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Skinwalkers and the Witchery Way

Skinwalkers and the Witchery Way

By Christopher O’Brien In August 2008, WEX head explorer David Hatcher Childress suggested that I should “…write a book about skinwalkers…” telling, me “crypto-creatures are big right now.” I remember responding that it would be virtually impossible because very little has been written on the subject of skinwalkers and that it would be a challenge… Continue Reading

Santa Fe man aims to solve mystery of cattle mutilations

Here is a front page New Mexican newspaper article from last Sunday’s paper. It features my good friend and mentor David Perkins. “Izzy” (as he is known to his researcher friends) and I are hard at work on the follow-up to Stalking the Herd, tentatively titled: MuteSpeak: Stalking the Stalkers. This will be an exhaustive… Continue Reading

Christopher O’Brien Will Be Speaking in NJ and AZ!

New Jersey UFO Paranormal &
 Consciousness Conference To showcase the newest and most exciting UFO, paranormal and anomaly researchers and, their research  to eastern U.S. audiences and the general public at large. We are a not-for-profit organization attempting to broaden the public’s knowledge and view of the ufo and paranormal subject. I’ll be speaking from 4:00… Continue Reading

Ex-Sheriff Lou Girodo Weighs In On Cattle Mutilations

Interviewed by David Perkins As part of the HJW’S continuing coverage of recent reports of mutilations in Huerfano County, local researcher David Perkins recently spoke with Lou Girodo. Girodo has personally investigated the phenomenon for nearly 40 years, including 17 years as Chief Investigator for the District Attorney’s Office in Trinidad and 12 years as Sheriff of Las Animas County.… Continue Reading


Theories on Recent “Mutilations” Range From Military Testing Programs To Beings From Other Dimensions By David Perkins “Everybody out here has been very, very excited since this whole thing started It’s all kinda creepy.” The “whole thing” that rancher Robert Wolf was referring to is the current rash of so-called cattle mutilations and other strange occurrences that… Continue Reading