The San Luis Valley: Monitoring a “Hot-Spot”

By Christopher O’Brien Our strange planet features thousands of enigmatic locales that have a history of unexplained events, such as bizarre aerial activity, strange phantasmal creatures, sorcerer adepts and other inexplicable phenomena—all centered around specific locations. East, west, north or south, it doesn’t matter where you travel on this blue globe hanging in space, there… Continue Reading

Modern Dinos?

Kids LOVE Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs, those exotic reptilian creatures that ruled the earth (and drive-in theaters) for 300 million years, continue to mesmerize generations of earthbound kids. And count me among them for I was hooked tooth and claw from the beginning. While in third-grade I remember reading Roy Chapman Andrews’ account of his harrowing fossil-hunting trip… Continue Reading

Lizard Men of the Desert

By Christopher O’Brien  The first week of February is a beautiful time of the year in the northern Sonoran desert east of Tucson, Arizona. Perfect conditions for extended mountain bike excursions into remote areas that feature stately saguaro cactus, large patches of rabbit-ear and prickly-pear cactus and desert wildlife that includes, javalina, red Mexican wolves,… Continue Reading

Skinwalkers and the Witchery Way

Skinwalkers and the Witchery Way

By Christopher O’Brien In August 2008, WEX head explorer David Hatcher Childress suggested that I should “…write a book about skinwalkers…” telling, me “crypto-creatures are big right now.” I remember responding that it would be virtually impossible because very little has been written on the subject of skinwalkers and that it would be a challenge… Continue Reading

Santa Fe man aims to solve mystery of cattle mutilations

Here is a front page New Mexican newspaper article from last Sunday’s paper. It features my good friend and mentor David Perkins. “Izzy” (as he is known to his researcher friends) and I are hard at work on the follow-up to Stalking the Herd, tentatively titled: MuteSpeak: Stalking the Stalkers. This will be an exhaustive… Continue Reading