City Star 11/17/68

3 1st week of May, 1967 (NM 9th and S/E) MA 1

Eleanor Blundell see’s “crescent shaped object” over the dunes. / paints painting depicting the object Alamosa County (The Valley Courier 5/18/67)

2 Sat. November 26, 1966 (2 before FM) MA4

Ben King sees red object / chased and RUMORED to have been abducted on his way to the Lewis Cabin

Alamosa County (Ron Jousma/Berl Lewis)

1 August 1948 1:00 pm, Conejos River, W of Antonito

Glenn Edwards, his wife, and daughters film five acrobatic UFOs, less than a mile away, above river. Shows film to civic groups for 5 to 6 months before “government agents take film.” Edwards son is Keith Edwards, Saguache County Commissioner. To-date, have located three witnesses who claim to have seen film.

Conejos County (Edwards/O’Brien San Fransico Examiner article 1948 7 to 8 minutes of footage)

1928. San Antonio River Area Between Lobatos and Sego Springs

“River lights” seen during the late spring through summer to early Fall. Most often described as a “baseball-sized red light” that seems to travel just above the water surface following the San Antonio River south of the Conejos River. Conejos County


FALL 1777

NM Govenor Juan Baptist deAnza records sightings of unusual lights in the sky over Blanca Peak while on an expedition to capture the Comanchee Chief Cuerno Verde. He also noted that his men and he had heard an extremely lw frequency droning sound or vibration coming from the Blanca Massif.

(Marilyn Child/U of Washington)