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"Finally, we have the definitive study and expose of the disturbing phenomenon of animal mutilations. informative, eye-opening, unbiased and terrifying in its implications, Stalking the Herd is not just recommended reading, it's absolutely vital reading. After digesting its pages, you may never want to eat another burger again."
—Nick Redfern, author, The Real Men in Black
"Christopher O'Brien is one of those rare researchers who leave no stone unturned in his search of the truth. Stalking the Herd is a monumental work demonstrating that mysterious cattle and animal mutilations are deeply embedded in human history, with some very strange and shocking twists. O'Brien sets a new bar on the subject, lifting it beyond the ufology arena that has confined it for too long. There are still UFO connections aplenty here, but much more. This is a superb work, and O'Brien has done an amazing job pulling together a mountain of information."
—Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author, The Djinn Connection
"I so respect ad admire Christopher O'Brien for his decades of exploring the cattle mutilation enigma in many "mysterious valleys." His excellent Stalking the Herd is a highly documented, totally fascinating research report. Carefully, painstakingly, he analyzes every theory for the phenomena—E.T's, Satanists, mad scientists, natural predators, and scavengers with preternatural skills. The solution O'Brien offers in conclusion may leave the readers somewhat startled as he explores a dark closet of American culture."
—Brad Steiger, co-author, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings
"Christopher O'Brien has been investigating the strange mystery of unexplained animal mutilations for a long time and Stalking the Herd is the culmination of his years of research. While reading this fascinating book, I was amazed at how comprehensive it is, how meticulous its attention to detail, and yet how engaging. I could not put it down. This is the definitive book on the subject, showing how the simple dismissals don't fly, how strange these mutilations really are, and how intelligent public policy is needed to deal with this problem."
—Richard Dolan, author, UFOs and the National Security State
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