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Utes Gain Their 1st Permanent Presence in the SLV

Utes Gain Their 1st Permanent Presence in the SLV

From: returntonow.com / by Sara Burrows

Generous Colorado Landowner Returns Ancestral Land to Tribe

A Colorado landowner was inspired to return his land to Native Americans three years after purchasing it and being “haunted” by the “spirits” of its “rightful owners”/guardians.

When artist and plumber Rich Snyder purchased a few acres of land on Wild Horse Mesa in 2015, he had know idea what he’d find there.

He was just looking for inexpensive land to get off grid, build a homestead, and free himself from civilized life.

He found that and more.

On his hikes around the land, he began to find artifacts of a people that had lived there for thousands of years – strange arrangements of stones forming fireplaces and chimneys along the hillside, a stone ax, and a rock table he believes was used for slaughtering animals.

“I started wondering — who owns this land?” he said. “Whose land was this?” Snyder told the Denver Post.


Bigfoot Reports from Central Southern CO/Northern NM: Excerpt from Wood Knocks Vol II

[Last month saw the release of David Weatherly’s Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research Vol II which features chapters by Weatherly, Loren Coleman, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Eric Altman, Dave Spinks, Richard Freeman and Jeff Stewart. I also contributed a chapter that examines south-central CO/north-central NM hairy hominid reports. I recommend the book  highly and urge… Continue Reading

Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM

Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM

Our strange planet features a variety of magical locales (such as the San Luis Valley) that have a history of unexplained events—such as bizarre aerial activity, strange phantasmal creatures and other phenomena—centered around specific locations. East, west, north or south, it doesn’t matter where you travel on this blue globe hanging in space, there will… Continue Reading

The NORAD Event and The Gallop Incident: Was There a Connection?

The following is a comparison between the San Luis Valley NORAD Event of January 12, 1994, and New Mexico’s Gallup Incident, January 12, 1983. Little-known outside of the Four-Corners region, both events may be two of the most important ufological events ever reported. The following is a comparison and analysis of the two events. One… Continue Reading